Casein Free Diet: Can it Improve Autism?

Casein Free Diet: Can it Improve Autism?

Casein Free Diet: Can it Improve Autism?

Casein has been linked to a number of health issues in children, including:

  • Autism
  • ADD
  • ADHD

Upon digestion, casein will penetrate the inflamed lining of a permeable, leaky gut; your body will see the protein and attack it as an enemy. This will immediately cause a negative allergic reaction to quickly affect the central nervous system, resulting in symptoms like excess mucus, lethargy, brain fog, and more.

Can Autism Improve by Removing Casein from the Diet?

Autism is a serious epidemic that is on the rise. Today, one in 88 children is now diagnosed with autism, according to CDC statistics. In school systems, the number of children from ages 6 to 21 who receive special education for autism has increased 91% from 2005 to 20101.

For parents who are desperate to find a cure for this neurological disorder, a number of treatment options must be explored. Children with autism often suffer from common ailments that may include:

  • Candida fungal infections and viral infections
  • Intestinal dysbiosis
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Abnormal serotonin levels
  • Toxic materials in the system

In order to bring the inner ecosystem of an autistic child back into balance, many parents consider a gluten-free/casein-free diet. Eliminating gluten and casein can help to soothe digestion and improve developmental issues, in some cases2.

Removing a protein like casein that is difficult to digest from the diet is one piece of the puzzle in healing a damaged inner ecology that could contribute to autism. The next step is to address the root cause of the issue in a systemic fungal Candida infection or viral infection and eliminate toxic buildup.

Children with autism are encouraged to avoid casein and gluten and restore their digestive health with fermented foods and probiotic drinks. Teeming with beneficial microflora, fermented foods and beverages can restore health to the inner ecosystem to cause a number of brain-gut related disorders to improve or subside altogether.

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