How Just One Dose of Antibiotics Can Threaten Your Long-Term Health

Have you ever taken antibiotics? These days, who hasn’t taken them? Antibiotics are a quick fix for all kinds of ailments — acne, any kind of infection, and sometimes doctors even give them for viral infections and colds (though antibiotics are actually ineffective for viral infections.) They’re even in our foods!

Antibiotics can harm your inner ecology and create lasting immunity problems. Body Ecology has the answers for how to recover your health and immunity.

Antibiotic literally means ‘against life.’ Forty years ago, antibiotics were thought to be wonder drugs that kill disease-causing bacteria, but the problem is that they also wipe out the good bacteria (healthy microflora) in your body, upset your inner ecology (the friendly bacteria that reside in your intestines and keep you young, healthy and strong) and allow unfriendly organisms to take over.

The Candida-Antibiotics Link

Candida albicans and candida tropicalis are two of the most common unfriendly organisms that can grow rapidly in a body weakened from antibiotics. Candida is a yeast or fungus that normally lives in the body and thrives on a high sugar (found in bread, pasta and even natural sugars in fruit and milk) and low mineral diet. Studies show that eventwo days on antibiotics can precipitate candida growth in a susceptible person!

Candida symptoms include constant fatigue, bloating, digestive problems, foggy thinking, mood swings, endometriosis, indigestion, food sensitivity, and hormone imbalances, to name a few.

A doctor will tell you that candida is not a problem because they are normal in your digestive tract. However, if your inner ecosystem is out of balance (your beneficial bacteria have been destroyed or wiped out), the candida can change form and become pathogenic.

In its pathogenic form, candida creates acetaldehyde, the most toxic poison created by alcohol metabolism. Acetaldehyde is thought to be responsible for hangovers and has been shown to increase the risk of liver damage, cancer and diabetes.

When you eat improperly or take antibiotics, you provide a perfect environment where the yeast can grow and create toxic waste products that weaken your body and poison your immune and endocrine systems.

Worldwide, tens of millions are suffering from fungal infections and will benefit from an anti-fungal diet. The Body Ecology system of health and healing is the only diet that focuses on fungal infections.

It is important to note that 100% of the autistic children (and their parents) in our Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids program — known as BEDROCK — struggle with candiasis.

Probiotics: For Life

If you’ve ever taken antibiotics, your digestive system and the rest of your body might still be feeling thenegative effects of those drugs, and you most likely have yeast/fungal overgrowth. Adding back healthy bacteria, or probiotics, into your diet is key. Probiotic literally means “for life,” and probiotics like lactobacillus, plantarum and bifidis help immune cells fight disease, prevent diarrhea and constipation, protect the mucous lining of the intestine, assist digestion and provide nutrients for building blood. They also manufacture B vitamins and are the most abundant source of vitamin B-12.

Fermented Foods Undo the Damage

Probiotic-rich fermented foods are a great antidote to damage from antibiotics and are the stars of a truly healthy diet! The Body Ecology Diet uses naturally fermented foods to prevent sugar cravings, cleanse both intestines and re-populate the digestive tract with good bacteria.

Culture Starter

If you are taking antibiotics, protect your inner ecosystem with probiotic-rich fermented foods. Body EcologyCulture Starter can be used to easily make your own cultured vegetables. Recipes are included in the box.

Fermented foods have been an integral part of the healthiest diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long, healthy life. They give birth to and maintain a lavish inner ecosystem, build resistance to infections, greatly enhance digestion and stop sugar cravings.

Because they are so effective at controlling sugar cravings they are so effective for diabetes, obesity in children and adults and eating disorders, like bulimia. The probiotics in cultured foods are ideal for appetite and weight control and can even reverse gut disbyosis, like IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis.

You can ferment (or culture) raw vegetables and use them as a source of healthy bacteria in your diet. Body Ecology’s Culture Starter is an easy way to make cultured vegetables at home. They make a great snack on their own or can complement a meal.

For more information on fermented foods, see last week’s article: Which Fermented Food Starter Should You Use for What to help you determine which starter is right for you.

The Antidote to Antibiotics

Avoid antibiotics if you can, but at times, they do save lives. Be sure to build back those healthy bacteria in your body with plenty of fermented foods and you’ll be on your way to increased immunity.

Finally, if antibiotics are necessary for an acute infection:

  • Stay on the strict form (first stage) of the Body Ecology Diet.
  • Supplement with fermented foods and drinks (probiotic supplements, when combined with fermented foods can be very helpful).
  • Avoid all sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods for at least a month. Use Stevia instead as a great alternative to sugar.
  • Avoid antibiotics in meat, poultry and dairy products by buying all natural, free range and organic.
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