The Best Sports Drink for Rehydration and Electrolyte Balance May Surprise You!

Even if you aren’t an athlete, staying hydrated is essential to keep your body’s processes running smoothly. Find out why raw organic coconut water beats out your typical sports drinks with its powerful combination of electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins.

You’re hot, sweating and short of breath… what should you reach for? That punch-flavored Gatorade in your fridge, or the blue-colored Powerade? Is plain ice water better?

The surprising truth is that coconut water is the best choice when it comes to choosing a drink that will rehydrate you!

What’s So Bad About Mass-Marketed Sports Drinks?

While Gatorade and Powerade appear to have benefits, they are simply full of too much sugar or artificial sugar substitutes, which over time, will make your body acidic and rob you of the very electrolytes you are trying to replenish!

Electrolytes are minerals that can help your body stay energized and your blood stay slightly alkaline. But almost all of the sports drinks on the market contain large amounts of sugar or sugar substitute, which you should try to reduce or avoid. Sugar will end up zapping your energy and making you crash later on.

Here’s Why Pure, Unfiltered Coconut Water Is Better

Raw organic young green coconut water provides all the powerful rehydration qualities but without the added sugar. It comes from young green coconuts and is very different from the sweet, milky substance (coconut milk) that comes from mature coconuts.
From the young green coconut, you get all the coconut water’s nutrients, B vitamins, enzymes and healthy microflora. Nothing is added or taken away from the natural product. Plus, it tastes MUCH better!

Aside from taste, coconut water greatly outperforms sports drinksHere’s why:

  • Young green coconut water is natural, without any added chemical, flavors or preservatives.
  • Young green coconut water contains an entire balance of electrolytes (salt), potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and sulfate.
  • Young green coconut water supplies the body with essential amino acids and carbohydrates that let the body better absorb water into the bloodstream, which equals faster rehydration!1
  • Young green coconut water has less sodium and calories than the sports drinks on the market.

With its ability to rehydrate the body better than standard sports drinks, coconut water is becoming increasingly popular as a natural hydration choice among athletes.2

The Best Ways to Drink Coconut Water

Now keep in mind that while all the news stories tout young green coconut water as the best alternative to sports drinks, here at Body Ecology, we’ve learned that it’s too sweet to drink on its own.

While the sugars in young green coconut water are natural, they are still too sweet, especially if you have candida or an immune imbalance. When even a “natural” food has too many sugars, it can make your blood too acidic, which ends up robbing your body of minerals as it tries to recalibrate to it’s slightly alkaline state.

But does this mean you can’t benefit from the superior rehydration benefits of young green coconut water? Not at all…because you can FERMENT it for even more benefits to your health!

You can easily make the very best sports drink…young green coconut kefir…at home with Body Ecology’s Kefir Starter. And fermenting is fun and easy! Fermenting the water removes the harmful sugars so that all you get are the amazing benefits of this delicious champagne-like beverage.

With our simple young coconut kefir recipe, you will have an almost magical tool to help your body boost immunity, improve energy and aid digestion.

Oh, and the best part? Young coconut kefir has beauty benefits too! From anti-aging to making your hair and nails look better, young coconut kefir is the best kept beauty secret in town.

    Kefir Starter

    With Donna Gates’ tips and advice on how to make your own young coconut kefir, you can use any variety of young coconut water, depending on what you can get your hands on. It’s easy to make at home with Body Ecology’s Kefir Starter. Now, this tasty sports drink, health drink and beauty aid awaits you in your own kitchen! Try some Kefir Starter today.

    Making a great batch of young coconut kefir starts with your choice of coconut waters. You have several to choose from:

    • The ideal option: If you live in certain areas in California, you’re lucky to have access to Body Ecology’s Raw Young Thai Coconut Water found in over 36 stores. To make it even more amazing, use a culture starter kit to make delicious coconut kefir, a fizzy probiotic drink.
    • Crack your own! If you can’t get the Body Ecology beverage, look for young green coconuts in your grocery store. It may sometimes be a challenge to find fresh ones, but don’t let that deter you. It’s easy to make young coconut kefir with our step-by-step instructions.
    • If you can’t get Body Ecology’s raw organic young green coconut water or coconuts, go for the boxed, pasteurized young green coconut water as a last resort. Some of these products are not organic or too sweet. Most importantly, almost all are pasteurized, robbing you of valuable enzymes and vitamins. But you can still use them to make young coconut kefir by adding the Kefir Starter culture. To learn more, read: Secrets for Making The Perfect Batch of Young Coconut Kefir With Donna Gates.

      No matter how you make young coconut kefir, the most important thing is to drink it for its beauty and health benefits!

    • Want a fast, convenient way to hydrate? When you’re on the run, Body Ecology’s Coco-Biotic probiotic liquid is a wonderful and convenient way to get those intense health benefits on the go.

      Made from young green coconuts, this naturally fermented drink contains probiotics to assist with digestion. And if it’s weight loss you’re after, you’ll be glad to know that young coconut kefir and Coco-Biotic help reduce cravings for sugar and carbs.

    Next time that Gatorade is calling to you after a strenuous workout or a long day at the office, reach for some young coconut kefir instead. Your body and taste buds will thank you!


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