1 in 7 People Have Diagnosed Thyroid Disease, Even More Go Undiagnosed

Are you experiencing symptoms of thyroid disease? Learn the symptoms of low thyroid and how to improve your metabolism, energy and libido naturally.

While the majority of the public has heard of thyroid disease, one in seven people suffering from the disease is undiagnosed1.

Thyroid disease can be come in two, opposite forms: hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (over-active). An underactive thyroid doesn’t produce enough of the hormone, while an overactive thyroid produces too much.2

The thyroid is a small gland at the base of your throat that is crucial for hormone production. It makes hormones, which regulate metabolism and cell differentiation, and even affects other hormones like adrenaline.

The thyroid hormones control growth and metabolism. When hormone production declines, these body processes slows down and you can become cold, achy, fatigued, dizzy, and experience other uncomfortable symptoms.

Thyroid disease is much more common among women, and is also been linked to heredity. 3

In addition to those diagnosed, there are also millions of people that may have borderline low thyroid and still experience the negative symptoms, including:

Experiencing these symptoms is a sign that your thyroid should be checked, however, many of us can fight thyroid problems with changes in nutrition, exercise and stress management.

Here’s how to improve the health of your thyroid:

  • Following the Body Ecology diet is a great way to overcome the low energy that often accompanies a dragging thyroid. Eliminate processed foods, and incorporate thyroid-boosting fermented foods and drinks, such as cultured vegetables.
  • Additionally, exercise assists in detoxifying your endocrine system, which includes your thyroid.
  • Sleeping well and taking care of your emotional health is also beneficial.
  • Avoid raw, cruciferous vegetables. They are natural thyroid depressants because they contain isothiocyanates, which naturally interfere with the hormone production of your thyroid. Readwhy you should cook these veggies for maximum nutrition.
  • Sea vegetables, as along with fermented foods and drinks, are some of the healthiest foods for you, especially if you have a thyroid disorder. After searching high and low for the best quality seaweed we could recommend (and eat ourselves), we found it on the quiet coast of Maine, fromThe Seaweed Man. Check out his recipes for ideas!
OceanPlant Extract

Want to improve your energy, libido, metabolism and thyroid health?  There’s nothing like sea vegetables to feed your thyroid and adrenals with the vitamins and minerals they need to restore your get-up-and-go. Ocean Plant Extract, a raw, pure food supplement, is full of antiviral, anti-inflammatory agents, nutrients and minerals. It’s a perfect thyroid health booster. So if you’re experiencing symptoms or just looking for a convenient way to get your sea veggies, try some today!

If you really want a boost and don’t have the time or desire to eat seaweed…or if you want to give your thyroid an extra boost, Ocean Plant Extract is for you. Made from the potent Laminaria Japonica, a powerful sea vegetable that Russian doctors used to help people recover from nuclear fallout, Ocean Plant Extract can help you boost your metabolism, detox from heavy metals, support your immunity and rid your body of aging free radicals.

The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Adrenals

A low thyroid is most always associated with adrenal fatigue, since both organs are responsible for your energy. Your adrenal glands release hormones and have a direct effect on your energy, metabolism, and sexual organs. In fact, this is why most people experiencing low thyroid also have low libido. Removing prescription drugs, consuming an abundance of minerals, cutting out sugar and balancing your hormones are the best ways to regain the healthy libido needed for a happy love life and overall wellbeing.

But don’t get confused! Adrenal fatigue is often confused with thyroid issues since they have similar symptoms. You need both healthy adrenals and a healthy thyroid to maintain optimum energy.

It’s essential for your health that you are aware of your body and pay attention to any unusual and new symptoms; don’t let yourself go undiagnosed. Practice these natural ways to maintain your greatest level of health and you will help your body naturally take care of your thyroid, nourish your adrenals and prevent disease!


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