How to Make Coconut Kefir [Video Recipe]

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Great discoveries often stem from a touch of serendipity and some creative experimentation.  Don Kidson, owner of the Living Lighthouse (the raw foods center for the Los Angeles area), introduced Donna to the value of young green coconuts.

Although the liquid of the young coconut has an abundance of minerals, Donna was concerned that it would be too sweet. Drinking coconut water may make the body too acidic and consuming excessive sugar has been linked to the growth of bacteria, carcinogens and cancers. 1,2  So, the idea to add Body Ecology’s kefir starter to this liquid and “culture it” kept popping into her mind. She knew it would be a perfect medium for the growth of beneficial microflora.

On a nice summer night in Malibu, Donna, Don, and two close friends combined the starter and coconut water, let it rest for 24 hours, and were delighted with what they had created. All the sugar disappeared and coconut kefir was born as a fizzy, sour, champagne-like drink, like a spritzer.  Donna and Don began teaching many people how to make this healthy and delicious new discovery. It wasn’t long before research backed up its benefits, and it is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.

  • It may completely stop cravings for sugar. 3 Imagine the benefits of that!
  • It may have the ability to aid digestion of foods.4,5
  • It can have a toning affect on the intestines, even flattening the abdomen!5
  • Though there is no definitive research, but coconut kefir may help cleanse the liver.  In Chinese medicine the liver rules the skin, eyes, and joints.
  • Coconut kefir contains high levels of valuable minerals, including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which explains why the hair, skin and nails may become stronger and have a prettier shine.8,9
  • It appears to have a beneficial, cleansing effect on the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries). Women find that their periods are cleaner and healthier; some who had experienced early menopause have found this important monthly cleansing returning again.10,11
  • It may increase energy to provide an overall feeling of good health.12
  • Increase immunity against tumors, pathogens and inflammatory cytokines.2
Check out how to make it below!   Don’t forget your kefir starter too….it’s non-gmo, organic and many say it’s the best they’ve ever had!


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