YES! You Are Perfectly Nourished!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

No matter what our diet is or what our dietary goals are, when we say YES!, our cells sing.

Sound too good to be true?

It is no secret that the power of positive thought affects us at a cellular level.

Scientists and researchers have been studying the biomechanics of positive thought with growing interest—especially recently.

Not convinced? Try seeing the love, the joy, and even the impossible circumstances that seem beyond your control all as gifts.

No matter what is going on, we have the ability to adapt, learn and grow. Reflecting with gratitude affirms that each and every step that you take in life is setting you up for success.

That’s right: Each and every step we take leads us to our own success. Every moment and every circumstance is an opportunity to feel this success.

When we shy away from experiences, even ones that seem painful, embarrassing or confusing, we are telling our body that something is wrong.

When we feel that something is wrong, we allow ourselves to become a victim. When we become a victim, we allow external events and people to dominate our life experience.

We often make changes in our diet or set dietary goals because we want to feel healthier and stronger. Sometimes we know that a health issue has to do with the foods that we choose to eat. Other times, we just have a hunch.

Whatever your goals are and wherever you are with them, be open to ways of improving your diet and thus improving your body’s ability to create feel good chemicals.

When working with dietary goals or health, there is no ubiquitous right answer or magic bullet. What works for you, may not work for someone else.

Making dietary modifications is often like piecing together a puzzle. We all have our own unique response to food. Figuring out your unique relationship to food is a part of the process. And it is an opportunity for self-discovery!

Regardless of your attempts to improve your diet, it is enough to simply affirm that you are on the right path and eating foods that keep you in a state of optimal health.

Be grateful for the food you eat and enjoy every bite and see how present you can be through food. Say YES! to eating foods that perfectly nourish your body each and every day!

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