Candida Fighting Power: The Reishi Mushroom and Healthy Immune System

Candida Fighting Power: The Reishi Mushroom and Healthy Immune System

Candida Fighting Power: The Reishi Mushroom and Healthy Immune System

Understanding the Three Treasures, Heart, Lung and Liver Meridians

How Reishi Nourishes Your Lungs

  • The ganoderic acids in reishi help relieve chronic bronchitis
  • Great for anyone with breathing problems like asthma
  • Inhibits the release of histamines (inflammatory conditions in your body)
  • Reduces swelling of sinus and stuffiness related to seasonal allergies

How Reishi Nourishes Your Liver

  • Lowers your liver enzymes (HGOT)
  • Lowers triglycerides
  • Protects the liver tissue against oxidative stress
  • Excellent for anyone with hepatitis
Q. What are some of the results you have experienced with Reishi?
A. As an Adaptogenic herb, reishi can both regulate and stimulate your immune system, depending on what your body needs. If you have an overactive immune system, like in autoimmune diseases, the reishi mushroom will help to take that response down, and if you have an under-active immune system, it will help boost you up. I find this double direction to be absolutely remarkable.

I have witnessed people with severe liver disease, remain well, with no visible signs of further liver damage after 15 years of taking reishi.

Q. What about candida? How does reishi affect candida, systemic yeast infections?
A. Believe it or not, the reishi mushroom actually brings the candida index down. Of course, some mushrooms are dangerous for those suffering form candida symptoms. But, reishi is a medicinal mushroom that shares 98% of our genetic make-up. As it grows, it develops substances that help it fight off pathogens, like candida. Fortunately, these substances work in our bodies as well.
Q: How do you recommend buying and consuming reishi?
A: Reishi is rarely found in the wild anymore. But, you can purchase “wild-crafted” reishi and this is the absolute best. We have dried Reishi in a pouch and also in formulas that combine reishi with other medicinal mushrooms for balance. Definitely, speak with a Chinese herbalist to determine which ones best suit you. (Jing Herbs does offer consultations over the phone.)

At one time the reishi mushroom was completely reserved for the royal family of China. Now, thousands of years later, it is widely available to you. Take time to choose high quality products and always work to achieve balance in your system by nourishing your unique needs for food, exercise and emotional well-being.


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