Young Coconut Water Goes Mainstream… But Know These Important Facts Before You Buy

Young coconut water is incredibly healing, especially when you ferment it. But here’s what you need to know about brands like Zico and Vita Coco and what to choose instead for your best health.

Sales of young coconut water are soaring – and mainstream marketing efforts are only going to get much bigger.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed how companies are pushing young coconut water in the US, especially as it gains popularity among athletes, health enthusiasts, and celebrities such as Madonna.

Young coconut water is the clear liquid inside young, green coconuts and is different from coconut milk, which is pressed from the coconut meat.

Several coconut water brands (Zico, Vita Coco and O.N.E.) have products on the market.

But before you go out and buy them, let’s examine what’s really in these beverages.

These mainstream young coconut water drinks may NOT be as healthy as you think.

In fact, regular young coconut water alone is not as good and you might think for enhancing athletic performance and boosting overall health. Here’s why:

  • It’s too sweet. Young coconut water alone feeds candida and eventually takes away from athletic performance.
  • It is natural, but most drinks are pasteurized, not raw. Many proponents of pasteurization claim that it kills harmful bacteria without damaging food, but pasteurized products can actually harmyour health and deprive you of beneficial enzymes and vitamins.
  • Some use added sugars. Sugar tastes good, but it feeds candida, robs your energy and contributes to a whole host of health problems.
  • They are not shipped frozen, which means that detrimental post-harvest treatments can affect health benefits, flavor, and overall quality.
  • They are not organic. Coconuts used in the pasteurized young coconut water are not organic.

That’s not to say none of these drinks have inherent value, but there are things you can do to make them much better.

Fermenting Young Coconut Water To Create A Health, Youth & Beauty Elixir

For years, Body Ecology has been teaching people to make young coconut kefir by cracking young green coconuts and fermenting the water inside. Young coconut kefir is a drink created by Body Ecology’s founder, Donna Gates, so that we could enjoy all of the benefits of young coconut water without the drawbacks…particularly, that fresh young coconut water is so sweet that it feeds candida and can be very aging.

Simply adding Kefir Starter allows you to ferment the young coconut water, turning it into a fizzy drink that tastes like a dry spritzer and contains probiotics– friendly bacteria and yeast that help boost your energy, aid your digestion and improve immunity.

By fermenting the young coconut water, you get all the benefits of young coconut kefir instead of just the water alone. To learn more read:

Kefir Starter

Just Drink It! If you want young coconut kefir’s healing benefits, you can easily make your own with Kefir Starter. Just add the Kefir Starter and you’ll get a probiotic-rich beverage full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Learn more about Kefir Starter and order it now! Or go for convenience with ready-made Coco-Biotic.

Your Best Bet for the Healthiest, Raw Organic Young Coconut Water

Unfortunately, finding and cracking young green coconuts can be tricky in today’s busy world. Yet the benefits of young coconut kefir still had people shopping Asian markets and health food stores to reap the rewards of drinking young coconut kefir.

Until the boxed pasteurized coconut water from companies like Zico, Vita Coco and O.N.E. brands came out. These drinks have become so popular that they have caught the eye of The Coca-Cola Company and are being marketed now more than ever for their “health benefits.”

Knowing that the pasteurized coconut water was far inferior and did not ferment very well, Donna Gates sought out a better solution.

Instead, she found a source of organic young green coconuts from Thialand and created Body Ecology Young Thai Coconut Water.

The only truly raw, unpasteurized coconut water on the market (besides the stuff straight from the coconut!), Body Ecology Coconut Water is:

  • Truly raw, which means you get all the benefits of young coconut water’s nutrients, enzymes and healthy microflora!
  • Organic – While most coconuts are not organic, Body Ecology Young Thai Coconut Water is made from organic coconuts with nothing added and nothing taken away.
  • Extra delicious – You can REALLY taste the difference between raw and pasteurized young coconut water. If you’ve ever done a taste test between conventional and organic produce and raw or pasteurized beverages, you’ve likely realized how much better the raw, organic version tastes.
  • Fresh – Our coconuts are hand- picked at the height of flavor and husked. The juices are extracted, bottled and quickly frozen, all within two days of harvest. We then keep it frozen until it reaches your grocer’s shelf so that what you get is the taste of fresh, raw young coconut water.

Where To Find the BEST Young Coconut Water

If you live in certain areas such as the California, you can get Body Ecology Raw Young Thai Coconut Water in one of 36 stores carrying it. Make sure you look for it in the frozen food section. You can also get Body Ecology Young Coconut Meat (the meat of 3 coconuts) in the frozen food section to make your delicious, raw, organic coconut recipes!

How to Make Young Coconut Kefir, Even If You Have to Crack Coconuts or Buy The Pasteurized Water

  • The Best and Easiest Option: Make Young Coconut Kefir with Body Ecology Raw Young Thai Coconut Water – Simply let the water thaw and heat it to skin temperature (about 92 degrees Fahrenheit) and then add the packet of Kefir Starter.

    It takes less than 10 minutes to do, and you’ll have deliciously fizzy and sour young coconut kefir in about 36 hours.

  • The Second Best Option: Make Young Coconut Kefir with young green coconuts – Alternatively, some Asian supermarkets carry the young green coconuts themselves, but make sure they are fresh. Shucked coconuts should be white in color and the outside should be slightly moist and not moldy. If the water is pink in color, you should discard it.

    If you’re using whole coconuts, here’s how to make young coconut kefir AND coconut kefir cheese so that you can use both the water and meat.

  • The Third Option: Go For Convenience All The Way – Have your tried Body Ecology’s Coco-Biotic, a naturally fermented, refreshing probiotic drink made from young coconuts? The gut-friendly bacteria and beneficial yeast in this delicious beverage are derived entirely from nature, from organically certified plant sources.

    Cocobiotic does not contain 100% coconut water like your homemade coconut kefir does, but it does have 20% coconut water…giving you the benefits of the coconut juice This means potassium, B vitamins, other minerals and sulphurated proteins.

    You can take Cocobiotic anywhere, so it’s great for travel.

  • The Fourth Option: If You Can’t Find Young Green Coconuts or Body Ecology Raw Young Thai Coconut Water – If everything else fails, go for the pasteurized young coconut water. While it is not your best option, it is still a BETTER option than not drinking young coconut kefir at all.

    We have many customers who cannot get young green coconuts or who don’t have time to crack coconuts and do not live near stores that sell the Body Ecology Raw Young Thai Coconut Water. If you are in this situation, we recommend using the pasteurized young coconut water to make kefir. This way, you can still receive all the benefits of this healing fermented drink.

    If you want access to the healthiest organic, raw coconut water on the market, ask your local health food stores and grocery stores  to carry Body Ecology Raw Young Thai Coconut Water.

    ***Pasteurized young coconut water does not always ferment easily, so if you are having trouble getting good young coconut kefir, stay tuned to learn how to get a perfect batch every time in an upcoming article from Donna Gates.

  • You can even print out this article and take it to your local grocer! Here is what they need to know:

    To carry Body Ecology Raw Young Thai Coconut Water, contact Sat Purkha Khalsa. He can be reached by phone at 541-953-7306 and by e-mail at: [email protected]

    Each week, we have e-mails pouring in about young coconut kefir’s weight loss, anti-aging, healing and energizing benefits, so no matter how you drink it, just drink it! There’s no better drink on the market today.

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