5 Resolutions to Commit to a Healthier Diet

Toast your health and make a New Year’s resolution to preserve it in 2010 with Body Ecology.

In our culture we often make New Year’s resolutions that last a few weeks, perhaps a month. Then busy schedules, high expectations and what we call“lack of willpower” override even our best intentions.

But 2010 can be different.

This year is a year of transition. One when we elect a new president and governing body. When concern for the environment becomes mainstream. When pursuit of health is about more than what you look like.

Why not use this transitional year as a time to take charge of your own health?

Not with ill-fated New Year’s resolutions destined to die after two weeks, but with solid step-by-step changes that can last a lifetime.

Another year has gone, and a new one approaches.

Right now you have the perfect opportunity to renew your commitment to health and wellness… and Body Ecology can help.

This unique system is especially suited for lifelong changes that positively impact your health. In 2010, Body Ecology is the ideal way to enter your New Year!

Here are the 5 New Year’s resolutions to support you in committing to a healthier diet, the Body Ecology way:

  1. Pack your diet with essential probiotics.

    Just as the Earth has ecosystems which keep it in balance, your body has an inner ecosystem that keeps you healthy and strong. Your inner ecosystem is made up of healthy bacteria and yeast (microflora), which live in your intestines. Beneficial microflora actually make the vitamins you need, boost your immunity and aid your digestion. They help balance your hormones and help keep your body cleaner, younger and well nourished.

    In short, microflora do a lot of heavy lifting so you can be at your best.

    I created the Body Ecology system to encourage the growth of good microflora in your gut and to conquer the pathogenic bacteria, yeast and viruses that lead to disease.

    You can encourage the growth of healthy microflora in your own intestines by consuming fermented foods and drinks, packed with probiotics.

    If you are unfamiliar with these probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks, here’s a quick list of some of my favorites to get you started:

    • Young Coconut Kefir is made from the fermented water of young green coconuts. It’s a great source of potassium and sodium, is alkalizing and very cleansing… plus it’s delicious and easy to make at home.
    • Cultured Vegetables are fermented and raw, with a sour, tangy taste that is a perfect accompaniment to almost any dish. As you add them to each of your meals you will soon see a big difference in digestion. They are great at helping to conquer and prevent digestive problems.
    • Body Ecology Probiotic Liquids make it easy and convenient for you to have probiotics wherever you go. A few shot glasses a day is all it takes to inoculate your gut with a daily immune-boosting tiny “squat team”.
  2. Reduce or eliminate processed foods.

    It’s not always easy to hear this, but it’s best to avoid the processed foods that make up the Standard American Diet.

    Sugar, white flour, processed oils and preserved meats rob your body of the nutrients it needs to build health. They are as far from Nature as you can possibly get. Processed foods also encourage the growth of bad bacteria and upset the balance of your healthy inner ecosystem. You’re choosing the fast track to a costly, painful and early old age when you eat these man-made foods each day. And feeding them to our babies and kids is basically destroying the human race.

    Fortunately, giving up processed foods does not mean you have to give up tasty food!

    Here are my favorite Body Ecology alternatives to processed foods.

    • Like sugar? Try our natural sugar substitutes. Calorie-free and sugar-free, Body Ecology natural sugar substitutes like stevia and Lakanto give you sweetness, without the downside.
    • Stevia Liquid Concentrate is a calorie-free sugar substitute ideal for travel, and sweetening drinks… like tea. Recently Coca Cola petitioned the FDA to fully approve stevia as a sweetener so they can use it in their diet drinks. That is a victory for all of us but will coke and Cargill control the supply and patent? For years stevia has only been approved for use as a dietary supplement, but those of us in the know we’ve been enjoying this zero-calorie sweet-tasting herbal extract for over thirteen years. 2010 should be an interesting one for stevia in the news.
    • Brand new Lakanto is a revolutionary sweetener that looks and tastes like granulated sugar. Bake it into your favorite dishes, create a sweet salad dressing, make a tangy sweet and sour sauce or simply sprinkle it for just a touch of sweetness onto anything (like quinoa porridge with butter). You can also stir it into hot tea for all the taste without the guilt. And while coffee is not a part of The Body Ecology System of Healing (caffeine lowers DHEA, the youth hormone and you age quickly) Lakanto is delicious in coffee. It is certainly a better alternative to Splenda or Equal if you are currently using that.
    • Use grain-like seeds including quinoa, millet, amaranth, and buckwheat instead of wheat, pasta, rye, spelt and other glutinous grains or flours. These commonly used grains actually encourage the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast.
    • Body Ecology’s grain-like seeds are high in protein, provide excellent fiber, help hold moisture into your intestines and are a food for the friendly microflora. They also calm your mind and actually help you sleep better especially when eaten at dinnertime. You get all the benefits of grains, without feeding yeast (candida) or contributing to carbohydrate-caused weight gain.

