Diabetes Risk Factor: Here’s a Hint – It’s in Your Gut!

Diabetes Risk Factor: Here’s a Hint – It’s in Your Gut!

Diabetes Risk Factor: Here’s a Hint – It’s in Your Gut!

DiabetesFor diabetes sufferers and those at risk for the condition, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can bring your immune system back into balance to find relief from chronic illness related to autoimmunity!

Although diabetes may seem like a complicated illness, one factor could make or break your risk of developing the disease.

The type of bacteria in your gut can influence a number of common diseases related to inflammation, high blood pressure, and obesity. Making simple changes to your diet can improve your gut health to fight autoimmune responses associated with diabetes!

According to research, your gut bacteria are the most accurate predictors for obesity compared to any other risk factors found in your genetic pool1. On top of that, hormones that control blood sugar and immune response are also regulated by bacteria living in the digestive tract.

Gut permeability can contribute to autoimmune conditions like type I and type II diabetes.

Two Gut Ecology Guidelines to Remember

To put it all in perspective, it helps to remember two principles about your gut ecology:

  1. Bacteria found in your gut can influence common diseases related to obesity, inflammation, and high blood pressure.
  2. The foods that you eat influence your gut bacteria.

You can support your inner ecology by enjoying cultured vegetables and probiotic beverages at each meal. Fermented foods help to inoculate the gut with friendly bacteria to keep your inner ecosystem robust and strong.

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