You Don’t Have to Be Affected by Flu Season this Year! Use the Preventative Approach of Chinese Medicine to Stay Healthy All Year Long

Flu season coincides with all the sugary holiday fare. This begins in fall as we celebrate Halloween, spans through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and finally ends after Valentine’s Day, when boxes of chocolate hearts hit the market shelves. Still, the fact remains that diet has everything to do with the strength of the immune system and is part of preventative medicine.

Chinese medical therapy uses preventative measures and works synergistically with Body Ecology principles.

In China, it is popular to begin tonifying the immune system in late summer. The use of acupuncture, moxabustion, and herbal therapy fortifies the body against the changing of seasons, when we are most susceptible to a pathogenic attack.

The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it uses the body to repair the body. All treatment methods – acupuncture, diet, herbs, and exercises such as qi gong and tai qi – are simply tools that prompt a state of recovery and health. These measures are supportive and subtle, allowing the genius of the body to do its work while having minimal, if any, noxious side-effects. The Body Ecology Diet is based on ancient principles that both harness and promote the body’s healing power.

In conventional Western medicine, there is a state of health and state of disease, without much of a spectrum of progression between these two states.

A Chinese medical perspective takes into account the possibility of a pre-clinical condition in a patient. This means that even though a disease may not be discernible in the lab, a Chinese medical doctor will discern a trace degree of infection and/or minimal deficiency and be able to treat the body accordingly.

An ancient text called the Huangdi Nei Jing, which is fundamental in Chinese medicine, states that a superior doctor can predict disease before it arrives whereas an inferior doctor treats disease that has already manifested. (1) Treating a pre-clinical condition before disease arises is the most effective way to stay healthy.

Chinese medicine has a poetic system of diagnosis that uses the language of the natural elements, and terminology such as heat, cold, and wind. Using this language to read the body, a TCM practitioner can naturally and safely enhance the immune system. Although this language may seem displaced to a Western medical practitioner, oftentimes both Eastern and Western diagnosis coincide. An integrative preventative treatment plan that uses both ancient diagnostic tools and cutting-edge diet therapy is one of the best ways to remain healthy during flu season.

During flu season, it is important to incorporate lifestyle practices and dietary choices that support immune health.

The drastically cooler weather and the addition of holiday events and travel can sometimes over-excite the mind and body. You can avoid a bacterial or viral infection by incorporating probiotic supplements such as Body Ecology fermented beverages and Vitality Super Greens into your daily regime. Using stevia will satisfy any sugary cravings that you may have while fermented foods will actually reduce or eliminate the desire to eat something sweet.

If you do happen to catch a bug, the best time to treat it is as soon as notice that you may be coming down with something.

Insert image “cold”: Sick of sneezing this winter? By using the principles of Chinese medicine coupled with a healthy Body Ecology diet, you can stop sickness before it starts and keep your immune system strong all year long!

This may show up as a slight itchiness or soreness in the throat, sneezing, congestion, chills or fever, or sudden fatigue. From a Chinese medical perspective, treating sooner rather than later is easier to do because the pathogen is still in the wei qi level, or protective energetic field, of the body. At this point, a single course of the appropriate herbal formula may be enough to push the pathogen out of the body, whether viral or bacterial.

Additionally, herbal supplements such as Astragulus can restore the immune system and boost white blood cells and multinuclear leukocytes. Reishi mushroom is another botanical that enhances the energy of the body while also strengthening immune response. Both are available as high quality extracts.

As more people discover that health is not found in a doctor’s office, but in their own kitchen cupboards and in the language of their bodies, they become less dominated by chronic disease. Flu season is not as formidable as it is made out to be. Taking proper care of your body and mind will not only allow you to shake a flu bug, but will also improve your overall health and quality of life!


By using the principles of Chinese medicine coupled with a healthy Body Ecology diet, you actually don’t have to get sick this flu season. Chinese medicine focuses on preventative measures using the natural healing powers of the body to boost the immune system, which can help you avoid sickness when paired with fermented beverages, probiotics, and stevia as a natural sugar substitute. If you happen to get sick, you can quickly treat your virus by using natural herbs to purge the body of dangerous pathogens. By taking care of your body with these precautions, you can stop sickness before it starts!



  1. An Annotated Text With Translation of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine: Plain Questions. Shanghai: Shanghai Kexue Jishu Chubanshe, 1991.
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