Cole Slaw Recipe

Cole Slaw Recipe

Cole Slaw Recipe

Basic Ingredients: (serves 4)

  • 1 small head white cabbage
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 3 grated carrots
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Seasoned mayonnaise or B.E.D. dressing
  1. Cut the cabbage in chunks and grate in food processor
    or by hand.
  2. Place cabbage and carrots into a large mixing bowl and
    wilt by pouring the boiling water with sea salt over
    them (this makes for easier digestion). Stir several
    times and drain.
  3. Toss with seasoned mayonnaise or the Body Ecology
    Diet Salad Dressing.

Variations: Other ingredients can be added such as
scallions, red pepper, celery, sliced red radishes or daikon,
dill, caraway or celery seed, sunflower seeds, chopped parsley,
chives, dill, fennel, or other fresh herbs.

For a sweet cole slaw add a few drops of stevia concentrate.

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