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Body Ecology Coaches

Body Ecology Coaches are available in many states and countries. CBE's are listed in order by city, state and country, however many are available through phone consultation or will ship fresh cultured foods to you. Each has different offerings such as consultations, Instructional classes, Product sales, kefir and cultured vegetables. Please browse these listings below.


Guntersville, Al › Gloria Hester
call 256-506-7074

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Phoenix, AZ › Wende Bartolomeo
480-433-9949 or email
Wende is a Body Ecology Coach offering nutritional education for autism, ADD, allergies and other health concerns. Wende is available for seminars, private or telephone consultations.

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Little Rock, AR › Trish Craig
Trish is a Body Ecology Coach in Little Rock, AR. She serves as the Founder and Director of Natural Body Institute in Little Rock. She is a Certified Colon Therapist with the International Association of Colon Therapy ( Trish is a pioneer for Body Ecology in Little Rock and was the original organizer for the successful Body Ecology Diet Seminar and Training held in Little Rock. She is available for Body Ecology Consultation. Additionally, Body Ecology products are available for retail sale at the Natural Body Institute.

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Donnellson, IA › Julie Graber
319-670-9889 or email
Julie Graber became a Certified Body Ecology Coach in 2003, which opened her up to the amazing world of probiotics and fermented foods. The powerful healing, healthy bacteria! She has learned it is not only the food that we put in our bodies but the thoughts we think that can have a profound effect on our health. "Thoughts Become Things, Choose the Good Ones" she is a facilitator of the Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer program with Mike Dooley and of the Empowerment Process. So if you are stuck with your food or your beliefs, Julie has the tools to help you change your direction. She looks forward to seeing you at one of her gluten-free, Gut Power retreats, soon. Please contact her with any questions or more information.
Santa Cruz, CA › Colette Martin
Phone: 831-435-6761

Colette Martin is a Body Ecology Coach and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. While working with women with autoimmune disorders, Colette discovered that although Energy Medicine helped many on their journey back to health, others were unable to retain the benefits of the work between treatments. Intuiting a link between what appeared as leaks in the energy fields of her clients and symptoms such as leaky gut syndrome, Colette turned to the Body Ecology Diet and began preparing Cultured Vegetables and Young Coconut Kefir for some of her most debilitated clients. Seeing promising results immediately, she underwent training to become a Body Ecology Coach. In her work with BED clients, Colette creates an individualized program that is both do-able and enjoyable for her clients - no matter how busy or how ill they might be.

In addition to her Energy Medicine practice, Colette offers the following services in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas:
  • Classes in the principles of the Body Ecology Diet
  • Personal BED consultations and ongoing support through the initial, transition and maintenance stages.
  • BED cooking classes
Colette can be reached at 831-435-6761 or by emailing You may also visit her website at
Carlsbad, CA › Colleen Kolodge
760-436-6852 or email:
Colleen has been involved in the area of health and nutrition for over twenty years. Her current work with clients emphasizes the importance of digestion, detoxification, nutrient dense foods, and especially the value of fermented foods and their role in optimizing health. She first became aware of the Body Ecology program over 10 years ago and found it offered an effective solution to health and vitality. She has incorporated the principles of body ecology into her personal life as well as her clients'. She is grateful for the tremendous health benefits it provides her and those she loves. She is particularly thrilled for her two grown children and the nutritional principles they have integrated into their lives. In addition to her nutritional practice, Colleen is a nationally certified massage therapist, in practice for the last twenty years. She is available for individual consultations, workshops and classes.
Fairfax, CA › Helen Bommarito
415-256-9630 or email
Helen Bommarito is a Body Ecology Coach. She has been practicing the Body Ecology Diet for 3 years now. She is eager to assist individuals in understanding how the diet works and motivate them to follow through with their goals of health.
Sheree Zink › Livermore, CA
925 579 4861
Sheree is a certified Body Ecology Coach and Master Practitioner in Feng Shui.
Sheree began her journey in the healing arts through extensive self study of natural health twenty years ago after being introduced to the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing and bio-optimal approach to nutrition. She coupled her love for creating vibrant health with her love for design which ultimately lead to the creation of her own consulting business.
Sheree embraces the principles of a holistic lifestyle to create vibrant inner energy and believes that once we build the foundation for wellness from the inside it will be reflected in our surroundings. She works on the premise that color is medicine and when applied to food and design choices, we activate and balance the seven energy centers known as Chakras in our body. Clean and pure foods as well as environments vibrate with a positive spiritual life force and as we increase this flow of chi energy in our inner and outer world we ultimately align with the forces of nature.
Sheree’s studies have provided her with the opportunity to work with gifted teachers from around the world. Sheree received certification in the world renown Body Ecology System of Health and Healing from Donna Gates. She received certification in Feng Shui from Denise Linn’s International School of Instinctive Feng Shui. She has studied with prominent author’s; David Daniel Kennedy in Feng Shui For Abundance and Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim; in Feng Shui For Business and Office. She also received formalized training with Master Practitioner; Peter Lung, in advanced Flying Star Feng Shui. Sheree received the distinction of Master Practitioner in Feng Shui from Grandmaster Lillian Too from her Certified Course Institute. Sheree continues to update her skills and stay abreast of each new year’s changing energies by attending Lillian Too’s seminars held each year.
Sheree frequently draws from her background and experience in the field of education and corporate sales and management in the information technology and temporary service industries in serving the needs of her clients and students.
Sheree has fused two very powerful ancient systems to assist us in creating paths of joy as we align with the vital life force energy residing within and around us. She believes that when our spirit, mind and body are working in unison life becomes extraordinary.
She writes on a variety of related topics, designs tailor made workshops, classes and programs to meet the needs of any group or organization. She is available for speaking engagements for diversified audiences in varying sizes.
Sheree is available for Body Ecology consultations in person and by phone. She is also available for on-site as well as off-site Feng Shui consultations.
Los Angeles, CA › Miranda Barrett
Miranda is a nutritional consultant who practices the Body Ecology principles daily in her own life and uses them as a strong foundation in her approach as a nutritionist. Miranda meets with people on a one-on-one basis, looking at your individual needs and sensitivity and helps in devising a plan to aid you in regaining a sense of health and well-being. Miranda is a certified BED practitioner and offers monthly support groups in the Los Angeles area for those interested or already on the Body Ecology path.
San Francisco, CA › Rebecca Mehl
Rebecca Mehl is a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Body Ecology Coach and Somatic Regression Therapist. Her passion is to help her clients reconnect to their desires and live in accordance with their truth by accessing the subtle cues of the body through movement and mindful awareness. She realizes that when the inner ecosystem is in balance people can access direct information from the body that is inline with their natural way of being and a well spring of life force proliferates. She does private, in-person and phone consultations, public lectures and how-to seminars. Please call with any questions 415.373.7648
Santa Monica, CA › Carly Balsz
E-Mail: or (310) 829-4283
Carly Dowell is a Registered Nurse, Certified Colon Hyrdotherapist, and Body Ecology Coach. Just when she felt like there was no where else to turn, Carly was introduced to Donna's work and began to heal herself from a long struggle with digestive disorders. After following the principles of the diet she was able to bring her body into balance, and today feels better than she ever has. Carly is very enthusiastic about this work and has a deep passion to help people heal. She is excited to help teach you about making cultured vegetables and kefir, as well as food preparation ideas. She is the owner of Healing Movement, where she offers colon hydrotherapy and body ecology consultations.
Healing Movement
1214 23rd St. 2nd floor
Santa Monica, Ca 90404
Redondo Beach, CA › Kelly Callas
Kelly Callas is the Owner and Founder of Intestinal Fitness®, providing holistic healthcare in Redondo Beach, California. She was grateful to discover Donna's work in 1995 while jumpstarting her own personal recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Candidiasis. Today, as a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Body Ecologist, Kelly empowers her clients with education, leads group workshops, and teaches one-on-one. Her goal is to provide an inspiration to awaken the healer within you. The Intestinal Fitness® team welcomes all those seeking the happiness and freedom found in vibrant health, and we look forward to meeting you and beginning the journey.
Intestinal Fitness®
Redondo Beach, CA

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Arvada, CO › Delicia Beaty
email or 303-456-5009
Healthy For Life, Inc.
Delicia is a Body Ecology Coach in Arvada, Colorado. She has been on the diet since January 13, 2003, and is available to answer any questions. Delicia wants to provide support in her community and plans to hold classes and lectures.
Boulder, CO › Andrea Berry
Andrea is a Body Ecology Coach offering consulting for all stages of the diet. She specializes in nutrition for mom's to be and new babies focusing on breastfeeding and Natural Family Planning. Andrea is available for group seminars, private or telephone consultations and cultured vegetable and coconut kefir preparation classes.
You can contact Andrea by email at:
Denver, CO › Caroline Garner
Caroline is certified in Body Ecology by Donna Gates, in Denver, CO. The information gathered in the last thirty years, and has documented prove that people may change their lives through Body Ecology. Caroline is available to lecture, teach and help others to understand the benefits of Body Ecology.
Golden, CO › Karen Jolly
Karen is interested in being contacted by people in need of more info on the Body Ecology Diet. Her business is:
Body Movable
4251 Kipling #300
Wheat Ridge, Co. 80033
(303)456-0919 or email

