The Ultimate “Eat This Instead of That” Body Ecology Guide

You might think that cereal is the breakfast of champions, but there are better ways to start your day. Find out if your breakfast, lunch and dinner choices are truly healthy AND the Body Ecology recommendations for choosing the best foods at every meal.

Do you long to eat a healthier diet yet constantly find obstacles in your path? Join the club! Lucky for you, Body Ecology makes it easy with our ultimate “Eat This Instead of That” guide to help you make healthy decisions every time you sit down to eat!

3 Best Bets for Breakfast

  1. Instead of coffee, drink Body Ecology’s Vitality SuperGreen
    Coffee is an acidifying drink that can weaken your adrenalsand interrupt your natural sleep patterns. If you still need a morning refresher or mid-day pick-me-up, try a green drink. Delicious green drinks start your morning off right by hydrating your body and helping your blood return to a more alkaline state. Body Ecology’s Vitality SuperGreen also gives you a true energy boost to start your morning and keep you going in the afternoon.
  2. Instead of hot breakfast cereal in the winter, have creamy quinoa flakes.

    You might think that cereal is the breakfast of champions, but there are better ways to start your day
    Most cereals are made from highly processed grains that have been so stripped of all nutrients that inferior vitamins and minerals have to be added back in. Typical cereal grains also contain anti-nutrients, making them hard to digest. Instead, try quinoa flakes, a great substitute for oatmeal. Sprinkle on some cinnamon and a few drops of our delicious stevia liquid concentrate, and you have a true breakfast of champions worth eating!

    Extruded breakfast cereals that are so popular in the US are really not good for you. You want a really Avoid them all together.
  3. Instead of dry breakfast cereal with milk or rice milk, have a green veggie smoothie.
    They provide an amazing array of nutrients when made from a variety of different veggies. Choices might include celery, cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, herbs (like mint and cilantro) can create a base. Then add other foods that are nourishing for your unique body. A splash of coconut milk or milk kefir, you favorite oils (coconut oil, Barlean’s Swirl flax seed oil), olive oil, pumpkin seed oil), help make it creamier. Add a probiotic liquid to enhance digestion. A sour green apple can also provide a touch of sweetness and will not feed candida when blended into all these alkaline-forming veggies.

2 Healthy Power Lunches

    2 Simple Snacks and Drinks

  1. Instead of a sandwich, eat a paté roll up

    Did you know that bread is highly processed and lacks nutrients? It is also difficult to digest, gummy, and clogs your intestines. Instead, make a Body Ecology “sandwich” using a romaine lettuce leaf or nori seaweed as the “bread” and a variety of tasty fillings, like fresh cut vegetables or artichoke paté. Wrap it up for a healthy lunchtime treat that is more nutritious than your standard sandwich – not to mention more delicious…

  2. Instead of standard meat and poultry, eat free-range and grass-fed.

    Conventionally raised animals are often given hormones and antibiotics that they pass on to you when you eat them. Protect yourself and your family from questionable meat sources by insisting on free range grass-fed meats.

Want to boost your energy for a long day or work OR for improved sports performance? Instead of an energy drink that robs your energy in the long-term, try InnergyBiotic. InnergyBiotic builds your health, immunity and energy from the inside out. Drink to your health with InnergyBiotic.

2 Simple Snacks and Drinks

  1. Instead of chips and dip, eat blue corn chips with cultured vegetables and a new snack chip: the Cassava Chip.

    When you truly need a crunchy snack, Donna Gates, the founder of the Body Ecology diet, suggests: Blue corn chips (the brands that do not use refined canola and DO use high oleic sunflower oil) with a serving of cultured vegetablesTangy and full of probiotics to populate and heal your intestines, cultured vegetables should be a staple of your diet. Serve them with chips, and you won’t miss your old snacks.

    Arico Foods offers a gluten-free, casein free chip made with palm oil called the Cassava Chip. Cassava has twice the fiber and 40% less fat than the common potato chip.

  2. Instead of energy drinks, have probiotic liquids.

    Energy drinks have become a popular way to get you through the day, but they’re often packed with sugar and caffeine, setting you up for an energy crash within a few short hours.Probiotic liquids actually help heal your body and boost your energy by creating a stronger, hardier immune system. They help you digest your foods better so every cell will be better nourished. This is where true energy begins.  So try InnergyBiotic instead. This probiotic liquid gives you sustained energy in a convenient, ready-made drink!

2 Delicious Dinners for Optimal Nutrition

  1. Instead of pasta, eat konjaku or shirataki noodles.

    Pasta is made from flour and eggs that are mucus-forming in your intestines. They are gummy and sticky and create an environment that feeds pathogenic yeast and bacteria. As an alternative, try konjaku noodles (also known as shirataki), a calorie and gluten-free option that is high in fiber and helps create a healthy gut. Konjaku/shirataki noodles also absorb the flavor of the food you add to them. You can make them taste great by adding your favorite seasonings. This Shirataki Miracle Noodle combines with proteins or starches to make a variety of tasty and healthy meals.

  2. Instead of regular potatoes, eat red skinned potatoes.

    Red skinned potatoes have fewer sugars than other kinds of potatoes, so they are the only kind recommended on the Body Ecology Diet. Try them with butter or ghee, and combine them with any vegetables for a delicious meal. We like stuffing them with cultured veggies too!

Body Ecology, One Meal at a Time

Just because you eat a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you have to give up delicious foods. Follow our guide and slowly begin to substitute healthier options for your typical fare to enjoy greater energy and vitality than ever before, one meal at a time. Bon appetit!


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