[RECIPE] How to make cultured quinoa milk in 5 easy steps

[RECIPE] How to make cultured quinoa milk in 5 easy steps

You’ve probably seen all the commercial fermented products on the store shelves by now. They’re everywhere. With so many options, it can be hard to determine which of these are healthy and which ones are simply trendy treats. Most store-bought fermented beverages are pasteurized, loaded with sugars and preservatives, and don’t contain living probiotics and enzymes.

We prefer this delicious, more cost-effective quinoa recipe as a living alternative. We think it tastes better too.

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  1. Soak quinoa overnight at room temperature in a quart-sized covered glass container with a pinch of sea salt. Don’t refrigerate.
  2. Rinse and drain quinoa, and put in blender. Add filtered water. Blend until very creamy. The quinoa milk will turn white.
  3. Drain quinoa pulp by using a nut-milk bag (found at natural grocers) or a fine-mesh strainer. (The quinoa pulp can be fermented or cooked and used in other recipes, such as soups, croquettes, loaves, baby food, pet food, etc.)
  4. Pour strained quinoa milk into a sterile glass jar. Add 1/4 cup young coconut kefir or 1 packet of Kefir Starter, and seal the jar.
  5. Set out to ferment at 72 to 76 degrees for 18 to 24 hours, and refrigerate until ready to use. Drink as-is or add sweetener or flavors listed above.

You can mix this gut-friendly “milk” into smoothies for a flavor and texture almost like yogurt. You can also add it to raw soups. Did you know that quinoa is a seed? Alternately, you can make this cultured quinoa recipe using other seeds or nuts.

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