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Delray Beach FL› Patricia Perry
The Wellness Wagon
Pat Perry (formerly at Body of Truth Holistic Center in Atlanta), Body Ecology Coach, Certified Colon Hydro Therapist, is undisputedly, among the most experienced at making the Body Ecology Diet probiotic products (Young Coconut Kefir (Y.C.K), Spoon Meat Pudding, Cultured Veggies). Currently in Delray Beach, FL, Pat's Wellness Wagon provides the following Services and Products:
B. E. D. Consults, B. E. D. Basic Foods Preparation Classes (Call for specifics),
Colon Hydro Therapy / Health & Wellness Talks (Groups-call for specifics),
Cultured Veggies / Young Coconut Kefir (Y.C.K.) / Young Coconut Spoon Meat Pudding $20.00 per quart, $10.00 per pint
Indialantic, FL › Candice Klein
I am a colon hydrotherapist since 1988, owning Health Connections since 1988.
Health Connections
320 Fourth Ave.
Indialantic, FL 32903
Jupiter, FL › Patricia McLaughlin, RN, LMT, CCT
Katie McLaughlin, LMT, CCT
Alchemy Wellness Center
Better Living Through Cleansing
725 N. Highway A1A, Suite E-105
Jupiter, FL 33469
Pat and Katie McLaughlin, the mother and daughter team of Alchemy Wellness Center, located in Jupiter, FL are both Certified Colon Hydrotherapists and Licensed Massage Therapists. Alchemy Wellness Center focuses on various cleansing and detoxification techniques emphasizing the importance of nutrition. The Body Ecology Diet is a tremendous complement for changing thoughts, desires, and dreams into a reality for greater Health and Happiness!
Lake Mary, FL › Lina Poorten
908-500-8602 |
Lina is a Body Ecology Coach. While her marketing background propelled her into a long career with a Fortune 500 Company, Lina's passion for the last 15 years has been learning how to improve her health, and sharing that knowledge to help others. Her introduction to the Body Ecology Diet several years ago marked the end of a multi-year struggle with a succession of non-responsive doctors, following treatment for thyroid cancer and the ensuing side effects. She feels that the Body Ecology Diet has been largely responsible for her recovery, and has been sharing the body ecology principles with loved ones ever since. Having received a "second chance," Lina has left the corporate world in order to devote more time to helping others who face health challenges. Lina is available for personal consultations as well as corporate seminars.

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Atlanta, GA › Pam Craig
Pam is a Body Ecology Coach in Atlanta, GA. She has extensive credentials including: President of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), a Certified Instructor with I-ACT and a Nationally Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with I-ACT. It is Pam's mission to create health and well-being by educating others about the Body Ecology program; the importance of restoring your inner ecosystem and cleansing your colon.
Atlanta, GA › Rozes Bookland
>Health Unlimited
2968 No Druid Hills Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA › Lisa Brooks
Lisa has taught Body Ecology for 10 years. She overcame chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, heavy metals, parasites, candida, 11 car accidents and neurological damage in 94 where they said she would never walk right again. She went to California and saw a therapist who did rolfing. It changed her life and she is free of pain. She is now a N.M.T. and a rolfer. She is also an ordained priestess in the Mechezideck order and does energetic holographic healing sessions. BED consultations are 65 dollars a hour.
Atlanta, GA (area) › Priscilla Cobb, RN, MSN
Priscilla attended the first CBE training in 2003 and then started a part time nutritional consulting business. She has now acquired LifeSpring Wellness. LifeSpring Wellness is located at 770 Old Roswell Place, Suite I-100, Roswell Ga, 30076. LifeSpring Wellness features colon cleansing, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and psychological counseling. Our practitioners are licensed and ready to help you with your detoxification and health building program. Priscilla especially enjoys helping people find the right eating and lifestyle program. You may contact Priscilla, or any of the health practitioners at LifeSpring Wellness by calling 770-552-0872 or emailing us at
Atlanta, GA › Gail Seignious, CHT, CBE
Gail Seignious is an Advanced Level Certified Colon Hydrotherapist through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (, National Board Certified through The National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT) and Certified Body Ecology Coach.

She began her career as a colon hydrotherapist in 2002 training with Pam Craig at The Body of Truth Holistic Center where she was blessed to learn the importance of cleansing the colon and healing the inner ecosystem based on BED principles. She then had the privilege of meeting Donna Gates through Pam, and she became a Certified Body Ecologist in 2004 after attending the life changing BED training.

Two automobile accidents had wrecked havoc with Gail's life and digestive system. It is through her education and training with Donna and Pam that she was able to re-build her inner ecosystem, and she will be FOREVER THANKFUL for their expert guidance.

In 2010, she opened Cleanse Renew & Energize located on Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia to continue her journey of educating others about the importance of cleansing your colon and re-creating your inner ecosystem for optimum health.

Gail Seignious - 678-779-0624
Atlanta/Decatur area › Tanya Edwards-Molinelli
Tanya has committed her life to helping others as well as herself to achieve optimum health through holistic avenues. She is the founder and director of the Holistic Life Center in Decatur, GA who's focus is on "Healing Naturally from the Inside Out". Her center takes a mind, body, spirit approach to health through colonic cleansing, herbal detoxification and cleansing programs, nutritional, fasting, raw food and of course Body Ecology counseling. She also offers hypnotherapy, the Detox foot bath and much more. Please free to visit her website at or contact by email or at the Holistic Life Center 1781-B Clairemont Rd. Decatur, Ga 30030 (404) 638-6784.
Conyers › Jennifer Boddie
Jennifer Boddie has been an avid HEALTH seeker since her late teens. In pursuit of the IDEAL state of health that was shown to her during a personal fasting period just months before becoming pregnant with her first child. Jennifer had been unable to have children until this extended fast on the "Master Cleanser" helped her to achieve conception.
Moving along in her pregnancy, at around 3 1/2 months the doctors found a small tear in her amniotic sack! By the fourth month she was hospitalized and placed on "complete" BED rest in the hopes of carrying her child full term.
In a dream she was shown that she would give birth to her child EARLY and that the child would LIVE, but have limited speech!!
She did NOT know what this meant in medical terms, but discovered in time that her child had a strange developmental disorder called "AUSTIM SPECTRUM DISORDER".
IT seems FATE is NOT without a sense of HUMOR as her second child was also found to have this same disorder!
This sent Jennifer deep into study to find the missing links and answers to this perplexing state that had "enveloped" her two children.
After much prayer, and study she was lead to the Body Ecology Diet, where in April of 2006 she took her level one training to become a CBE. Since that time she has diligently been working to incorporate the diet's principals to "recover" her sons!
LOTS of progress has been made and there is still work yet to be done!
She NOW has a passion for working with women that would like to conceive and preparing their bodies for bring a "HEALTH" little being into the world. She also tirelessly assists other parents of children with ASD, that find themselves needing tools to find their LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.
In addition Jennifer has a unique understanding of RAW FOODS and has been able to assist other people to began recovery from other type of Auto Immune Disorders.
The Body Ecology Diet is very versatile and has it own perspective on RAW FOODS which Jennifer passionately teaches and counsels on.
You can contact Jennifer at,
or you may call her directly at 404 200-1408 to set up a consultation.
She also moderates our beloved BEDROK e-group and Body Ecology Antiviral-RAW e-group.
BEDROK stands for Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids!!
You may Join BEDROK by clicking on this link:
You may join the Body Ecology Antiviral e-group by following this link>
Duluth, GA › Lisa C. Hampton, CHT, CBE
Inner Body Rx
603 Eagle Creek Pointe,
Duluth, Ga. 30097
Lisa C. Hampton is an I-Act Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and a Body Ecology Coach. Lisa also holds an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University and graduate degree from Cornell University. After 23 years in Corporate America and Vice President of Sales for a Fortune 50 company Lisa Hampton left to pursue her passion in the field of Health and Wellness.
As founder of Inner Body Rx Lisa currently lectures and counsels corporations and clients in the areas of detoxification, intestinal health and fermented foods.
Marietta,GA › Lisa M. Ehler
Lisa is an I-ACT certified Colon therapist and Body Ecology Coach. She has passionately studied and worked with the Body Ecology diet for over 10 years. She combines colon cleansing, along with nutritional counsel and guidance to support those on their way to wellness. She also incorporates Reiki energy healing to facilitate a more relaxing and healing experience while cleansing. In her clinic, relaxation and comfort for all clients is priority. Body Ecology foods and samples are available (including cultured vegetables, and coconut kefir ) She has personally experienced Chronc Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and is passionate about helping others to overcome and create vibrant health.

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Boise, ID › Juliana Benner
email or (208)850-8075
Juliana is an I-ACT Certified Colon Therapist. Her health center, High Stream Healing, features Colon Hydrotherapy, nutritional consulting using the Body Ecology principles, and Far-Infrared saunas to enhance the detoxification process. Juliana is available for personal consultations, group lectures, and informative, group cooking classes. She also carries the full line of BED products. Please contact her with any questions, or to set up an appointment. "Make the commitment for a more vibrant and healthier you."

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Chicago, IL › Lee Ann Hawkins, MSN, RN-BC, MA, LCPC
773-275-6879 |

Lee Ann is a Master’s prepared RN and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specialize primarily in helping professionals in health care, the clients they serve, and mid-career women tap into and leverage the mind body connection to design, build, and live a life of greater health, success, relationships, and well-being than ever thought possible, through a very specific method of goal setting and achievement. She received her BSN from North Park College, MA in counseling at Northeastern University and MS in adult psychiatric and mental health nursing at the Rush School of Nursing.

