How Chinese Medicine Supports Digestive Health and Longevity

Even after 3,000 years, the principles of ancient Chinese medicine still apply to modern disease.

One reason why the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are so remarkable is because even after 3,000 years, the medicine still applies to the modern human being and to modern disease! You can be sure that folks living 3,000 years ago had their own set of diseases to deal with. Surprisingly, what worked then can work now. This has to do with the fact that Chinese medicine is based on principles, rather than steadfast protocol.

Traditional Chinese medicine encompasses things like acupuncture, herbal therapy, and qi gong. Western medicine and patients in the United States, Europe, and Australia are increasingly turning their attention to Chinese medicine.

One core concept of Chinese medicine is the Three Treasures:

  • Traditional Chinese medicine has taught us that digestive health is the foundation to total body wellness. Getting your digestive health back on track will improve your vitality today and in the future.

    Jing (jee-ng), also called Essence.

  • Qi (ch-ee), also called Energy.
  • Shen (sh-en), also called Mind or Spirit.

These three treasures are your life force condensed into three different states, much like water has the potential to be ice, liquid, or gas. Jing is the densest form of your life force, while Shen is considered the most subtle and non-material.

What is life force? That’s a little complicated to answer, but think of it as your body’s battery.

Foundation of the Body and Root of the Mind

Essence, or Jing, is said to be “the foundation of the body and the root of the mind”. This means that when Jing is strong and when there’s lots of it, the body has plenty of energy to do what it needs to do, and the mind is sharp.

  • Think of building a house on a solid foundation.
  • A great deal of measurement and analysis goes into inspecting the ground even before the first brick is placed.
  • In the same way, the body is built upon a certain foundation that has minimum requirements in order to sustain life.
  • When someone is born with weak Jing, this person usually comes into this world with developmental weakness. Because the foundation itself is weak.
  • Likewise, just living life will eventually deplete this foundation, which stores all the goodies that keep the body strong and energized.

What really makes the principles of Jing, Qi, and Shen shine is the understanding that you cannot affect one element without affecting the others. And if you have ever witnessed how mental stress leads to reoccurring infections or how emotional trauma can age the body, you have seen this mechanism in action.

Digestive Force Is Central to Our Health

The Body Ecology Core Programs are focused on digestive health. And, according to Chinese medicine principles, digestive health literally sits central to all other elements of health.

Clearly, Chinese medicine was onto something when it decided that digestive force was central to our health. What you eat on a daily basis directly affects your Jing.

The Body Ecology Basic Core Program includes:

These four elements will start you on the path of getting acquainted with your digestive system. If you have struggled with serious bowel disorders or an immune system imbalance, you probably know all too well what your body likes and what it does not like.

Most people eating a standard American diet have no idea that their gut is inflamed and that their body isn’t functioning at optimal speed. It’s only when disease hits later in life that they are clued in and begin making dietary changes.

The Body Ecology Core Programs were designed after 30 years of research to maximize digestive health and longevity.

What to Remember Most About This Article:

Chinese medicine still provides powerful insight into healing after 3000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on acupuncture, herbal therapy, and qi gong. Chinese medicine uses one core concept called the Three Treasures: Jing, Qi, and Shen. These treasures represent your life force in three different states.

Chinese medicine has taught us that the digestive force is central to our health. What you eat on a daily basis will directly affect your Jing, or the essence of your body and mind. Getting your digestive health back on track can prevent inflammation and reduce the risk of disease later on in life.

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