Easy and Effective Tips for Healthy Travel and Vacation

Even with an upcoming vacation, there’s no need to stress over what to eat when you’re away from home.

Before you head out for your next trip, take a look at these healthy summer vacation food tips that will keep you energized and feeling your best while you travel. In fact, with some planning, you can even enjoy eating out at restaurants without any guilt or stress on your part!

Eat Right to Promote Healthy Digestion

The Body Ecology Diet was designed to help you create a digestive system that functions flawlessly. We do this by incorporating fermented foods that are rich in the beneficial microflora your body craves to strengthen your immunity, balance your mood, and prevent and release illness. These compounds also help to make your food more easily digestible and absorbable so that you can best benefit from the nutrients that you eat.

When you have a healthy and balanced digestive system, you will not only feel better, but everyday stress will be much easier to handle. So, before you dine out or pack a cooler for your next summer picnic, start out by asking yourself, “Am I eating right for my digestive system?”

Keep Fermented Foods with You

Assist Enzymes

A little help from digestive enzymes at your meal saves energy and assimilates the nutrients from your food much faster. This means you have more energy for having fun!

It’s no secret that fermented foods are the easiest foods for you to digest, and they work even further to promote healthy digestion of all of the other foods that you eat.  In fact, they are considered pre-digested because their beneficial bacteria have consumed sugars and broken down nutrients so that your body can quickly absorb them.
Fermented foods may also be called cultured foods or probiotic foods.

However, unlike probiotic pills, properly fermented foods contain bacteria that are hardier and better able to colonize in your gut. When you ferment foods with hearty culture starters that contain probiotics like Lactobacillus Plantarum, you also help protect yourself against viral infections and the side effects of antibiotics.

The great news for you to know is that you can easily enjoy fermented foods when you travel with these simple tips:

  • Dehydrate your cultured vegetables into crackers that you can carry in your cooler or bag, and enjoy them with meals and as snacks.
  • Pack some Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus. These are our exclusive blend of fermented superfoods that allow you to get your protein in the pre-digested form AND do not require refrigeration. You can easily stir Super Spirulina Plus into your water or lemonade on the go for that extra boost of energy!
  • Have your favorite Body Ecology fermented beverages shipped to your hotel for your arrival, and try to have some before or with each meal.
  • Pack or purchase a small bottle of raw apple cider vinegar to use on salads, fish, or mixed in your water with lemon and stevia for a very inexpensive way to make your food more digestible. (Raw apple cider vinegar is a pre-biotic that promotes good bacteria and healthy digestion in your gut.)
  • Plastic Nalgene bottles that can be ordered online are excellent for travel since they do not leak. Even an oil (like olive oil) or ghee can be stored in a Nalgene container. Be sure to pack a small vial of Selina Naturally’s Hawaiian Sea Salt (a great NEW salt for us Americans) in a container and add to your  “travel kit.”

Road Trip Hints

  • Make and freeze a few gallons of green smoothie. This will help keep the rest of your food cold in your cooler. Staying hydrated on these ultra-nutritious drinks will keep you satisfied while you drive and less likely to be tempted to stop for a snack. If you can, use BPA-free plastic containers to freeze your smoothies in order to avoid chemicals leaching into your food.
  • Pack some of your favorite sour fruits and berries as treats, and enjoy them on an empty stomach for best digestion. (Steer clear of sweet fruits because they can feed candida, a systemic yeast infection.)
  • Add supplements like Super Spirulina Plus, Vitality SuperGreen, or LivAmend to your smoothies to help nourish and support your system.
  • Snack on guacamole, cultured vegetables, carrots, jicama, peppers, celery, and cucumbers liberally.


Did you know that CocoBiotic can be shipped to your hotel for you, and that you can also use it to ferment your own coconut water, nut milks and veggie juices while on the road? It’s true. Don’t miss out on the benefits of fermented drinks while you are away. Use CocoBiotic to start your next batch. Simply add ¼ cup of CocoBiotic per quart of vegetable juice or raw nut/grain milk and allow it to ferment for 24 hours in a sterile glass bottle or jar.

Plane Travel Tips

  • Enjoy a light balanced Body Ecology style meal before you board, and be sure you take your digestive enzymes like ASSIST or ASSIST for Protein Meals to guarantee speedy digestion of that meal. Avoid eating on the airplane but do drink plenty of water. When you fly your digestive system will not be able to properly break down your food. In fact, your digestive tract almost shuts down from the stress and your entire body goes out of balance.
  • Enjoy alkaline, mineral-rich beverages like green smoothies with Vitality SuperGreen before the flight to help keep you energized and nourished.
  • Bring supplements like Vitality SuperGreen capsules to help keep you nourished on especially long flights
  • For more help with healthy plane travel click here.

Room Service and Restaurant Travel Tricks

  • Order fresh salads dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Remember to combine your meals properly. Protein meals do not mix well with carbohydrate-based meals.
  • Order fresh seafood or organic meat with vegetables and a salad.
  • Indian and Asian restaurants often offer delicious Body Ecology style meals. You may simply need to adjust some of the ingredients, like sugar or gluten-containing sauces.
  • Bring Stevia in your bag to sweeten your hot tea or lemonade.
  • Stop eating before you become too full.
  • Bring your own gluten-free breaddigestive enzymes, and fermented food to get the most out of your meal.
For more tips on healthy eating at restaurants, you can check out Donna Gates’ tips for dining out here.

For so many of us, the words “healthy” and “vacation” may seem like polar opposites. However, with these simple tools, you can have the best of both worlds to eat well and feel your best even while on vacation! No matter how fun it may be to break your diet plan when you travel, we all know full well how incredibly disheartening it is to return home feeling sluggish, lethargic, and even more fatigued than when you started. That’s not what vacation is all about! With the above healthy living tips, you have the opportunity to enjoy your travel to its fullest by eating well, promoting healthy digestion, and returning home feeling better than before!

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