Autoimmune Condition: Cleansing and Functional Medicine

Autoimmune Condition: Cleansing and Functional Medicine

Autoimmune Condition: Cleansing and Functional Medicine

To start out on the right track, it’s time to clean house.

If you’ve suffered from a long-term gut infection that continues to aggravate an autoimmune condition, you can use the Body Ecology Cleanse Kit to get an infection in check. This Cleanse Kit will also heal the lining of the gut, calm inflammation, and treat gut permeability.

Consider your diet.

By making critical changes to your diet, you can control and even eliminate a bacterial or fungal gut infection. This can be done by:

Is It Time to Consider Functional Medicine?

Instead of treating the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder again and again, it’s critical to treat the cause.

One of the classic signs of an autoimmune flare-up is inflammation. Unfortunately, conventional medicine will often prescribe immunosuppressive drugs that can provide short-term relief but may cause health problems in the future. In short, they’re a Band-Aid and not a long-term solution.

If you’ve been suffering from an autoimmune disorder without any relief in sight, it may be time to consider functional medicine. Compared to traditional medicine, functional medicine seeks to balance the immune system instead of suppressing it.

The truth is that there are very few options available for people with autoimmune conditions. If you feel lost and desperate for help, you’re definitely not alone. Working from a functional, nutritional standpoint can provide alternatives with the possibility for relief from a devastating health issue.


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