Lee Ann integrates her training and experience of nursing, psychiatry and counseling with complimentary modalities she has studied beyond her graduate degrees to assist people in revitalizing physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

As a Body Ecology Coach, Lee Ann feels very passionate about healthy nutrition along with managing stress being paramount for optimum health and healing, so she integrates teaching this incredible nutritional information as well as stress management /reduction/transformation, through teaching the tools and techniques of HeartMath® to help people reach their personal and professional goals and dreams.

Lee Ann is a motivational speaker, transformational life coach, and teacher. She provides individual and group coaching, seminars and workshops on stress management /reduction, body ecology basics, and on living the life you love.

Chicago, IL › Kathleen McCoy
646-460-9282 or email or
Kathleen is a Body Ecology Coach who has used the principles of The BE Diet since 1995. She provides consultation on mastery of the healing method. Kathleen also regularly teaches vegetable and coconut culturing classes at Whole Foods Markets in the Chicago area. She provides individual consultations and is the community's source for Body Ecology Diet products. She has extensive knowledge in the uses of therapeutic grade essential oils and also provides Raindrop technique sessions.
Dr. Rob Streisfeld NMD
Personal Health Design
602-321-8251 - office
Dr. Rob Streisfeld "Doc Rob" is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and has a B.S. degree in Human Biology (combined Biology and Anthropology) from the State University of New York @ Albany. In addition to these distinctions and others, he is a trained chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health in NYC. Doc Rob has studied intestinal health with Donna Gates (The Body Ecology Diet), been certified in blood types by Peter d'Adamo, ND (The Blood Type Diet), and has lectured on a variety of topics to audiences ranging from college students and everyday consumers, to corporate trainings for some of the top companies in the natural products industry. With a focus on education, Doc Rob continues to work with the leaders of the industry, choosing to build quality relationships with only the best companies and products.
He was formerly the National Educator for Garden of Life, Inc., a leading whole food supplement company, and is now the director and lead consultant of Personal Health Design, Inc., a premier natural health consulting and education company. Services of P.H.D. include development of education, marketing, and branding campaigns, and in addition to his creating his own, Doc Rob consults in the development of dietary supplement products and education programs for a variety of companies.
As a highly sought out lecturer and consultant, at just 29 years of age, Doc Rob is considered one of today's top up and coming health personalities, helping to educate consumers of all ages on natural health and Naturopathic Medicine.
Des Plaines, IL › Sally Martin-Ranft
Awakenings Holistic Healing
880 Lee St., Ste. 201A
Des Plaines, IL 60016
(847)297-8280 or email
Sally Martin-Ranft is the proprietor of Awakenings Holistic Healing Center. The center focuses on a comprehensive approach to helping families faced with the challenge of Autism, ADD/ADHD, and other related disorders. Through the use of the Body Ecology Diet, Sensory Learning and Shaklee Health and Wellness, Awakenings provides products and services to help fill the needs of these families. The nutritional foundation for these children is established through Body Ecology Diet classes, consultations and products. Children's learning abilities are enhanced through Sensory Learning, a technique that opens up the mind to receive, integrate and process information. Shaklee Health and Wellness products complete the holistic approach by providing a safer, non-toxic, home environment. Awakenings Holistic Healing Center also provides "Birthing From Within" childbirth preparation classes and Birth Doula services. Classes on Optimal Nutrition for Preconception and Prenatal Couples were developed based on the Body Ecology Diet principles and the need for probiotic foods during this critical time.

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Indianapolis, IN › Nancy Spahr, CHT
Cleansing Waters 317-259-0796 or email
Nancy Spahr has been a proponent of the Body Ecology Diet since her first introduction to Donna Gates in 2002. Nancy attended three of Donna Gates Body Ecology Workshops between 2002 and 2005. Nancy’s 12-year old holistic wellness center, Cleansing Waters, incorporates the BED principles with colon hydrotherapy, bioenergetic assessments, as well as energy and frequency therapies. BED classes are offered monthly and BED products are available for purchase. Visit for more information.

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Kansas City, KS › Rosie M. Matchette, NBCHT, CBE
913-962-6721 |
Rosie Matchette, a master holistic practitioner, founded the teachings of 'Polonics®', the art of optimal health and wellness through colon therapy and positive power. Passionate about helping people live full and joyful lives, Rosie has led her clients to paths of renewal and transformation. As a certified, advanced level colon therapist (by the International Association of Colon Therapists), Rosie integrates colon health restoration with the nutrition wisdom of the Body Ecology Diet System. Her nutrition consultations are customized to optimize each client's needs.
With over twenty years of experience, Rosie's experience is sought widely from all over the country. She is available for colon hydrotherapy sessions, nutritional consulting using the Body Ecology principles, Reiki massage therapy, sauna therapy for detoxification, and much more. Through consultation, she can customize the best approach for your optimal wellness. She is also available for small-group workshops based on the Body Ecology principles. Connect with Rosie, at or feel free to call her at 913-962-6721.

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New Orleans, Louisiana › Dawn Bourgeois

Dawn is native to southern Louisiana with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She is a Body Ecology Coach, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher, Herbalist and holds a BS in Psychology.

Available for:

  • Free 20 minute initial consult to assess needs
  • One-on-one consultations and support
  • Group presentations
  • Cultured vegetable demonstrations
  • Young coconut kefir demonstrations
  • BED food preparation
  • Informative shopping trips
  • In-home food assessment and kitchen organization
(505) 501-3988

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Bethesda, MD › Caroline Alexander, Nationally Board Certified Colon Therapist
Caroline Alexander
Vitality Cleansing, LLC at Lux Studios
4711 Montgomery Lane
Bethesda, MD 20147
Phone: 301-907-1497 or 703-485-5123
Caroline Alexander became a Certified Body Ecology Coach in 2003 to compliment and provide the Body Ecology principals to her colon hydrotherapy clients to enhance their health recovery. Caroline is an International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) Colon Hydrotherapist at the Instructor level with National Board Certification serving thousands of clients for almost two decades. Caroline's team of health professionals offer result oriented health solutions and support to help you live a vibrant life through improved nutrition implementing BE principals. Additionally, she lectures and facilitates health and wellness workshops for public and private groups throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area providing educational information:
  • To help raise public awareness of disease prevention
  • To educate about the body's ability to heal itself
  • How to make informed health choices
  • And taking responsibility for one's own health
Cindi Callanan, MsT, CST, BEC
Owner & Founder, Power Wellness Solutions
Integrative Wellness Consultant/Health Coach
410-853-7713 |
Cindi's dedication and gift is in assisting individuals, families and groups to attain optimum health in all areas (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) through use of powerful direct solutions to 21st century wellness challenges.
She has a degree in psychology, a background in nutrition, addictions and codependency work and over 25 years experience as a healer, teacher and wellness coach. Cindi practices therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, a number of other energywork techniques and was able to blend therapeutic bodywork/energywork in her counseling and healing practice in the Northern Maryland area. She ran a number of groups including Divorce and Separation, Bereavement, Cancer Support, Spirituality and a Women's Recovery group.
She is an Imago Relationship Therapist and Educator and is a teacher in the original work of Louise L. Hay - "Love Yourself & Heal Your Life" and is available to run educational groups or seminars. She also hosted a popular live radio show in Maryland for 2 years, called "Health Quest on the Air".
A survivor of 27 surgeries, multiple car accidents, Lyme Disease, exposure to toxic mold that was so severe, it crippled her life and business for almost 4 years and resulted in diagnoses of many autoimmune diseases, including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia as well as chemical sensitivities. She pursued all sorts of healing avenues, traditional and non-traditional, and came up short until she started cleansing & detoxing her body. Even this wasn't enough and it wasn't until she found Body Ecology that she started to really turn her health and life around
As an Integrative Wellness Consultant and Body Ecology Coach, she passionately advocates for health on all levels and has made it her goal to provide education so no one ever has to get as sick, or shamed about being sick, as she did. She's available for consultations, classes on the culturing process and coaching & support, recommends the best adjunctive products and wants you to call, so you can start feeling your best, fast!
Annapolis, MD › Jessica Earle
410-990-0550 | email:
Bethesda, MD › Susan Hendrickson
301-230-0001 or 240.899.5460 (cell) or email
Susan is a Body Ecology Coach in Bethesda, MD. She loves coaching parents of ADD and autistic children. With inspiration and encouragement, she addresses nutritional issues which result in the support and rebuilding of a healthy inner ecosystem.
Edgewater (Annapolis) MD, › Ginger Houston-Ludlam
410-956-4057 or email
My name is Ginger Houston-Ludlam, and I am a Body Ecology Coach in Edgewater, MD, near Annapolis. I have been studying nutrition and alternative healing modalities for the past 6 years, ever since my youngest daughter was born with Down syndrome. I also have a son with ADHD, and have been working (successfully) to control his condition with diet, supplements and essential oils instead of drugs for the past 4 years. I am now using the BED to bring my entire family to the next level of vibrant health. I homeschool (and chauffer) my three active children, help run the family business, and in my copious spare time am studying to be a Naturopath (N.D.) and also finishing the prerequisites for a graduate degree in Nutrition. So, if you don't have two spare seconds to rub together either, and feel overwhelmed with the principles of BED, contact me. I am especially interested in working with families of special needs children, especially autism, ADHD and Down syndrome, as I have some particular expertise in that area.

