Household Herb Supports Your Liver, Adrenals and More

Spice up you seasonal cleanse, with turmeric, the herb that makes detoxification so much easier on your body, and makes a delicious addition to many Body Ecology recipes.

Your Liver Works Hard to Cleanse Your Body. How Will You Support It?

Did you know that your body constantly detoxifies every second of the day and night? And the single most important thing you can do as it detoxifies is to support it.

Support your system? What does this mean?

It means to give your body what it needs to make the detoxification process go more smoothly and effectively. You are exposed to approximately 123 different man-made toxins daily through your skin and mouth. These toxins lodge in your tissues, and each day your body works to release the poisons and restore balance

You are naturally equipped with a detoxification system that enables your body to constantly cleanse, in an attempt to prevent you from becoming ill. Your liver is your main organ for detoxification. When your liver is healthy it has the power to easily release illness and toxicity.

But as you know, it’s becoming much harder to stay balanced. An ever-increasing build-up of toxins is at the core of most illnesses that are affecting us today. We need extra help to eliminate these toxins and plenty of support during our periods of cleansing.

During the warm seasons, spring and summer, your body naturally enters a deeper cleansing period where you will shed more toxins. If you prepare properly, you will be able to leave the season free from the accumulated toxins that have wreaked havoc on your health for a long time.

Tumeric Spoons

You may be surprised at what kind of magic lies inside your spice cabinet. Turmeric has been used for ages to heal skin conditions, block liver toxins and more.

Whether you suffer from adrenal fatiguesugar cravingsfood allergies or even heart disease – you can find relief through proper detoxification.

Thankfully, we have systems in place — ancient systems like fermented foods, and the Body Ecology Principles — that can guide you through your cleansings. What’s more, Nature has generously provided us with an abundance of tools to make our lives easier and healthier today.

Recent studies have shown that the Indian herb, turmeric, can be very useful in liver detox – and therefore greatly benefit your overall health. 1

Enter Turmeric – The Ancient Indian Herb That Supports Your Body’s Ability to Cleanse

For thousands of years, turmeric has played a major healing role in Ayurvedic medicine. It is composed primarily of a chemical known as curcumin, which helps produce bile in your liver. Bile is a critical part of the detoxification process.

Curcumin: Turmeric’s Key to Blocking Toxins

When used as a health aid for sufferers of cirrhosis, adrenal fatigue, and liver ailments, turmeric has been found to act as a blocker of harmful toxins. Since your liver must process every chemical and food that enters your body, turmeric acts to support your liver in this important job.

Turmeric Helps Produce Bile, But what is Bile?

You already know that loving your liver is a big part of keeping you well. But did you know that helping your liver produce bile is essential to getting toxins out?  Bile is the vehicle by which toxicity actually leaves your body. It’s a complex fluid that carries accumulated toxins from your liver to gallbladder and then out through your stool. 4

Bile also

  • Is a major route for eliminating cholesterol
  • Regulates your intestines’ level of friendly bacteria and yeast
  • Destroys unwanted and dangerous organisms as they invade your body Encourages peristaltic action in your intestines to help fecal matter move through and out of your body
  • Is conjugated into an amino acid (glycine ortaurine)

LivAmendYou may already be familiar with Body Ecology’s LivAmend. LivAmend, a combination of Artichoke extract, Sarsaparilla extract, Wasabi powder and Milk Thistle, actually increases the flow of bile from your liver. Combine Turmeric with LivAmend for a most successful seasonal cleanse.

Ground turmeric has been found to contain a higher amount of curcumin than whole turmeric. Raw Turmeric is more effective than cooked, though both are beneficial to the liver – and the body as a whole.

Curcurmin and Turmeric for Adrenal Fatigue

“Turmeric is thought to reduce inflammation by lowering histamine levels and it may also stimulate the adrenal glands to increase production of a hormone that reduces inflammation .” 1

Turmeric’s Herbal Achievements

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Blocks the production of HIV1
  • Improves protein digestion
  • Reduces uterine tumors
  • Dissolves gallstones
  • Increases ligament flexibility
  • Reduces menstrual pain

How Can You Use Turmeric?

When using turmeric to benefit your health you will need to purchase high quality, organic, filler-free herbal preparations that come in a vegetable-based capsule. Be sure to steer clear of supplements that have dangerous additives like magnesium stearate (also know as stearic acid) – which actually could be a toxic metal by-product of pill production.3

You can definitely enjoy the spice in your cooking, but the most health benefits are going to come from more therapeutic doses.

  • Ask your alternative medical practitioner about Cucurmin extracts for extended toxin blocking effects
  • Make turmeric tea by boiling the root or powder for 10-15 minutes, straining and enjoying with cinnamon and liquid stevia
  • Make a turmeric paste with water and apply directly to your skin for relief of skin ailments
  • Use liberally in warm mineral broths and soups
  • Sprinkle on your steamed quinoa with lemon juice, sea salt and cumin
  • Try some fresh turmeric blended into your raw soup or smoothie
    Detoxification is absolutely necessary for achieving balance within your body, and for naturally treating a number of ailments, including cirrhosis of the liver and adrenal fatigue. This ancient spice is just one more tool available to all health-conscious individuals eager to improve your quality of life.


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