How to Make a Bone-Boosting Cup of Tea That Also Melts Wrinkles While You Sleep

As the darker nights of winter settle upon us for several more months, I wanted to remind you that the winter season is the time of the year when we can most easily restore our adrenals and rejuvenate our core energy. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to go to bed by 10 PM and make sure that you are actually sleeping deeply. In fact, making a good night’s sleep a high priority on your 2015 resolutions list would be wise.

Now that I’ve become extremely aware of the importance of sleep to the wellbeing of our gut and our genes, I really make a special effort to get a full 7–8 hours each night. I start by turning down the lights and turning on an interesting audible book. Right now I’m “reading” Inheritance by Sharon Maolem. I also love listening to an interesting webinar. (There are so many great webinar series out right now.) Doing this relaxes me and helps me sleep more deeply.

Another way I ensure that I relax and sleep well is to end my day with a cup of a sleepy time tea. I drink it around 9 PM so that I’ll feel tired and drowsy by 10. I actually have an alarm set on my cell phone that alerts me to “Tea Time.”

For me, teatime means a nice, soothing cup of chamomile tea—but if you aren’t a big fan of chamomile, actually any “sleepy time tea” will do. Chamomile is a calming herb and usually helps one feel more relaxed. You can drink just chamomile tea by itself, but lately, I’ve been adding two special ingredients. One of those ingredients is a teaspoon or two of hydrolyzed collagen. Sound strange? The collagen is pretty tasteless (you can’t really tell it’s there), but if you want to dress up your tea a bit more, add a few drops of our Stevia Liquid Concentrate and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. This simple warming bedtime tea truly helps me get a better night’s sleep.

But why?

Collagen is the protein that holds our body together, and you’ll find a lot of it in your bones, joints, and skin. But that’s not all collagen does.

When I dug into the science, I found that collagen treated with enzymes (like hydrolyzed collagen) contains special molecules that lower blood pressure and support a good night’s sleep.

The best part is that hydrolyzed collagen is easy to digest—and remember, digestion is everything.

As you may already know, I’ve been creating our very first Healthy Gut Summit, a free online event that brings together over three dozen doctors, naturopaths, and scientists. Each one of my guest experts shares some of the very LATEST and also very USEFUL insights in this fascinating science of digestive health so that you can create a healthier gut. And remember, “Health Begins in the Digestive Tract.”

One of those 36 interviews is with my friend Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of The Bulletproof Executive. I love time spent with Dave. He’s always full of unique and valuable tips, and in our interview, Dave shared with me his own recipe for making a special bedtime tea using Bulletproof Executive’s collagen. (You probably know all about Bulletproof’s delicious coffee, but yes, they also sell collagen.)

During our fun hour together, Dave reminded me that hydrolyzed collagen also helps the skin hold in moisture. Naturally, as a woman this tip amplified my desire to find even more ways to use collagen in my diet. Dave also suggested that we add one more ingredient to the chamomile/collagen bedtime tea recipe, but you’ll have to listen to our interview to find out what this readily-available supplement is.

Now, even with an overly busy life—which plays havoc with one’s sleep—I am sleeping better than ever thanks to Dave and his hydrolyzed collagen (and that other secret supplement). I love the added bonus of sleeping deeply while preventing wrinkles, rebuilding my bones, and recharging my core energy!

Collagen is literally everywhere in the body—even in the gut. This is one reason why bone broths, rich in collagen, help heal the gut. I’ve long recommended this special food for someone with an inflamed, open, permeable, leaky gut. Collagen and bone broths are also very protective to the gut lining and will prevent disorders like Crohn’s, colitis, and irritable bowel.

Of course, when you don’t have the time to make up a tasty bone broth for the week, hydrolyzed collagen is a perfect shortcut. Besides dissolving nicely into hot liquids—like tea or a bowl of soup—you can also use it cold in a smoothie (unlike powdered gelatin).

If you would like to learn many more healthy gut tips, hear from 34 health and wellness experts plus three bonus guest speakers, and learn the “secret supplement” that Dave and I add to our chamomile/collagen tea, register HERE! The Healthy Gut Summit is a free online event from February 9-16, 2015.

See you then!



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