Body Ecology Fermented Protein Shakes

Body Ecology’s fermented protein shakes offer the easiest to digest protein shakes on the market, featuring high-quality, plant-based proteins and nutrients in a single, convenient blend.

By combining high-quality pea (Fermented Protein Shake) or pea and rice proteins (Probiotic Protein Shake) with powerful healing ingredients like superfoods, bioactives like medicinal mushrooms, and super probiotics like bacillus bacteria, and then fermenting these ingredients, Body Ecology has created superior protein shakes that:

  • Have high nutritional density
  • Are easily digestible for bioavailable maximum nutrient absorption
  • Have incredible gut-healing probiotics and high mineral content
  • Bioactives for gene optimization
  • Fermented to remove phytic acid and heavy metals. 3rd party tested for quality assurance
  • Ideal for balancing weight, great for athletes and anti-aging for muscle tone, and building bone

The ingredients of Body Ecology’s fermented protein shakes have gone where no shakes have gone before, marrying the power players protein and probiotics so that you can have an easily digestible, extremely balanced meal on-the-go.

Explore our fermented protein shakes below or read on to learn more about how our shakes are different from traditional protein shakes on the market. Enjoy it as a hot tea, as a cold refreshing pick-me-up or add it to your smoothie. If you want to get creative, you can even bake with it.


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About Body Ecology Fermented Protein Shakes

The fermentation process is integral to our high-quality protein shakes. Fermentation helps to expand the nutritional profile of the shakes while maximizing nutrient absorption. It also helps the shake to be more easily digestible.

Fermentation is foundational to the Body Ecology diet and lifestyle. This process not only helps to break down foods so their nutrients can be more easily digested, but it is also an integral part to cultivating, repairing, and maintaining gut health. It can:

·      Help remove anti-nutrients that interfere with nutrient absorption

·      Cultivate, rebuild, and maintain a healthy gut microbiome (inner ecosystem)

·      Enhance levels of vitamins and antioxidants in the shake, making all of that nutrition bioavailable

Why are Protein Shake Supplements Important?

Protein shake supplements are often used by people looking to increase their protein intake either due to diet deficiencies, for individuals looking to lose or control weight, or for those looking for a convenient and complete meal replacement, or for the majority of people who just aren’t digesting protein well.

Proteins are critical for the health and integrity of the body. They are the building blocks of all important physiological structures including cells, organs, bones, muscles, and connective tissues. In addition to being the body’s most important building blocks, proteins also play an important role in many of the body’s processes, including:

·      Building or repairing muscle

·      Burning fat

·      Supporting healthier organs, skin, and hair

·      Assisting in the uptake of important nutrients

·      Repairing tissues, skin, and bones

·      Promoting higher energy levels

...And to make that even more powerful, it’s fermented.

Use as a Well-Rounded Meal Replacement

While many protein shakes focus on cramming as much protein as possible into a single shake, Body Ecology takes a more balanced, gene-smart approach. We believe a great bioactive protein shake should not only provide the highest quality of proteins available, but also that these proteins should be complete proteins, providing all the amino acids your body needs to synthesize hormones and make new cells.

We also believe a great protein shake includes nutrients such as antioxidants, super probiotics, and nutrient-dense green vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, and mineral-rich sea vegetables to maximize the nutritional benefits of the shake.

Vegan Protein Shakes

Many vegan protein shakes contain harsh anti-nutrients such as phytates and tannins which bind to important minerals, interfering with the nutrient absorption process. Through the Body Ecology fermentation process, we help to eliminate these anti-nutrients, maximizing the absorption of nutrients from your shake.

Our vegan protein shakes also stand out from other shakes because they offer additional important nutrients that help:

·      Provide complete proteins

·      Protect against oxidative stress and inflammation

·      Help support your immune system

·       Support a healthy inner ecosystem and repair a wounded gut[3]

·      Help you feel full and satisfied

Our clients love that our shakes taste great, can help manage cravings and blood sugar spikes, are easily digestible, and can help you look and feel your best.

[3] The effect of 30-days of probiotic supplementation on post-prandial responses to a high-fat meal: An expanded pilot study. Principal Investigator: Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, FACSM, FTOS, University of North Texas.