Turkey Fixin’ Guidelines

Turkey Fixin’ Guidelines

Turkey Fixin’ Guidelines


Yes, it’s that time again – Thanksgiving! Here are some helpful guidelines for how to prepare your turkey Body Ecology style.

What size bird to buy?

Ready to Cook Turkey (pounds) Number of servings
6-8 6-10
8-12 10-20
12-16 20-32
16-20  32-40
20-24 40-50

Overnight Roasting /Braising a Turkey

  1. Put cleaned turkey in deep roasting pan.
  2. Rub turkey with ghee, and sprinkle with celtic sea salt (and any other desired herbs and spices).
  3. Pour ½ – 1 inch water in pan.
  4. Cover and put in oven Thanksgiving Eve at 275°-300°.
  5. Let bake overnight low and slow (8-10 hours).
  6. You will wake to your entire house smelling of delicious roasted turkey!

In the morning, if you would like additional browning on outside of turkey, take cover off turkey, baste turkey, and then turn broiler on for several minutes. Watch carefully so that it doesn’t burn.

This is the way I remember my mom always fixing turkey for our Thanksgiving get together. It is “fall off the bone” tender and moist. Use the fabulous juice that has formed for other dishes!

by Denise Kennedy, CBE

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