Practical Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation (And Still Relax)

Let’s be honest: for a lot of us, the concept of “healthy travel” may seem like an oxymoron. However, even with an impending vacation on the calendar, there are some simple measures you can take to minimize stress and feel your best (while still indulging in a piña colada by the pool). 

All it takes is a little preparation, and you’ll be navigating the airport lounge or hotel buffet like a health pro. Here are a few of our favorite tricks to take with you the next time you hit the road.

Eat Right to Promote Healthy Digestion

Taking care of your body on the road starts with adopting better eating habits at home. 

That’s where the Body Ecology lifestyle comes in, as a diet designed to help you create a digestive system that functions flawlessly. This goal is achieved by incorporating fermented foods that are rich in the beneficial microflora your body craves to help strengthen immunity, balance your mood, and prevent illness. These compounds are also useful to make your food more digestible, so your body absorbs the maximum available nutrients (also making it easier when you “go”). 

When you achieve a healthy and balanced digestive system, you will not only feel better, but everyday stress will be much easier to handle. So, before you choose a dinner spot on vacation, take a look at the menu and ask yourself: “Am I eating right for my digestive system?”

BYOFF (Bring Your Own Fermented Foods)

It’s no secret that fermented foods (also called cultured foods or probiotics) are the easiest foods for your body to digest, not to mention – they even help you break down other foods you eat, too. In fact, they are considered “pre-digested” thanks to the beneficial bacteria they contain, which consume sugars and break down nutrients (so your body doesn’t have to). However, unlike probiotic pills, properly fermented foods contain bacteria that are heartier and more likely to colonize in your gut. By fermenting foods with culture starters that contain probiotics like Lactobacillus Plantarum, you can also help protect yourself against viral infections and the side effects of antibiotics while traveling. 

A little help from digestive enzymes at mealtime can provide the energy your body needs to break down essential nutrients during the day and take on the activities ahead. Wondering the best way to travel with fermented foods? Feast your eyes on some of our favorite trips and tricks below.

Fermented Food Tips for Travel:

  • Dehydrate your cultured vegetables into crackers that you can easily carry in a purse or suitcase to nimble on as a snack or at dinner time. 
  • Pack some Vitality Super Green powder to enjoy your greens on the go. Mix or shake two scoops with water or juice at anytime during the day for an immune-boosting snack (add in liquid stevia for a sweeter taste).
  • Feeling ambitious? You can have your favorite Body Ecology fermented beverage shipped to your hotel before arrival, and try to have some before or with each meal.
  • Pack or purchase a small bottle of raw apple cider vinegar to use on salads, with fish, or mixed with lemon-water and stevia for a very inexpensive digestive aid fortified with pre-biotics. 

Healthy Snack Ideas for Road Trips:

Rules of Thumb for the Airplane:

  • Enjoy a light, balanced meal before boarding, and be sure to bring digestive enzymes in your carry-on (i.e. Assist Dairy and Protein) to guarantee speedy digestion of your meal. 
  • Avoid eating on the airplane but do drink plenty of water (this rule of thumb will vary based on length of flight, of course). When you fly your digestive system will not be able to properly break down your food. In fact, your digestive tract almost shuts down from the stress, and your entire body goes out of balance.
  • Enjoy alkaline, mineral-rich beverages like green smoothies with Vitality SuperGreen before the flight to help keep you energized and nourished.
  • On particularly long flights, bring along supplements like Vitality SuperGreen capsules to help keep your body nourished.
  • For more insight on healthy plane travel, click here.

Tips for Dining Out or Ordering Room Service:

  • When possible, order fresh seafood or organic meat with vegetables and a salad. If the dressing options are slim, request olive oil and lemon juice as a substitute. 
  • Remember to combine your meals properly. Protein meals do not mix well with carbohydrate-based meals.
  • Indian and Asian restaurants often offer delicious Body Ecology style meals. You may simply need to adjust some of the ingredients, such as sugar or gluten-containing sauces.
  • Bring Stevia in your bag to sweeten your hot tea, water or lemonade beverage.
  • Remember to eat slowly and place your fork down when you become full. 
  • Bring your own gluten-free bread, digestive enzymes, and fermented food if the restaurant does not offer many healthy options. 
For more tips on healthy eating at restaurants, you can check out Donna Gates’ tips for dining out here.

Let’s be honest: sometimes, it’s fun to break the rules and indulge. This is especially true on a relaxing vacation, when our everyday lives and diets seem so far removed. However, as tempting as the “travel” excuse may be to overeat, our bodies will suffer the consequences in the long run. We all know how disheartening it is to return from vacation even more bloated and fatigued than when we left. 

With the simple steps above, you can finally take charge of how you travel – while still embracing your trip to the fullest – and return home feeling more refreshed and rested than ever. 

Bon voyage! 


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