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Ayers, MA › Rebecca F. Carroll
978-772-7035 or email
Rebecca Carroll, a graduate of Coach U, is certified in "Body Ecology" and has been coaching for over 20 years. She conducts workshops, teleclasses, B.E.D. cooking and support groups. Rebecca is also a Reiki Master, an author, music teacher and classical musician. After experiencing a life-restricting energy drain for nearly two years, Rebecca healed herself by using holistic approaches, including acupuncture, and the "Body Ecology Diet".
Central, MA › Lili Maselli
email or 978-274-5061
Lili has been an unofficial student of nutrition for over 25 years. Her dogged pursuit of optimal wellness finally led her to The Body Ecology Diet. She works as a Wellness Coach in MA and is willing to travel throughout New England. Lili works privately with clients to support their needs and goals. She integrates her formal nutritional training with Donna and her own experience with healthy eating, feng shui, personal growth, and environmental awareness.
Chatham, MA › Rebecca Ryan
Body Essentials
Chatham Wellness Center
60E Munson Meeting Way
Chatham, MA 02633
I am a Body Ecology Coach offering consultations & various workshops on preparing the B.E.D. cultured foods, principles & on going support. I am also a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Advanced Level with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (, a licensed & certified massage therapist & a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
I am dedicated to educating & helping people learn the tools they need to achieve wellness. I have purchased the public viewing copy of the film "The Future of Food" by Deborah Koons Garcia ( and have been presenting it at my community center & to other local interest groups.
Please call or email me for more information on film nights and/or workshops.
Mansfield, MA › Lori Delang
Lori DeLang is a Body Ecology Coach and an I-Act Certified Colon Hydrotherapist at Inner Health Colon Hydrotherapy located at:
The Mansfield Healing Center
450 Chauncy St.
Mansfield, Ma. 02048
She is actively working with clients, including autistic children, teaching the Body Ecology way.
Newburyport, MA › Ezhra Martin, CHT
Ezhra is the owner of Genesis Alternative Health Center, 172 State Street, Newburyport, MA, 01950. She offers integrative nutritional guidance and colon hydrotherapy. She has been a colon hydrotherapist for 27 years. Ezhra has an extensive background in traditional nutrition, macrobiotic nutrition, live foods nutrition (Ann Wigmore Foundation), certified Body Ecology counseling, live blood cell/ darkfield/ phase contrast microscopy., phlebotomy, massage therapy, reflexology, reike master, and skin care. She has been using the Body Ecology Diet in her practice since 1998 and has has witnessed remarkable success in controlling fungal yeast infections and other immune deficiency diseases with those clients who adhere to the Body Ecology program. She finds the B.E.D. approach to be the most effective protocol to date for these conditions, along with poor health in general. Young Green Coconut Kefir and Cultured Vegetables from Newest Super Foods are available through Genesis Alternative Health. For further information call 978-463-8800 or Email:

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Ann Arbor, MI › Daniel Corrigan, Corganic
Daniel Corrigan is a Body Ecology Coach who has been involved with the Weston A Price Foundation since 2001. His passion for food and holistic healthcare has led him to a career change. He is currently pursuing a degree in dietetics. His focus is on improving children's health, especially those with autism, ASD, ADD, ADHD and PDD. He plans to continually add features to his website that will both entertain and inform.
Birmingham, MI › Kelly Hale MS, OTR, founder & director of Inspired Wellness
Kelly brings a refreshing combination of education, experience, warmth and humor to her work in the holistic wellness field. She is thrilled to empower people at all points along the wellness spectrum to realize Inspired Wellness! Kelly accomplishes this through her work as a movement practitioner, educator, business owner and inspirational speaker. Kelly truly loves sharing the joy of movement, something she found at an early age in the form of dance, and has been helping people reconnect to the joy of living a healthy life since the late 1980s. Kelly earned a bachelor's degree in exercise science from Alma College and a master's degree in occupational therapy from the University of Indianapolis. Her occupational therapy experience includes cardiac rehab, aquatic rehab, and orthopedics. The profession's holistic roots continue to inspire her work in the wellness field.
She has also studied various methods of Pilates, is an educator for Polestar Pilates and holds the Polestar Rehab Certification. Kelly is also certified in the Body Arts and Science International Dance Specific (BASI) Method. She now specializes in a wide range of holistic disciplines such as Pilates, Muscle Activation Technique, Franklin Method, Brain Gym, Yamuna Body Rolling, NIA, Body Ecology and more, and combines these to create optimal results for clients. Kelly opened Functional Fitness/Inspired Wellness in Birmingham, Mich., in March 2001, fulfilling a lifelong vision. She realized another goal in January 2003 with the release of her first video, "The User's Manual for your Body". Kelly's ongoing studies and training feed her lifelong insatiable thirst for knowledge. She continually inspires others to seek further knowledge, from clients in her sessions to students in her seminars and attendees at her speaking engagements. Her trademark fun, engaging style of delivering education makes her a highly sought-out continuing education instructor and author of professional articles and courses.
Call 248 988-8098 to schedule a private consultation or group class to enhance your application of the Body Ecology Method. Go to for location and hours.
Traverse, MI › Jane Hale, Whole-Body Therapies
Jane Hale has been studying and teaching for more than thirty years, using meditation, counseling and nutrition to help heal herself and others. Jane’s personal health crisis inspired her own journey into wholeness. This, in turn, has enriched her practice and understanding. Through the addition of Donna Gates' certification program, Jane has deepened her reconnection to real food, the power and importance of intestinal ecology; and how the body expresses its needs for nourishment.
An ardent student of the energy sciences, Jane specializes in a unique form of homeopathy and kinesiology. Both have been immensely valuable in helping a client learn to listen to and interpret their innate wisdom, accelerating the body's capacity to heal itself. Jane will work with you to create a "nutrition life-style" based on the dynamic relationship of your life experiences, specific balances and imbalances, and mental and emotional states.
Currently she and her partner are working on a book called: "The Healthiest Life." Jane lives in northern Michigan; she is available for phone consultations at 213-947-2047

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Chanhassen, Minnesota › Ann Cathcart BA, BSN, RN, HTCP, HNB-BC, LUT, CBE
7949 Autumn Ridge Ln.
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Stacy, Minnesota › Mary Carr Rogers
Natural Health Unlimited!
Mary is a Body Ecology Coach who has studied natural health and nutrition for nearly 40 years. Introduced to natural foods at the age of 18, she has pursued a greater understanding of the role of nutrition and well being all her life, experimenting with numerous diets, nutritional disciplines, and philosophies in her search for optimum health. Her focus today is on Body Ecology, and on the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist in the 1930 s who discovered the link between diet and health. She has experience in many types of food preparation and cooking, including juicing, sprouting, and lacto-fermented foods. Her interests are in using nutrient dense foods, how we can adapt the traditional diets of our healthy ancestors to enhance and balance our bodies and lives today, how to reverse patterns of physical degeneration in ourselves and pass on the best possible genetics and health to our offspring. Mary offers classes on optimum nutrition, as well as personal coaching and consultations on food preparation and cooking for your special needs, how to make dietary changes for your life what to eat, where to buy it, how to prepare it, organizing your kitchen. Her focus is on restoring the healthy inner ecosystem for optimal health, and she makes and locally sells delicious cultured veggies to help you do just that!

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Kansas City, MS › Rosie M. Matchette, NBCHT, CBE
913-962-6721 |
Rosie Matchette, a master holistic practitioner, founded the teachings of 'Polonics®', the art of optimal health and wellness through colon therapy and positive power. Passionate about helping people live full and joyful lives, Rosie has led her clients to paths of renewal and transformation. As a certified, advanced level colon therapist (by the International Association of Colon Therapists), Rosie integrates colon health restoration with the nutrition wisdom of the Body Ecology Diet System. Her nutrition consultations are customized to optimize each client's needs.
With over twenty years of experience, Rosie's experience is sought widely from all over the country. She is available for colon hydrotherapy sessions, nutritional consulting using the Body Ecology principles, Reiki massage therapy, sauna therapy for detoxification, and much more. Through consultation, she can customize the best approach for your optimal wellness. She is also available for small-group workshops based on the Body Ecology principles. Connect with Rosie, at or feel free to call her at 913-962-6721.

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Bozeman, MT › Jennifer Kelleher
406-579-4622 or email
Jennifer is a Body Ecology Coach and is committed to share the lifestyle to her family, friends and community. Jennifer has been fortunate enough to have lived and worked in the Montana community for her life. She raised her family and owned a small weekly newspaper, after selling her business needed a more healthy inner ecology . BED has had a positive impact on her life. She available to answer questions about the Body Ecology Diet and products.

