Exactly how much turkey to buy (with easy cooking instructions)

Exactly how much turkey to buy (with easy cooking instructions)

Yes, it’s that time again — Thanksgiving. Here are some helpful guidelines for how to pick the right-sized turkey and prepare it Body Ecology style.

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What size bird should you buy?

Ready-to-cook Thanksgiving turkey (lbs.): Number of servings:
6-8 6-10
8-12 10-20
12-16 20-32
16-20 32-40
20-24 40-50

Turkey fixin’ guidelines for overnight roasting/braising

  1. Put cleaned Thanksgiving turkey in deep roasting pan.
  2. Rub turkey with ghee, and sprinkle with Celtic sea salt (and any other desired herbs and spices).
  3. Pour 1/2 to 1 inch water in pan.
  4. Cover and put in oven Thanksgiving Eve at 275 to 300°.
  5. Let bake overnight low and slow (8 to 10 hours). You will wake to your entire house smelling of delicious roasted Thanksgiving turkey.

In the morning, if you’d like additional browning on the outside of the turkey, take the cover off the turkey, baste the turkey, and then turn the broiler on for several minutes. Watch carefully so that it doesn’t burn. Once it’s done, this is “fall off the bone” turkey: tender and moist. Use the fabulous juice that has formed for other dishes.

To create a full Thanksgiving menu that supports gut repair and doesn’t feed candida, try our two-ingredient sugar-free whipped cream and creamy cranberry ginger sauce recipes. Remember that sugar is like fertilizer to the pathogens living in your body; once they’re fed, they crave even more. But with the right sugar substitute, we find that sugar-free desserts taste even better than the real thing.

As for those leftovers, you can use them to make this crowd-pleasing turkey lettuce wraps recipe.

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