      Perfect in soups, combined with all kinds of vegetables, or just cooked up on their own, Body Ecology grain-like seeds are gluten-free and provide you with tasty starches that promote balanced health.

    • Start using high quality unrefined fats and oils. There’s no need to be afraid of fat, and the right kinds actually help you lose weight. Raw butter, ghee, cod liver oil and fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, pine seed oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut and red palm oil, and pumpkinseed and flaxseed oils are just some of the delicious fats and oil you can use in your daily menu plan and recipes.

      At Body Ecology we teach that it is the variety of these used together that holds the “secret yet delicious magic to heal”. Why? Because each of these oils has its own unique fatty acid profile and putting a variety of them together makes a more complete whole. The whole is what heals!

      Packed with essential fatty acids, unrefined organic oils can also fight fungal infections, lower bad cholesterol and protect you from heart disease. You absolutely must begin adding them to your meals each day if you want a healthy brain and balanced hormones. Abandon them for vegetable oils and margarine (like we’ve done for six generations now) and start watching for signs showing the downfall of the human race. We can’t reproduces successfully without them. Every cell in our body needs healthy fats.

    • Eat organic, free-range meats, eggs, and dairy products. Healthy meats, eggs and dairy products in small proportions (20% of the plate) each day can be an amazing source of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, as long as they come from a truly nutritious pasture-fed, organic source. Fish, especially salmon, is the best of the all the animal proteins. If you’re not eating it anymore because you are afraid of the mercury… stop worrying. A pro-biotic diet like Body Ecology is rich in friendly microorganisms that will negate and destroy the mercury long before it can do you any harm. That’s just one of their many important jobs… as they serve to make you happier and healthier.

      Here’s a sincere request from me to you: As much as possible in these challenging times please seek out and support the farmers who are offering us organic and free-range. Big business is threatened by them and they need our support by voting with our dollar. They work hard each and every day to ensure that you are not inadvertently consuming the antibiotics and hormones common in conventional meats.

  3. Educate yourself.

    When it comes to your health, knowledge is power. Learn more about the Body Ecology approach to wellness and take charge of your life.

    The Body Ecology website has a wealth of articles and recipes that introduce you to the basics of the diet, but for more in-depth information about how to actually eat each day and change your health from the inside-out, then get your own copy of the Body Ecology Diet.

    Details of the diet, delicious recipes and sample menus help you learn the basics and implement changes to improve your health.

  4. The Body Ecology system for health and healing can help you achieve your healthy eating goals in 2010. Learn the revolutionary system that has helped thousands transform their body and life.Order your copy of The Body Ecology Diet today and get the free must-read bonus too!

  5. Experiment with new recipes.

    Body Ecology has delicious versions of your favorite recipes, as well as new dishes to tempt your taste buds. In fact, it is our recipes that will change your thinking about healthy food.

    I created Body Ecology as a nutritional lifestyle program, so I wanted the food to taste delicious. With delicious foods, you can maintain your healthy eating much more easily!

    Our wonderful recipes show you how to:

    Make your own kimchi or wake up to a tasty and nutritious green smoothie.

    Use probiotic starters, to make your own fermented foods and drinks!

    With our recipes and tips, you may find yourself creating your own delicious recipes that will make healthy eating taste great!

  6. Learn the Body Ecology principles.

    The easiest way to begin your journey to health and wellness is to become familiar with the 7 healing principles of Body Ecology.

    These 7 principles break down the program into easily manageable chunks that you can incorporate into your life.

    To learn more, read: A Review of the 7 Key Healthy Eating Principles

    You will learn how to create balance, cleanse, healthy food combining and the principle of uniqueness. What’s more, you will learn to add these into your life step-by-step, at your own pace.

The Body Ecology system honors Nature, balance and your body’s innate healing abilities for creating health and wellness. In a world that has moved far away from these principles, it’s no wonder you feel you lack the “will power” to stick to healthy habits.

But you have within you the power to heal. The right foods, habits and lifestyle can support your soul, your body AND your mind on that journey. For some of us we are more motivated by helping others than by doing things for our own needs. So if you are like me, wake up each day and live with commitment to change the way the world eats one person at a time. Because we really must! We face challenging times, but there has never been more opportunity for health and happiness than right now. And the reality is… we have no choice. Make 2010 an amazing year.

Make 2010 your year. Commit to healthy eating for your New Year’s resolution and allow Body Ecology to assist your body back to health and youthful energy. We are deeply grateful for your support!

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