You Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk of Candida and Keep Your Inner Ecology in Balance

You Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk of Candida and Keep Your Inner Ecology in Balance

You Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk of Candida and Keep Your Inner Ecology in Balance

You can greatly reduce your risk of a Candida infection by putting the following tips into practice today:

  1. Use Stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is a safe, natural plant that has a deliciously sweet taste – without containing any sugar. Since eating refined sugar can feed pathogenic bacteria and yeast like Candida, using Stevia is a safe, guilt-free way to get that sweet taste without damaging your digestive health.
  2. Get the rest your body needs. One effective way to fight the damaging effects of stress is to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated. Deep, healing sleep is necessary to support your adrenal health and give your body time to repair itself so that you can face the day renewed, refreshed, and balanced.

Make the Good Outweigh the Bad

Since Candida is an opportunistic microorganism, it will quickly populate areas of the body where friendly bacteria are found.

But there is power in numbers… When you support your inner ecology with fermented foods and probiotic beverages, you can dramatically shift the balance of your inner ecosystem in your favor. Healthy, beneficial bacteria will thrive in large numbers with support from fermented foods, probiotic drinks, and a mostly alkaline diet.

Keeping your inner ecology in balance will keep Candida in check.

Friendly bacteria will win over pathogenic microorganisms to calm inflammation and minimize tissue damage. By controlling this inflammatory response, you can alleviate a number of symptoms caused by Candida!

Yes, supporting your body’s natural defense is one tried and true way to strengthen your digestive health. Beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods will:

  • Repair damaged intestinal tissue.
  • Manufacture friendly antimicrobial agents that will target pathogenic bacteria.
  • Cool systemic inflammation.
  • Communicate with cells in the immune system.
  • Generate essential vitamins that the body can use.
  • Easily break down food particles and contribute enzymes to aid in the digestive process.

To fight a Candida infection, remember that majority rules. Taking simple steps to support your digestive health with friendly bacteria found in fermented foods and probiotic drinks will feed the healthy microflora in your gut to overpower Candida. Making small steps will allow you to reap big rewards by supporting your overall health and wellness!

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