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New Hampshire

New London, NH › Linda Howes | 603-526-8162
Linda is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist with a nutritional counseling practice, Nourishing Wellness, in New London. She’s worked in the Natural Products industry for over 20 years as a buyer and manager at 14 Carrots Natural Foods in New London.Linda strives to meet her clients where they are and encourages their abilities to take comfortable steps towards healthy goals. She incorporates the principles of Body Ecology and the Weston A. Price Foundation for which she is a Chapter Leader. The WAPF,, is an organization challenging today’s politically correct nutritional myths, and is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of our ancestors, restoring nutrient dense foods, and supports local agriculture. Linda empowers clients in achieving health and vitality through a personalized approach using nutrient dense whole foods (with enthusiastic emphasis on a probiotic rich diet), supplementation, detoxification, infrared sauna therapy, and lifestyle support.
Since 1995 she’s offered her life-changing spring and fall cleanse classes which are held in NH, VT, and MA. She has seen over and again how when we remove the obstacles to health and support digestion and detoxification, health is profoundly enhanced.
Linda is available for consultations in person or by phone. Personal consultations include evaluating biochemical and cellular nutritional status, effectively getting to the root cause of symptoms.
“When health is absent wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” Herophilus
Heather Fougnier › Now Radiant Health
Heather Fougnier, a former executive turned professional coach and writer, is certified in: Body Ecology, Success Coaching and Energy Healing. After 15 years in a fast-paced corporate career, Heather healed long-standing, chronic digestive pain, candida, food allergies, depression and disordered eating by following the Body Ecology program. It is her mission to transform people's lives and health by showing them how to successfully transform their nutritional, physical and emotional health. Heather has had amazing results coaching people toward radiant health. Many of the people she coaches also want to start their own business and Heather excels at helping people do what they love authentically and profitably. She meets by phone with clients from all over the world. Heather also leads teleclasses, healing retreats and Body Ecology & Eating Disorders Recovery coaching groups. Contact Heather for a Body Ecology consultation or a free initial coaching consultation to begin your own path to radiant health -- and a life of your dreams!

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New Jersey

Flemington, NJ › Lina Poorten
908-500-8602 |
Lina is a Body Ecology Coach. While her marketing background propelled her into a long career with a Fortune 500 Company, Lina's passion for the last 15 years has been learning how to improve her health, and sharing that knowledge to help others. Her introduction to the Body Ecology Diet several years ago marked the end of a multi-year struggle with a succession of non-responsive doctors, following treatment for thyroid cancer and the ensuing side effects. She feels that the Body Ecology Diet has been largely responsible for her recovery, and has been sharing the body ecology principles with loved ones ever since. Having received a "second chance," Lina has left the corporate world in order to devote more time to helping others who face health challenges. Lina is available for personal consultations as well as corporate seminars.
Union, NJ › Dulce Tanelli
Dulce Tanelli makes cultured veggies and coco kefir.
760 Garden Street
Union NJ 07083

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New Mexico

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New York

Elmont, NY › Caroline Barringer, CBE


(877) 773-9229
or email
Caroline Barringer is a Body Ecology Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Cultured Foods Specialist. As the founder of Immunitrition, a wellness consulting service, she is devoted to bringing the healing principles of the Body Ecology Diet combined with the cleansing properties of the Immunitrition System of External Detoxification to all those seeking a strong foundation for health. She offers educational workshops and lectures along with cultured foods cooking classes, making it easy to begin incorporating the Body Ecology principles into your busy life. Other health concerns she addresses are:
  • Improving air quality in the home and workplace
  • Reducing exposure to chemicals found in common household cleaning agents
  • Eliminating exposure to synthetics found in personal hygiene/beauty products
  • Improving tap water quality for drinking and cooking purposes
For your convenience, Caroline is available for personal telephone consultations. To schedule your consultation or pre-register for a future workshop or event, please visit or call the toll-free number above. You may also e-mail your requests to: To further serve you, Immunitrition has created a network of experienced and highly qualified holistic practitioners within the New York Metropolitan area to aid those in their quest for rebuilding and maintaining vibrant health.
Immunitrition currently prepares three delicious blends of organic cultured vegetables available for purchase at our online store,
To order by phone, please call (877) 773-9229 or you may e-mail your order to:
New York, NY › Jill Wais
Jill is a Body Ecology Coach, personal trainer and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She has always had a passion for health, nutrition and fitness. After years of trying to overcome her own struggle with candidiasis, she finally found the body ecology diet; It has been life changing. Prior to her use of the BED principles, her energy was extremely low which made it very difficult to exercise or fully enjoy other parts of her life. Jill believes that the BED diet has been crucial to her reclaiming a productive life. She slowly changed over to the diet by letting go of foods that were weakening her immune system and incorporating the healing foods of the BED diet. She follows the diet the best she can striving step by step to adhere to the BED principles. As a result, her health has improved immensely. Jill continues to try to make the diet more interesting by learning new recipes and methods of cooking so that her meals are satisfying and delicious. She feels it is vital not to feel deprived on the diet. Jill is available for one on one consultations as well as lessons on how to make cultured vegetables and young coconut kefir. She is also available for personal training sessions in your home or at a health club.
West Chester, NY › Susan Kullman
Susan Kullman, is the Founder of Intentional Living, Inc, a holistic nutritional and wellness counseling service. Susan is a certified Holistic Health Counselor, Body Ecologist and a certified yoga and fitness instructor.
A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
In addition, Susan has practiced and studied yoga philosophies for over 11 years. Having studied under the renowned Nevine Michaan, Susan practices hatha yoga, which is infused with a Taoist philosophy.
Susan has been running her own business in the northern Westchester NY area since 1994. The majority of her experience has been working privately with individuals to create healing and therapeutic programs.
Susan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Finance from Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
She is also a NASM certified personal trainer, holding additional certifications in pre and post-natal care.
Mission Statement
It is my personal mission to bridge the gap where traditional medicine leaves off and everyday life begins.

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North Carolina

Asheville, NC › Judy Odessa McClung
Judy is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with over 13 years experience working with adults, families, children, businesses and groups. She holds Masters degrees in Marriage & Family Therapy and Camping Christian Ministry. She currently works as a therapist, consultant and workshop facilitator. Judy has been on the Body Ecology Diet since June of 2003 and she became a Body Ecology Coach in October 2003. After 10 years of health struggles (insomnia, low energy, irritability, IBS, candidiasis, and immune system problems) and thousands of dollars spent on special tests and treatments and vitamin supplements and low carb diets, Judy is sleeping well and feeling quite energetic and creative! She is available to help you regain your health by assisting you in developing a body ecology diet plan that works for you. She would also love to facilitate a Body Ecology Diet Workshop for your group.
Black Mountain, NC › Pamela L. Smith, CHT
Charlotte, NC › Denise Kennedy
Denise Kennedy is a Certified Body Ecologist in the Charlotte, NC area. She also maintains her Certification as a Nutritionist.  Denise is the owner and founder of Naturally Nourishing, Inc, a wellness company dedicated to helping people take steps toward whole health in all facets of their lives...body, mind and spirit.
She makes, sells and ships, fabulous Cultured Vegetables and will even do "custom batches" for special nutritional needs.  She considers her Cultured Vegetables therapeutic art, as it is truly a labor of love that she offers these wonderful healing foods.
Denise understands well that a healthy mindset is just as important as a healthy diet and that prayer is just as important as exercise.  Balance is imperative for true whole health and she has learned from personal experience it's not only what we put in our bodies but what we remove that helps us heal (unforgiveness and anger can be just as damaging as eating a bag of chips).
As a CN, Denise offers one on one Nutritional Counseling by phone or in person.  She also organizes "Body Ecology approved" progressive dinners in her area to not only promote healthy eating but to turn learning into a fun and exciting social event.
Denise is passionate about helping people reach their next level of health and gives inspiring and engaging presentations.  She is an educator and public speaker and has spoken in many venues across the country addressing such groups as Women's Conferences, Church Groups, Health Food Stores, and School Assemblies.  She has a full biography available upon request.
Contact us for more information on Denise's scheduled events and availability at 561-601-1520.
To order Cultured Vegetables or to schedule a consultation, please visit today or call 561-601-1520.
Raleigh-Durham, NC › Petra Wiggins, BS, MS, CBE
Petra is a health coach, cultured food specialists and CBE. As the founder of The Healthy Way Corp, a wellness consulting company, she is dedicated to teaching the Body Ecology principles to those seeking a strong foundation of health.
Her passion is creating healthy Body Ecology meals with cultured vegetables and teaching her clients how to adapt the Body Ecology Foods and Products to treat different conditions. She offers telephone consultations, workshops and delicious cultured vegetables.
Her focus is to create a protocol that is specific to the needs and concerns for each client and to coach her clients to live a healthier way.

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Cleveland, OH › Cheryl Fox, R.N.
email or 216-470-4527
Cheryl has been a registered nurse since 1985. She has been using holistic methods to achieve wellness for herself & her family for about 9 years and has been on the Body Ecology Diet for the past 5 years. She is available to work with clients to teach the principles of the diet, how to make fermented foods, sea vegetables, come up with menu ideas, help cook, or provide support in anyway. She has just completed the body ecologist training and am willing to work with anyone who needs assistance in putting the body ecology system of healing into practice.
Dayton, OH › Joan Roberts Ph.D.
email or 937-239-1042
Joan is a Body Ecology Coach who has studied nutrition and natural health for 25 years. She has a B.S. and M.Ed. in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Ph.D. in Vocational Education. Being pregnant at 39, Joan pursued a greater understanding of optimal nutrition for pregnancy and child growth and development. As most mothers, she was very motivated to provide nutritious foods to support her active teenagers.
She is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a dynamic organization dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense whole foods in the human diet through education, research and activism. Through this foundation, Joan found the Body Ecology Diet that was so beneficial to her family's digestion and thyroid function issues. The B.E.D. system of healing focusing on probiotics that create a healthy inner ecosystem for optimal health is a powerful answer to improving the health of pregnant women and their babies. As an educator, Joan is excited about the positive effects of the diet on brain function that could eliminate many behavioral and learning deficiencies in people of all ages.
Joan offers personal consultations and small-group workshops on the Body Ecology principles. She is available to provide classes and demonstrations to illustrate how wise and nurturing traditions of our ancestors can be adapted to our food preparation today. Topics include healthy fats and oils, the preparation and use of sea vegetables, the healing power of raw cultured vegetables, and making and using kefir.

