Could Resveratrol Provide New Hope for Diabetes?

Have you made a commitment to tackle your Type 2 Diabetes with a healing, sugar-free diet and regular exercise? In addition to your new lifestyle, research suggests that resveratrol can help control insulin levels. Learn how to incorporate this great antioxidant into your diet.

Did you know that over 7% of the population in the United States has diabetes?
That’s 23.6 million children and adults suffering from symptoms like excessive thirst, extreme fatigue and infections. And with 1.6 million new cases diagnosed each year among people 20 years and older, you need to be aware of how to prevent or manage it.

There are two forms of diabetes, but in the past two decades, Type 2 diabetes diagnoses have doubled.[i]

Obviously, our increasingly dangerous obesity epidemic and culture of fast, processed food is taking its toll on our health.

When suffering from Type 2 diabetes, your blood sugar levels are abnormal and constantly raised. With this additional sugar in your bloodstream, you become incredibly fatigued.

In addition to adopting a new lifestyle including proper diet and exercise, recent research suggests that resveratrol, a natural compound, can help control insulin levels in people with diet-induced (Type 2) diabetes.[ii]

Here’s what you should know about Resveratrol:

  • It is rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant.
  • It triggers sirtuin, a grouping of proteins related to cellular longevity.
  • In lab tests with animals, resveratrol, when administered orally, exerted powerful anti-diabetic effects. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center examined the underlying causes of this beneficiary discovery.
  • These findings and other similar ones could be applied to humans, both for diabetes treatment and prevention. [iii]

How To Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is linked to a variety of degenerative diseases prevalent today, from cancer and kidney disease, to high blood pressure and neurological disorders.
Type 2 diabetes has been attributed to unhealthy weight gain, lack of exercise and obesity. The lifestyle choices we make effect our health and weight and with the proper education and following the Body Ecology Diet, you can heal your health.

Here’s how to make healthy lifestyle changes:

  • Consume a diet rich in dark, green, leafy vegetablessea vegetables, and fermented foods and drinks.
  • Low sugar “grains” with high protein, such as millet, buckwheat and quinoa, are great additions to a diabetic’s diet.
  • Avoid processed foods and substitute them with organic, whole foods.
  • Get daily exercise. It doesn’t have to be an hour on the elliptical machine. Little bouts of regular physical activity – such as bicycling to the grocery store, taking the stairs, rebounding and gardening – will keep you active.
  • Removing all sugar and sugar substitutes from your diet doesn’t mean you’ll never taste anything sweet again! Stevia is a great alternative. This amazing natural herb is 200 times sweeter than sugar and can be added to everything from your morning coffee to a cookie recipe.
    Vitality SuperGreen Capsules

    Our super-popular Vitality SuperGreen Capsules contain resveratrol – an antioxidant that could help control your insulin levels. Even if you don’t have diabetes, these convenient capsules are a vitamin-mineral and probiotic-rich supplement that help you get a great energy and immunity boost. Try some Vitality SuperGreen Capsules today!

Add Resveratrol to Your Daily Diet

So you’re eating well and exercising, but want an extra boost?

Resveratrol may be for you! Resveratrol is found in foods like grapes, some berries and peanuts and in drinks, like wine. However, many people with diabetes also have candida and can benefit most from the initial stage of Body Ecology, which does not include sweet fruits like grapes or alcoholic beverages.

But you can still get resveratrol with Vitality SuperGreen Capsules.

Vitality SuperGreen Capsules include wonderful antioxidants, including resveratrol, to improve your health and help give you an energy and immunity boost, no matter how busy you are!

While these capsules are beneficial for practically anyone, they are especially helpful to diabetics and those with blood sugar imbalances. Resveratrol is great for detoxifying and also helps fight against the effects of aging.

Resveratrol is a helpful tool if you’re dealing with diabetes or just striving to maintain your best possible health.


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