Is this the year you have promised to “get healthy”?

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Written by Body Ecology on January 5th, 2022

60 day reset

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Counting calories, tracking your carbs, obsessing about your portion sizes, drinking meal replacement shakes, eating diet bars, and exercising like a fanatic may help you lose weight in the short-term, but it is NOT SUSTAINABLE and is NOT FUN.

And weight is only one marker of good health. You cannot achieve better health without better digestion.

If “better health” is your goal this year, join this program. The next 60-Day Reset starts January 16th!

When you clean up your gut, all of the other markers of health follow!
You sleep better, have more energy, and food cravings go away. Your blood sugar, hormones, blood pressure, and cholesterol improves; and you lose weight easily without even trying!

This is not opinion or some false promise of a magic cure. It is basic human biology. And, well documented in mainstream medical institutions.

About The 60-Day Reset

Our dear friend Tess Masters (The Blender Girl) has millions of people in her community, and over 30,000 people have used her programs to get healthy. This program has helped so many people in our community get healthy in a delicious and fun way that is SUSTAINABLE.

You are going to get a nutrition education. Tess and her team of dietitians are going to give you the tools and knowledge that you can use to achieve better health for the rest of your life.

AND, this program follows Body Ecology principles! Tess followed the BE program for over two years to get rid of her candida, and still implements BE principles into her life on a daily basis. So, if you just want access to hundreds of new BE-Friendly recipes, join the 60-Day Reset. You get ongoing access to all of the materials.

JOIN THE NEXT GROUP: January 16th – March 16th. Registration closes at midnight on Monday January 9th.

60 day reset recipesJust like Body Ecology, the primary focus of the 60-Day Reset is to improve your gut health and digestion. And, everything else stems from that.

The 60-Day Reset is Body Ecology compliant. The only difference is that she does include some nightshades in some of the recipes. But, if you are steering clear of nightshades there are tons of options in her recipe center to choose from to meet your needs. And, she gives guidance for eating off meal plan and creating your own dishes following the guidelines.

Tess has worked with some of the most respected doctors and dietitians in the country to combine the best proven strategies into a simple system that you can continue using while living the rest of your life.

And, the food is SO incredible.

>>>Register now for the 60-Day Reset!<<<

Even if you don’t cook much (and are better at ordering takeout), Tess’s recipes are really easy, and taste so amazing that you’re excited to eat them again. And the portions are big, (and there are snacks and desserts) so you never feel hungry or deprived.60 day reset materials

And, YOU choose what you eat. The 60-Day Reset comes with nutrition software so you can customize your meals, snacks, and drinks. And, the program is flexible so you can eat out and travel! And, YES, you can eat with your friends and family.

You also get ongoing access to the materials on the website, so you can keep going back to the recipes, cheat sheets, and videos when you need to.

What Followers Say About The 60-Day Reset

“Thank you SO much for telling me about the 60-Day Reset. It was the best money I have ever spent.”

“You were right. Tess and her team of dietitians are so incredible. They gave me so much personal attention and really helped me reach my goals.”

“This is the most supportive community I have ever been a part of. Everybody has your back, and you never feel alone. And, they really meet you where you are at. I just loved it.”

“I learned so much! I feel like I got a nutrition education and really understand how to eat to have energy and feel great in my body.”

“I have tried so many programs and diets and could not stick with it. THIS really worked for me. And, I feel like I can sustain it. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And, the food is SO good.”

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