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Oklahoma City, OK › Kevyn Kennedy, ND
4100 Perimeter Center, Suite #270
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Kevyn has been a student of holistic health for 20 years. She has a holistic healthcare practice specializing in wellness enhancement and working with "dis-ease". The Body Ecology Diet is an integral part of her approach to wellness and healing. She gives seminars on the Body Ecology Diet and fermented food preparation. She invites you to call if you are interested in being seen in her practice.

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Bonanza, OR › Marie Lachner
Marie is a Body Ecology Coach in Oregon. She has a lot of experience in alternative healing methods and practices the B.E.D. to reach optimal health. Marie is available for personal consultations.

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Emmaus, PA › Sherry Wachter
Pathways Holistic Center, INC
4833 Chestnut Street
Emmaus, PA 18049
Sherry is an RN, Certified Holistic Nurse, Certified Body Ecologist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and instructor, Certified in Lifeline Technique, Healing Meals Creator, studied the Ann Wigmore way, Maternal Child Nurse, Oncology Nurse, Master Nutritionist, Grief and Bereavement consultant. Studied with Dr. Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils) for vibrational healing with powerful oils. Highly educated to teach others' how to live off the land for self healing --- in many ways Sherry has been self taught and self healed of many medical diagnosis... "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food", Hippocrates - Owner of Pathways Holistic Center in Emmaus PA.
Let us assist in the creation of YOUR unique healing!
Norristown, PA › MaryAnn Tellinghusen
email or 610-331-3580
MaryAnn Tellinghusen is a Body Ecology Coach located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a passion for using great tasting nutritious meals as an important focus for healing since what we eat and what we digest affects all aspects of our health and wellbeing. She is available to work with clients to understand the principles of the diet and can provide instruction in food preparation through inividual consultation in person or by phone and through group classes. MaryAnn assists people in taking charge of their own health so they can find ways to nourish and support themselves and their families.
West Chester, PA › Andrea Stevens, MS, CNS
email or 610.857.1399
Andi is a Clinical Nutritionist in the Philadelphia area who specializes in helping to reestablish normal digestive function and a healthy inner ecology. She is an RN with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition, and is board-certified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She travels internationally to consult with children who have neurological and digestive system dysfunction. When not traveling, she offers phone or Skype consultations - nationally and internationally - for children and adults.
Andi also is certified in Metabolic Typing and uses these principles, along with those of Body Ecology, to assist in the rebuilding and rebalancing of health. Her website is
York, PA › Kim M Jeter, CNHP, LDHS

Kim is a foundational wellness and nutrition consultant/educator. She is the founder and owner of Jeter Wellness which offers education, support and guidance in creating a balanced healthy lifestyle. Kim’s specialty is helping the body heal from the inside out which includes principles from the Body Ecology diet, GAPS and Paleo philosophies.

Over the years Kim has continued her education in real food nutrition, iridology, Bach flower remedies, Biodecoding, hormone health, digestive health and enzyme therapy. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional and Loomis Digestive Health Specialist.

You may contact Kim at 717-495-5792 or

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South Carolina

Aiken, SC › Brenda Goode CHT, CBE
803-641-6350 | email Brenda is the owner of Aiken Hydro Therapy Center in Aiken SC. She became a Body Ecology Coach in June of 2004. Brenda attended the Optimum Health Empowerment School of Colon Hydrotherapy in August 2004.
Aiken Hydro Therapy Center
380-A Talatha Church Rd
Aiken S.C. 29803
Florence, SC › Bekki Medsker, CHT
email or 843-679-0718
Bekki is the Director of the Internal Wellness Institute as well as a Certified Instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy ( Her office features Colon Therapy, Holistic Iridology, N utritional Consulting, Chiropractic care and Clinical Hypnotherapy. In addition to her work at the Internal Wellness Institute, she lectures frequently on colon care, Body Ecology Principles, and holistic approaches to healing (including the Body Ecology Raw Foods guidelines and suggestions). Body Ecology products are available for purchase at the Internal Wellness Institute.
Orangeburg, SC › Robert McCully | 803-539-0613
Robert McCully, a.k.a. Vegan Bubba, is a Body Ecology Coach, and has dedicated his life to helping people make significant life changes through nutrition. His initial interest in healing through food began when he personally experienced some serious health issues six years ago. He discovered BED as an excellent tool to transition from the standard Southern diet that is the root cause of many of our current day illnesses. Robert teaches seminars and offers private consultations on Body Ecology Diet principles and works with clients to incorporate them into daily life. Visit for more on Robert's story. His philosophy is that with accurate information, loving support and a realistic plan of action, you can dramatically improve your health. You can enjoy higher levels of energy and vibrancy and rid your body of debilitating diseases by making different choices. "Together we can achieve phenomenal success is restoring your health and spirit. There are NO LIMITS!"

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Arlington, TX › Kelly Mohorc
It's one thing to read and embrace the concepts of Body Ecology, it's another to actually live them - while carpooling, dining out and rushing from one activity to another. Body Ecology Coach Kelly Mohorc believes firmly in the step-by-step principle and can help you assess what practical steps you can take towards better health today. Food must be nutritious, taste great and look inviting - for adults and kids. Kelly can present hands-on cooking demonstrations for small groups providing Moms and busy people with tools for healthy living. Kelly is available for seminars, "pantry makeovers" and cultured food demonstrations. Ideal topics for your next group! Please email Kelly for more information.
Houston Heights, Helen Terry, CBE , M.Ed. RSA
Studio NiaMoves
508 Pecore, Houston, TX 77009
(713) 864-4260
Mansfield, TX › Karen McFarland
Essentials for Enduring Health, LLC
Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Certified Healing Food Specialist, Certified GAPS Practitioner™
Mansfield, TX 76063

I provide client health consultations in my office or by phone, as well as pantry sweeps and grocery and farmer's market shopping field trips. Together we develop a plan of action that will support them in attaining their health goals.

At the very foundation of all this is facilitating the clients return to a nutrient dense whole foods based diet.
  • Accepts local patients
  • Accepts long distance patients
Spring, Helen Terry, CBE , M.Ed. RSA
Soma Ranch Office
603 Enchanted River Drive, Spring, TX 77388
(832) 567 4550
Montgomery, Helen Terry, CBE , M.Ed. RSA
Soma Ranch
10176 Pooles Road, Montgomery, TX 77056
Body Ecology Retreats
(936) 597 5502

Helen Terry is a Body Ecology Coach and International Nia TechniqueTrainer, devoted to helping others through the healing principles of the Body Ecology Diet and the Nia technique.

One on one consultations, and educational workshops, with cultured foods & cooking classes, make it easy incorporate Body Ecology principles into your busy life. Topics include:

  • How to take a step by step approach to achieve fun, long lasting results with Body Ecology
  • How to integrate Body Ecology diet with a busy family (who's perhaps used to a typical "Texan" diet like mine ;-)
  • How to be inspired to live life with Joy, making choices from love rather than fear.
  • How to build support, one of the great secrets to success!

Please check out our FABULOUS retreat center "SomaRanch" for workshops and retreats.

Plano, TX. › Christel Combs | BED Consultations › 214-769-6354 | Colon Hydrotherapy › Alazan Care 972-380-4845
Christel Combs has been consulting clients using BED for the past 8 yrs. She holds classes on and individual basis or group setting. She specializes in healthy kitchen makeovers, shopping trips to get you started on your journey to better health, BED food prep, meal planning and in home cultured veggie and kefir classes. She prepares and sells cultured veggies upon request. Christel also specializes in digestive wellness, and has experience working with children with autism and ADD/ADHD, and all other aspects of natural health. She has been a certified colon therapist, licensed massage therapist, and wellness coach for the past 8 yrs. "My daughters and I recently moved to Texas, in the Plano/Frisco area and I am looking forward to working with all you wonderful people here."

