The 60-Day Reset by Tess Masters

If you have health issues and need help to make some changes, please read this.

We’ve talked about the 60-Day Reset several times now, and we are going to keep telling you about it because this program has helped so many people in our community get healthy in a delicious and fun way that is SUSTAINABLE.

We wish everybody could experience the magic that happens with our friend Tess and her team of dietitians.

Enrollment for the March group is open NOW.

If you are feeling tired, bloated, have excessive inflammation, your hormones are out of whack, you’re struggling with aches and pains, you’re not sleeping through the night, you’re struggling to lose some weight, or you just want to learn how to make healthy food that is mind-blowingly delicious, JOIN this program.

The people in our community who joined last year RAVE about the results they got on the 60-Day Reset.

We’ve heard about people achieving reduced inflammation, easing aches and pains, sleeping better, having more energy, “beating the bloat”, and losing weight.  And, of course, many rave about the delicious food! (It’s no wonder because millions have devoured these recipes!)

probiotic protein shake

“I’ve tried so many protein shakes and nothing has come close to Body Ecology’s Probiotic Protein Shake. The quality is incredible, it’s plant-based and tastes delicious. And it has built-in probiotics too! I can tell that it has done wonders for my digestion…and I haven’t gotten sick once in almost 2 years!” – Lisa J. Here’s where to find it.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from people in our community who have completed the program:

“Thank you SO much for telling me about the 60-Day Reset. It was the best money I have ever spent.”

“You were right. Tess and her team of dietitians are so incredible. They gave me so much personal attention and really helped me reach my goals.”

“This is the most supportive community I have ever been a part of. Everybody supports you, and you never feel alone. And, they really meet you where you are at. I just loved it.”

“I learned so much! I feel like I got a nutrition education and really understand how to eat to have energy and feel great in my body.”

“I have tried so many programs and diets and could not stick with it. THIS really worked for me. And, I feel like I can sustain it. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And, the food is SO good.”

Our dear friend Tess Masters, The Blender Girl, has created this 60-Day Reset to get you off of the constant loop of not seeing results 

In fact, she has millions of people in her community, and over 30,000 people have used her programs to get healthy. 

AND, this program follows Body Ecology principles! Tess followed the BE program for over two years to get rid of her candida, and still implements BE principles into her life on a daily basis. So, if you just want access to hundreds of new BE-Friendly recipes, join the 60-Day Reset. You get ongoing access to all of the materials.

While she and her medical practitioners get to know you, they will teach you how to APPLY the information and USE the program principles to suit YOUR specific needs with your health issues and personality, as well as work, family, and travel commitments.

Open enrollment for the next live group has started!

Registration ends:  March 21, 2022 at 11:59 pm PST

Prep week:  March 21-27, 2022

Program runs from March 28-May 26

Tess only does these groups a handful of times during the year, and they book up fast –– so don’t wait to register!

We all want a solution that will not only focus on helping symptoms but also be sustainable in order to maintain results

Many diet/reset/nutrition programs out there don’t come close to helping with this, leaving you in a constant loop, wasting more money, time and leaving you feeling frustrated.

Just like Body Ecology, the primary focus of the 60-Day Reset is to improve your gut health and digestion. And, everything else stems from that.

Tess’ 60-Day Reset has changed lives, AND it follows Body Ecology principles!

Tess followed the Body Ecology (BE) program for over two years to get rid of her candida, and still, implements BE principles into her life on a daily basis. And the 60-Day Reset will give you access to hundreds of new BE-friendly recipes. You will also get lifetime access to all of the materials.

The 60-Day Reset is Body Ecology compliant. The only difference is that she does include some nightshades in some of the recipes. But, if you are steering clear of nightshades there are tons of options in her recipe center to choose from to meet your needs.

And, especially if you have candida overgrowth, she gives guidance for eating off meal plans and creating your own dishes following the BE guidelines.

Honor your body’s wisdom

Remember, as we always say, The Principle of Uniqueness maintains that everyone is “an experiment of one.” Your body is completely unique, and as you experiment with different ways of eating, honor your body’s wisdom.

And if you’re still not able to get well, and are feeling less energy, sluggish, and just not yourself, it’s probably your body’s way of saying, it’s time for a change.

Here’s the difference with this program

Tess is the real deal and pours her heart into each and every person who joins her live programs.  She goes above and beyond to make sure that you are receiving the best possible experience.   

Not many (If any) nutrition programs focus on gut health, which you all know is an essential part of any lifestyle.  She also brings in medical experts to help you, too.  When you join the 60-Day Reset, you get access to her team of dietitians.  They will get to know you and your needs, and then help you customize your meal plans and routine to help you get results.

Tess and her team don’t just throw you a bunch of materials and leave you to “figure it out on your own”. This program happens LIVE.  You will be able to get on live video calls each week with Tess and her team face-to-face.

Tess has worked with some of the most respected doctors and dietitians in the country to combine proven strategies into a simple system that you can adopt as your own.

Her approach is a unique blend of science and fun.

The secret sauce with Tess’s program is mind-blowing food that you’re excited to eat.

Even if you don’t cook much, Tess’s recipes are really easy to make.  You never feel hungry or deprived because the portion sizes are generous and there are snacks and desserts in between. And just watch, you’ll look forward to eating these delicious recipes over and over again!

And, YOU choose what you eat

The 60-Day Reset comes with nutrition software so you can customize your meals, snacks, and drinks. And, the program is flexible so you can eat out and travel.

And, YES, you can eat the food with your family. Tess has a “One Family One Meal” philosophy so you don’t have to cook multiple meals. In fact, she has many couples, parents and children, co-workers, siblings, and friends participate together.   It turns out they see even better results doing it this way.

But, one of the HUGE benefits of this program is the hands-on live support you get every step of the way.

You will participate in the 60-Day Reset with people from all over the world too.

Tess and her team of dietitians are going to give you the tools and knowledge that you can use to achieve better health for YOU.

Did we mention you also get lifetime access to the materials?

But, again, it is the live support that makes the difference with this program.

You are never alone and can tap into the community and the guidance whenever you need to.

Watch the testimonial videos to see what people say about the support. And take some time to listen to what has happened to other people on this program. It is just extraordinary.

Remember, don’t wait to register because the group books up fast!  Tess only does these a handful of times each year.  Registration ends on March 21, prep week begins the week of March 21, and the group officially starts on March 28 and runs for 8 weeks. 

If you know you need to make some changes in your life to feel better, the 60-Day Reset could be a game-changer for you!

PLEASE NOTE:  Just like Body Ecology, the primary focus of the 60-Day Reset is to improve your gut health and digestion.   It is not a “diet.”  The 60-Day Reset is a safe way to responsibly, gently, and lovingly help your body with nutrition if you’re struggling with your health.   If you have candida overgrowth, Tess will be able to guide you when recipes need to be altered.   And if you are under the care of a doctor for certain conditions, please make sure you consult with them first before changing your diet.


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