Food Allergies: Probiotics and Allergies

Food Allergies: Probiotics and Allergies

Food Allergies: Probiotics and Allergies

Research Proves Probiotics Can Prevent and Fight Allergies

One of the most effective ways to treat allergies is by starting at the source. Boosting the gut with beneficial bacteria can pack a one-two punch to treat food allergies by:

  1. Reducing gut permeability
  2. Strengthening the immune system

Increasing healthy bacteria in the digestive system will decrease oxidative and inflammatory stress to heal the body from head to toe. The only way to achieve this strengthened inner digestive fire is by enjoying probiotics at each meal.

When it comes to allergy prevention, probiotics teeming with friendly bacteria can stimulate antibody production in babies and young children to reduce their risk of allergies later on in life. Researchers confirmed that when nonpathogenic E. coli was given to infants to simulate their immune systems, the same children suffered from fewer allergies at 10 and 20 years old3.

Probiotics can effectively treat allergies in both children and adults.

By starting at an early age, parents can put their children on the right track to live a life full of health and vitality, free from allergic reactions to a number of foods.

Probiotics. Drink What Counts!

Not all probiotics are created equal. Although you may have the best intentions to support your immune health and balance your digestive system, it’s important to drink the right probiotics, whether you make fermented foods and drinks at home or purchase them for convenience.

All Body Ecology products are formulated with a potent mix of probiotics that are native to the human digestive system. Body Ecology probiotics will boost both immune and digestive health to naturally resist food allergies!

We recommend:

  • Young Coconut Kefir: This delicious and nutritious healing probiotic liquid can be made at home in a few simple steps. Even young children will come to appreciate its sour taste and will crave the drink as a part of their daily diet.


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