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Ashburn, VA › Caroline Alexander, Nationally Board Certified Colon Therapist
Caroline Alexander
Vitality Cleansing, LLC
44121 Harry Byrd Drive Suite 115
Ashburn, VA (Metro DC) 20147
Phone: 571-331-1497 or 703-485-5123
Caroline Alexander became a Certified Body Ecology Coach in 2003 to compliment and provide the Body Ecology principals to her colon hydrotherapy clients to enhance their health recovery. Caroline is an International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) Colon Hydrotherapist at the Instructor level with National Board Certification serving thousands of clients for almost two decades. Caroline's team of health professionals offer result oriented health solutions and support to help you live a vibrant life through improved nutrition implementing BE principals. Additionally, she lectures and facilitates health and wellness workshops for public and private groups throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area providing educational information:
  • To help raise public awareness of disease prevention
  • To educate about the body's ability to heal itself
  • How to make informed health choices
  • And taking responsibility for one's own health

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Edmonds, WA › Ms. Laura Louise - Clinician, Therapist, Coach
Order & Consultations By Appointment
1237 Birch Street
Edmonds, WA 98020
Desk: 425-771-7373
24/7 Voicemail: 206-675-4410
Friday Harbor, WA › Simona Burla
Do you want to experience more Vitality, Zest, and Love for Life? Do you want to be more focused, productive and creative? All of this is possible through improving digestion and strengthening the immune system and the adrenals - known as "the seeds of life."
I am Simona Burla, I live on beautiful San Juan Island where I consult with people to implement positive changes in their lives.
I focus on the practice of mindful eating, and clutter management, through which I bring my clients the opportunity to live a fuller, more joyful life.
Allow me to walk with you on a path to renewal and transformation: call me or e-mail me for questions and in person or over-the-phone consultations.
I am a certified practitioner in an Ancient Japanese Healing Art: HIGH TOUCH® Jin Shin. In my practice, RENOVA LLC, I implement the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils and creative processes, along with clutter-clearing tips, and ideas to "stay on the BED."
Call me now to schedule your FREE 10 Minute introductory telephone consultation today! (360) 378-1848.
Kirkland, WA Susie Hayes, MS, LAc, CBT
Energetic Medicine, LLC, 13128 Totem Lake Blvd., Suite 201, Kirkland, WA 98034
Susie Hayes is a Licensed Acupuncturist for over 12 years and a user of the Body Ecology Diet for 18 years.  She graduated from Bastyr University in 1998 with a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and became Certified as a Body Ecology Practitioner almost 5 years ago.  Energetic Medicine is open Monday through Friday; we make our best effort to stock all of the Body Ecology Diet products and welcome new clients for acupuncture and nutritional guidance and supplementation.  Susie regularly continues her professional training to improve the quality of service we offer to our clients.  In addition to acupuncture and nutrition, Susie practices and incorporates the I Ching, Qi Gong, Meditation, and Yoga.  She is experienced with treating a variety of health conditions, including digestive issues, fatigue, pain, chronic illness, immune support, women’s health, fertility, hormonal issues, asthma, allergies, children’s health, emotional wellbeing and several other health concerns.  We welcome you to call our office or stop by to set up an appointment. We accept all insurance plans that cover acupuncture.
Seattle WA ›Vicki Lunsford-Hartzog
Vicki Lunsford~Hartzog is a Body Ecology Coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique) consultant and is certified through the intermediate level in
Nutrition Response Testing. She has a passion for helping people feel the
best they possibly can and loves working with families to teach them to
implement whole health principles into their lives.
Vicki's interest in health began as a teenager when she was told by numerous
doctors that her health issues were "all in her head" and that Candida was
not a "real" issue. After changing her diet and experiencing improvement she
quickly realized the power that food has to affect our health and well
being. She went back to SAD (standard American diet) and her health issues
returned and continued to proliferate.
As soon as Vicki discovered and incorporated BED (Body Ecology Diet) and NRT
(Nutrition Response Testing) into her and her families lives her health and
well being, as well as theirs, improved dramatically and still continues to
do so.
Vicki also teaches cooking classes and one of her specialties is teaching
others to make kefir and fermented foods and helping them to incorporate
these into their daily lives. As a mother of 5 she is familiar with the
challenges these types of changes can bring when not done step by step on a
gradient that works for each individual family.
Vicki Lunsford~Hartzog
Body Ecology Coach
Robust Life Center
155 NE 100th Street
Suite 205
Seattle, WA 98125
206 365-1030

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Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. › Bette Mozdzen- LMT, CBE, Holistic energy practitioner (Yuen energetics), Acutonics sound healer, Bone toner, Ordained minister / Ministerial Light worker, Practitioner of the Art of True Light.
I have practiced massage therapy for 33 years, as well as being a licensed esthetician and spa therapist. Health and beauty has been a large focus of my life, my own and for others.Body ecology has played a key role in my personal transformation and my ability to help others transform.

I have offered demos and talks on diet and nutrition in the greater WDC area at Whole Foods and for private clients. i have travelled throughout the US. and internationally as well, promoting healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle. Now living in Silver Spring, Md. , I am available to teach fermented foods to groups or by appointment.

There is a changing of the guard occurring in health care, new paradigms and quantum thinkers who have waited in the wings until now and worked behind the scenes have taken leading roles.

My passion is being part of the up wave, the new energies of self healing. We are now living in a time when the old is breaking down, why not jump on the thing that is rising? I invite you to join me!

Bette Mozdzen

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Milwaukee, WI › Laurie Meyer, MS RD CD
Laurie Meyer Nutrition Consulting Firm
Laurie Meyer MS RD CD CBE
1505 Seventh Avenue
Grafton, WI 53024
Laurie Meyer is a registered dietician and Body Ecology Coach with a nutrition consulting practice in Milwaukee, WI. Specialties include gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies and sensitivities, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, weight normalization and eating disorders.
Roxsanne Bochman
Skype: Roxsanne.Bochman
Roxsanne Bochman has over 11 years experience healing the mind and body, specializing in natural healing techniques to improve your energy, health and longevity. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters of Science in Communication Disorders, Roxsanne worked in skilled nursing and the hospital system with adults and children. She also worked in the school system focusing on children with autism and traumatic brain injuries. Roxsanne saw these children as talented, amazing human beings and through her experience over 11 years, realized that the traditional system of speech therapy was not working. Something was missing in both the hospital and school system and Roxsanne was determined to find the answers. It was clear that quality of life and longevity were decreasing and Roxsanne had a new mission: to reconnect people with their natural state of energy, health and happiness so they can thrive throughout their lifetime.
As a Certified Body Ecology Coach, Roxsanne began to help children and members in her community recover from illnesses ranging from skin problems and digestive pain to arthritis and mood disorders. Recognizing that stress, attitude and emotions play a large role in health and healing, Roxsanne added energy healing to her skill set. Roxanne's expertise includes pranic healing, Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Techinque(EFT), Energy Medicine and the LifeLine technique. Each of these energy healing techniques works to move stuck energy so that you can heal from illness, emotional stress and addictions. Truly an expert in the brain and body, Roxsanne has a unique approach grounded in practical science and supported by natural healing techniques. Her understanding of both mainstream medical systems and holistic healing systems provides solutions that tap into the body's natural ability to heal.
Roxsanne is available for consultations via phone worldwide or for in-person sessions in Wisconsin. She teaches cultured vegetable classes, leads teleclasses and other Body Ecology programs.

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Australia and New Zealand

Maria Hunt
Spokesperson for AGM Foods
Head of Australia Body Ecology &
Senior Body Ecology Advisor
79 Silver Street
Marrickville, NSW 2204
Ph: 0431 323 979
Fx: 029 569 8027
Armidale Massage Centre
126 O’Dell Street
Armidale, NSW 2350
Maria Hunt is the Australian Body Ecology Co-ordinator and the senior Body Ecology Advisor.
Maria practises alongside a medical doctor in Sydney. Whilst using the Body Ecology principles (B.E.D.) she also works within the parameters of the Pfeiffer and DAN protocols for individuals within the Autism spectrum.
She is also very experienced applying both B.E.D. principles and biomedical interventions with many imbalances such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, cancer, candida etc.
As well as seeing individuals in person for consultations, Maria also conducts phone consultations within Australia and New Zealand.
She has studied extensively with Donna Gates founder of the Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) in the USA and travels back there at regular intervals to study with Donna, develop her skills, and ensure she is at the forefront of the latest developments.
Maria has presented on the health benefits of the 'Body Ecology Approach' at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo, Darling Harbour (2007) the International Pfeiffer Conference, Sydney (2008) and has conducted demonstrations on fermented food preparation and use at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo (2008) and the MINDD conference (2009). She also conducts Body Ecology courses in rural NSW.
Maria is also a regular presenter on TVSN in relation to the use and benefits of fermented foods.
Anita Edwards
Phone: 0416359922
Email :

Anita Edwards is based in the South West of Western Australia where she resides on a Organic Farm.
Anita first learned about Donna Gates in 2007.Finished her Body Ecology Training in 2014.
Anita’s Training is in Yoga Teaching- Massage- Reiki- Doctor of Metaphysical Science MSCD

She’s a Raw/Plant based Chef and offers the following:

