Green Tea: The Latest Health Benefits of This Ideal Drink for Cool Weather Days

What if you could drink a “magic” liquid that would warm and hydrate your body, help your stomach digest food, rev up your metabolism, and give you a powerful dose of antioxidants? What if studies showed it could also help lower your cholesterol, curb cravings, and maybe even prevent heart disease?

Start your morning with a cup of green tea to cleanse and tone your digestive tract as you take a moment to prepare for your day.

There’s something so special about Ujido Matcha Green Tea. Providing all the ancient benefits of Japanese green tea in a highly concentrated, powdered form, Ujido Matcha Green Tea may nourish the brain, improve mood, support healthy detox and weight loss, and boost endurance and energy throughout the day.

Green tea might fall short of being a miracle, and there’s actually nothing literally “magic” about it, but it is a simple, powerful and satisfying way to boost your immunity and heal your digestion.

Scientists have conducted over 500 studies of green tea over the past few years trying to discover what the people of Japan and India have known for over 5,000 years: green tea has numerous healing properties and according to studies may improve arthritis, slow aging, reduce inflammation, and even protect the liver!

Why Does Green Tea Work?

Green tea’s benefits come from polyphenols that provide antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in your body. As your body functions, it constantly produces unstable molecules called free radicals that damage other cells in the body. Antioxidants, like those in green tea, scavenge the body for these free radicals to neutralize them and may even repair the damage they cause.

How to Incorporate Green Tea into Your Diet

Drinking green tea can benefit everyone, so consider using tea as a new form of warmth and comfort. Start your morning with a cup of tea to cleanse and tone your digestive tract as you take a moment to prepare for your day.

Tea could be your between meal snack or an evening ritual that provides warming, healthy liquid – and even a touch of sweetness to satisfy a craving. Use Stevia instead of sugar to sweeten your tea. Dehydration or plummeting blood sugar levels could be the cause of hunger or low energy, so a warm cup of tea may solve both in one shot.

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