Beets, Beets — the Magical Root: Root Juice Vs. Prescription Blood Pressure Meds

Just Beet It! Add fermented beets to your salad dressing. Blend the following ingredients in your Vita-Mix or high-speed blender and enjoy over a bed of greens: Beets

What Can the Nitrates in Beet Juice Do For You?

Beets are abundant in nitrates; naturally occurring plant chemicals that are often used in pill form to treat angina, chest pain and even congestive heart failure. Nitrates help widen your blood vessels and circulate more oxygen-rich blood to your heart muscle. Nitrates also relax your veins.

What if it were possible to ditch your daily dose of prescription nitrates for a tiny glass of juice? According to new London studies, a 250 ml. glass of nitrate-rich beetroot juice just may have that kind of power.

According to researchers at London’s Queen Mary University, who did three studies on the use of nitrates for lowering blood pressure — beetroot juice provided “healthy” people with the maximum reduction of systolic blood pressure. Juice triumphed over pills.

Another study suggests that nitrate-rich food, like beets, can increase exercise endurance, allowing people to exercise for 16% longer periods of time without tiring. Scientists from the University of Exeter (UK) credit this stamina boost to the fact that beet juice reduces the athlete’s oxygen uptake like no other substance or training method.

But wait – what these studies don’t tell you is how to safely and affectively incorporate Beets and beet juice into your unique life. Research studies seldom consider your personal needs for balance, do they?  It’s always reassuring to have scientific proof of the healing powers of foods and herbs, but what these studies do not reveal may harm you.

Beet Juice and Your Digestive System

Beets and beet juice are not on the initial stage of the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing because they are too high in sugar for those of us experiencing systemic candida overgrowth.  Sugar fuels the growth of this pathogenic yeast in your organs, your blood stream and your digestive tract. The sugar also makes your body more acidic and candida grows in an acidic environment. Candidaisis is not just a problem for some women, at least 70% of all people (men, women and children) have a candida overgrowth in their body that leads to an array of other symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, food intolerances and digestive discomfort, to name a few.  In fact, pathogenic yeast overgrowth is at the core of many other illnesses affecting us today. The Body Ecology Diet is the ideal, sugar-freeprobiotic-rich diet that helps conquer candida. Ultimately your immune system has to do the work of bringing this potentially lethal infection under control. And over 80% of your immune system lives inside your digestive tract. Body Ecology truly understands the importance of restoring balance to your digestive tract and can help you create an inner ecosystem of friendly microflora that do just that.


Our most delicious blend of fermented greens is finally here! Super Spirulina Plus is a 100% fermented greens and grains product that can easily be stirred into your fermented beet juice, smoothie or water for added pre-digested nutrition and healthy probiotics.

Ferment First, Drink Later

It may take a few days to culture your beet juice with a hearty starter culture of beneficial bacteria and healthy yeast, but the benefits are well worth the wait. Friendly microflora, often calledprobiotics, eat up most of the sugars in the beets, so that you can enjoy them without aggravating candida symptoms.

The friendly microflora will actually colonize in your gut and help create a balanced inner ecology that controls the yeast problem. With enough fermented foods in your system, you can begin to wave goodbye to your candida symptoms for good!

We love fermented foods because they are “predigested.”Fermenting your beet juice before you drink it will give you all of those wonderful nutritional benefits without making your digestive tract work so hard. Less energy used up for digestion means more energy available for all the other organs in your body. It also means more energy for you to do the things you enjoy.

Learn two simple ways to ferment your own beet juice at home here

Chew Chew Chew Your Juice

When you do drink juice, we recommend savoring it in your mouth for a while and, yes, literally chewing it. Chewing your juice slows down the assimilation a bit.

Remember Your Fiber

Juices are lacking in fiber, the nutrient necessary for keeping you “regular” and ensuring top-notch colon health. While you often read about the many benefits of juicing, blending the whole vegetable in a powerful blender (like the Vita-Mix) is actually better because you receive all of the nutrients in the vegetable as well as the fiber. Fiber also slows down the assimilation of that vegetable into your body…thus making it less acidic. In other words a juice without the fiber can be very acid forming even when made from alkaline vegetables. Beets are too sweet to juice or too blend. They really should be fermented!

Love Your Liver

Beets are a great liver-cleansing food. They also help your liver function properly. Your liver is your main organ in charge of detoxification. Supporting your liver is absolutely essential for ridding your body of toxins on a daily basis.

Think Outside the Glass

Chances are that your well-being is something you’ll be working on for the rest of your life, so why not have some fun with it? Fermented beets and fermented beet juice are delicious additions to your salad dressings, soups, smoothies, nut and seed dips and even crackers. Try experimenting by adding lemon, lime and your favorite herbs to your fermented beets and beet juice.  Beets alone are very cleansing and healing for the blood. Combing them with sour lemon helps pull toxins from the colon wall and stimulate peristaltic action and bowel movement.

Nourish Your Uniqueness

Remember that your health is your own journey that begins in your gut — from providing your gut with the fermented, probiotic foods you need to create balance, to honing in on that “gut feeling” that allows you to decipher what foods are right for you at what time. Whole foods have amazing healing powers, but your digestive system must be ready to break them down. Body Ecology’s Principle of Uniqueness helps you understand more about how to nourish your individual needs.

Whenever you decide to add a new food into your diet, ask yourself first if it healthy for your unique and very special body.
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