  • One on One consultations - In person or over the phone /Skype.
  • Workshops and classes on food preparations.
  • Detox retreats, incorporating Yoga, meditations, massage, colonics and Talks on health.
  • Personal BED consultations and ongoing support through the initial, transition and maintenance stages.
  • You can also purchase cultured vegetables and Coconut Kefir from her website.
Melanie Minear - “Melanie’s Gut Health”
Melanie is a nutrition and wellbeing coach. She has always been interested in health and nutrition, and over the years has studied nutrition, macrobiotics, yoga, ayurveda and ayurvedic cooking, shiatsu, vegan and vegetarian mastery, alkaline cooking, raw food, food combining and more. She has studied with Donna Gates from Body Ecology, and is a certified Body Ecology coach. She believes that good health is not possible without healing the gut and restoring the balance of good gut bacteria. Her mission is to provide education and information on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles so that people take back control of their own health and wellbeing through a probiotic diet.
Mobile: 0408 032 037
Melbourne › Arabella Forge
B.A., B.Sci., C.B.E. and Melbourne Chapter, The Weston A. Price Foundation.
Arabella is a Melbourne-based Nutritionist who specializes in healing through gut health.
She is currently available for nutrition/health phone consultations and also teaches B.E.D. food preparation classes at different places around Melbourne.  The classes have a strong nutritional side to them and are very informative – with take home recipes and plenty of info! They range from gut health to fermentation, and sourdough/grain preparation.
If you would like to be informed about upcoming classes, or arrange a phone consultation, please send an email to: with ‘cooking classes’  or ‘phone consult’ in the subject line.
Syndey › Kate White
Kate White is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc – Nutritional Medicine) and Body Ecology Coach who loves to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Kate is committed to providing the highest standard of nutrition care. She always ensures her clients are well informed and comfortable throughout the consult. Kate’s clinic promotes a caring and relaxed atmosphere where each client feels comfortable discussing his or her health concerns. She provides her clients with accurate information based on the latest research and ensures her client’s main priorities are central to any decision-making during the treatment plan.
Kate is immensely passionate about the impact food has on our body, mind and spirit. She focuses on promoting real, wholesome foods that our bodies love to thrive on. Kate’s approach is aimed at sustaining long-term healthy eating habits in an easy and enjoyable way. Kate will support, guide and educate you, on your journey to a more balanced and healthier life. She focuses on creating clinically proven treatment protocols that will empower you and meet your personal needs. No matter where in the world you live, consults with Kate are available to you (in person or via Skype).

Kate has a strong interest in the management of:

  • Gastrointestinal conditions (SIBO, Candida, IBS, GORD, Coeliac disease)
  • Weight loss
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalances (Thyroid conditions, Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Stress and adrenal fatigue
  • Depleted energy levels
  • Skin issues (acne/eczema)

Kate’s clinic also has DNA testing available. A specific individualized nutritional program can be designed for you based on your DNA.

Health fund rebates are also available.
Mb: 0404 861 898
Clinic: North Rocks, Sydney - AUSTRALIA

Sydney, Australia › Sarah Liddle ›
Educational Director & BED Coach - The International College of Wellness Coaches
Sarah Liddle Email:
Phone: + 64 2 8021 5898
Sarah Liddle is a Certified Professional Coach, Wellness Teacher, Healer and Writer. She is the Founder and Director for The International College of Wellness Coaches, a College educating the Wellness Coaches of the future. Sarah has written articles for Succeed Magazine, Inner Self, The Art of Healing, Insight and Vision Magazine.
Sarah is a regular writer for Inner Self and The Art of Healing. Sarah currently holds a Diploma in Life & Career Coaching. Sarah has an International Certificate in Life Coaching through the International Coaching Academy; a Certificate in Adult Teaching; a Certifiate in Body Ecology; also holds a Level 2 Certificate in Reiki.
Blenheim New Zealand › Nancy Langlands
Nancy Langlands RN MSc
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
646 356 7174
Nancy has extensive experience with the Body Ecology Diet and recovery from heavy metal toxicity.
Services include customized individual telephone nutritional counseling sessions with goals of showing you how to restore and maintain the "inner ecology".
Nancy's qualifications include Bachelors Degree in Health and Wellness from the University of Florida and a degree in Nursing from Palm Beach Community College and a Masters Degree in Health and Wellness from Independence University of California.
If you are looking for an individual with over twenty three years in the hospital setting with significant and recognized success in Nursing, Nursing Supervision and Alternative Medicine roles internationally and eight years of Body Ecology Diet & Mercury poisoning study... Nancy is the person for you.
Additional experience includes an understanding of AyreVedic medicine and ancient Taoism practices. Nancy also has an in depth knowledge of how important colon hydrotherapy is with a background in owning a successful colon hydrotherapy business.
Throughout the past eight years I have embarked on a journey to cure my own health issues. Drawing on my personal experience with mercury poisoning and candidiasis combined with the best of my western medicine background and alternative based practices I feel very qualified to help those in need. I possess a passionate desire to share my knowledge.
To schedule your telephone consult please contact Nancy Langlands at 646-356-7174, Palmerston North New Zealand
Margaret Armstrong: Certified Body Ecology Diet Coach
Already in her senior years, Margaret is passionate about staying healthy, energetic and strong so that she can continue to share with others her knowledge about how to care for our human body and how to get the most out of life. The Body Ecology Diet’s principles work in her life and she has noticed that when her body is nourished and naturally cleansed the Body Ecology way, her body thrives and her spiritual progress accelerates.
Finding our individual application of this profound Body Ecology dietary advice is the key to long term success. First we must inform ourselves, and then put it into practice. Margaret responds to what you want. If you want to buy ‘The Body Ecology Diet Book’ by Donna Gates, and go your own way, fine. If you want to get the book and follow it up with discussions/demonstrations, fine. If you want personal consultations, fine. If you want to join a workshop and learn with others, fine. It is your journey and Margaret feels blessed to share some of it with you.
Margaret keeps many of the Body Ecology products on hand and will get them to you quickly.
0418 331 774
03 5427 0644
27 Dons Road Newham Victoria 3442
Laurelle Gordon
Laurelle Gordon is a advisor for the Body Ecology Diet principles. She also practices Kinesiology and applies the BED principles along with the Kinesiology principles to improve your energy, health and longevity. Laurelle is experienced in a variety of health issues including digestive issues, fatigue, pain, chronic illness, immune support, women’s health, fertility, hormonal issues, asthma, food intolerances, children’s health, emotional wellbeing and several other health concerns. She has a passion for working with women who would like to conceive and prepare their bodies for bringing “HEALTHY” little beings into the world.
Laurelle is available for consultations via phone Australia wide or in person in Brigalow, Dalby, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Toowoomba Queensland. She teaches cultured vegetables classes and coconut kefir making.
339 Wolffes Road
Brigalow Qld 4412
Phone: 0428 752226
Sue Wilson
Sue Wilson has come from a 20 year Social Work background working with children and families from abuse backgrounds with learning and behaviour disorders, she has now complemented this work with alternative therapies and nutrition working with the complete system of Mind Body and Spirit to heal and balance people's health.
Sue has designed a programme to create greater public awareness of the human digestive system. She has skilfully developed a user friendly model of what's commonly called colonic irrigation, taking the approach of educating people about their digestive system and the health benefits of colonic therapy and the Body Ecology way of eating.
The experience she gained in working in this counselling field benefits the colonic clients as often when we are releasing physically, emotional releases will coincide with this. We do hold on to our emotions and these are often released with a colonic treatment. This is where Sue can guide you through this experience so when you complete your treatment you have released emotionally as well as physically.
Nutrition has always been an interest of Sue's and when doing colonics quickly realized how important this is to have long term results with colonics. After some research Sue found The Body Ecology Diet founded by Donna Gates which is not a diet as we know it rather a way eating with 7 principles that promote and support our bodies’ natural cleansing systems. This is exactly the type of food plan we are after when rebuilding our digestive system. Sue has since studied and continues to study this nutritional program with Donna gates and Maria Hunt the Australian Body Ecology consultant.
The company philosophy is one of dedication, professionalism, service and pro-activity. The mission of bottoms Up is to make colonic hydrotherapy transparent and understandable in its approach. We have a commitment to furthering education and knowledge of this complex area of the digestive system that affects so many parts of our body and our health.
Sue offers workshops and phone consultations on the Body Ecology Nutritional program and making and using cultured vegetables/foods and coconut keffir. Bottoms Up Colonics uses a closed system using disposal equipment ensuring client safety and integrity. Sue has been trained in the only recognised training organisation in Australia for colonic hydrotherapy and is a member of the International Colon Association and is the President of the Australian Colon Health Association. Go to for more information.
Shop 7/58 Sydney St Mackay 4740 QLD, Australia
Ph 07 49510200
Edie Wicker
Phone: 404561880

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Refresh Natural Health & Colon Hydrotherapy
#113 - 3823 Henning Drive
Burnaby, BC V5C 6P3
Phone: 604.294.3117
Web: &
Mavis Horner
Culturing Wellness
› Laurena Clark
(780) 922-6839
›Olga Ulmann
Ph: 905-833-0323

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United Kingdom

Warwickshire, England, UK › Karl Dawson CBE, AAMET, AMT, RMT
Advance Energy Therapies
Tel 0044 1527 857866 (from U.S)
Tel. 01527 857866 Mob. 07986381652 (within UK)
Fox Point, WI 53217
Karl is a director at Advance Energy Therapies, who specialises in serious, chronic and psychological illness including, Allergies, Anorexia, Arthritis, Autism, ADHD, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Fibromialgia, Hypothyroidism, Lupus, MS, OCD, Type 2 Diabetes, Ulcerative Colitis etc. Karl is a level 3 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Therapist and Trainer and one of the first Body Ecology Coaches from Europe. He uses The BED principles alongside EFT to help people emotionally and physically recover from illness. Consultations in both therapies are available either in person or via telephone. At Advance Energy therapies we stock many of the Body Ecology Diet products and books. We can also help you locate many of the foods on the diet from a variety of sources within the UK. We offer a free, initial 30 minute consultation, during which time, you can decide if you feel comfortable we will be able to work well together to regain your health.


Information and statements regarding dietary supplements/products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is a result of years of practice and experience by the author. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Do not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment. Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal, or homeopathic supplement, or using any treatment for a health problem. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your healthcare provider promptly. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read on this website.

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