Easy Anti-Aging Secrets Everyone Can Benefit From

What would it be like to embrace aging? Too often, aging is something we fear. Mostly because we feel like we’ll lose the energy and enthusiasm we had in our younger years, become a burden to those we love, and lose our independence.

Make a commitment right now to age like no one has ever done before.


Maintaining your energy, brain function, and health as you age can be easy and delicious when you use the Body Ecology Diet to help fight inflammation, thought to be the culprit of all disease and aging. Ujido Matcha Green Tea is a Body Ecology-friendly drink and natural revitalizer that can help to boost energy, stimulate the brain, and promote a daily state of “relaxed alertness.”

Unfortunately, the image we have of aging is that as each year passes it is inevitable that we’ll have to suffer the symptoms of increasingly poor health, ranging from cardiovascular disease to high blood pressure. Maybe even Alzheimer’s or cancer. The statistics can be pretty scary. For example, one in four Americans suffers from some sort of digestive disorder. As we get older and our stomach acid decreases, it is rare to find an elderly man or woman who does not have digestive problems. Not exactly something to look forward to!

But what they don’t always tell you about aging is that the experience can be a beautiful process of stepping into your power. And that accumulating years does not automatically equate with looking and feeling older. So let go of any fears you formed as you were growing up and make a commitment right now to age like no one has ever done before. And because you are unique, you’ll do this in your own unique way, creating your own unique journey — with lots of help from The Body Ecology Way of Life.

Start with prevention and take preventative measures to look and feel many decades younger than your birth certificate indicates.

The World Health Organization’s studies show that disease is no longer infection-based but is, in fact, lifestyle-based.1 The good news about this is that you can change your lifestyle and take charge of your long-term health and longevity!

The Anti-Aging Secret

The real anti-aging secret is to create a healthy lifestyle that contributes to strong digestion, energy, and immunity. Of course, keeping your body free of toxins is essential as well. Yes, toxins do come from our environment, but some of the most dangerous toxins are produced right inside of us and are called “endogenous toxins.”

A healthy lifestyle means eating a well-balanced diet, like the Body Ecology Diet; reducing stress; getting the sleep you need to feel your best; and moving your body daily.

Yes, basically, what it takes to feel your best at any age is to go back to the basics.

Body Ecology’s founder, Donna Gates, researched anti-aging extensively as she prepared to write her book on the topic, The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger. With 79 million of the most powerful people on the planet (just in the U.S. alone), the Baby Boomer generation is looking for answers to live long and healthy lives.

And guess what? While there are plenty of secrets that cost thousands, there are many more that require very little investment of time, money, or energy. Eating foods that balance every system in your body and yet also pamper your digestive system is one of them. We all need to eat, right? Why not choose foods and supplements that add to your life, rather than subtract from it?

Here is a short list of Donna’s favorite anti-aging and energizing foods and supplements:

  • Fermented foods and drinks – Like cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids, which contribute to better digestion, more energy, and beautiful skin and hair.
  • Sea vegetables – Provide important minerals, boost your thyroid, and help promote strong energy and metabolism.
  • Adaptogens – Help relieve your body from stressors and regulate sleep, while providing you with a calming type of energy during the day.
  • Healthy fats and oils – Nourish your thyroid and help supply vitamins and minerals to your muscles, boost your brain health, and beautify your skin and hair. In the Body Ecology Diet, we use a delicious variety of unrefined oils (meaning in their extra-virgin state) in our meals throughout the day.
  • Green tea – Popular in the anti-aging world because of its high antioxidant content. Compared to ordinary green tea, Ujido Matcha Green Tea contains 137 times more antioxidants. This highly concentrated and highly nutritious green tea can be enjoyed daily to boost energy, support weight loss, aid in detoxification, and even help protect and nourish the aging brain.

Easy Anti-Aging Tips to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a major health issue and is thought to be the culprit behind all disease and early aging. In fact, inflammation is a common thread running through all categories of disease, including Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Infections and toxins cause inflammation. One of the best ways to reduce inflammation is through your diet, and the Body Ecology Diet excels as an anti-inflammation diet. In addition, consuming a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids is vital for optimum health and youthfulness.

Unfortunately, too many Americans eat an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids, when what we really need are more of the crucial omega-3s.

It’s the omega-3 fatty acids that keep your brain health strong and your thinking skills sharp! You can find omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish, like salmon, and in organic, unrefined oils, like hemp and flaxseed oils. Studies have found that the omega-3s in fish oil could have an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce the use of NSAIDs in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

So, when you think about aging, remember, staying young in body and mind can be both delicious and fun! Cultivate a “back to basics” lifestyle with a healthy diet; plenty of regular, low-impact exercise; restful sleep; and energizing, anti-aging supplements to keep you functioning sharply, regardless of your age.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

Despite what the media has told you, aging isn’t something we have to be afraid of. Most of us mistakenly believe that we will be forced to succumb to unpleasant health problems as we get older, including high blood pressure and even cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But when you embrace your own natural power, aging can actually be beautiful. Letting go of this fear of the unknown and taking preventative measures to protect your body today can leave you looking decades younger.

The secret to anti-aging is really quite simple. Living a youthful and vital life at any age requires:

  1. Strong digestion
  2. Energy
  3. Immunity

You could say that you are only as young as what you eat — meaning, eating nourishing foods to heal and support the gut can help to slow the aging process in the body. Fermented foods and drinks, like cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids, can help to improve digestion and build a foundation for lifelong health. Eating sea vegetables can supply the body with essential thyroid-boosting minerals that can also regulate energy and metabolism. Even drinking a daily cup of concentrated green tea has its anti-aging benefits:  Ujido Matcha Green Tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea and may boost energy, promote weight loss and detoxification, and potentially protect the aging brain.

It has never been more clear that aging gracefully has everything to do with your diet. No matter your age, you can bring yourself back to basics by eating well, staying active, getting enough rest, and practicing daily self-care. With the Body Ecology Diet, aging can be both delicious and fun as you stay young in mind, body, and spirit.

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