Women’s Wellness Summit

I’m so excited to join the incredible lineup of speakers at the Women’s Wellness Summit. Please join me on Day 1 – a day dedicated to Emotional Healing and Self Love.

Do you want to feel inspired? Then, click here to sign up and receive your e-cookbook of delicious gluten-free recipes! While you’re at it, view the compete list of these superstar women! Every day, they will cover important topics that we face as women, like:

  • Sex, Hormones and Pregnancy
  • Chronic Disease Solutions
  • Weight Loss, Beauty and Energy
  • Detox, Gut Health and Anti-Aging
  • Financial Strength and Success
  • Taking Your Power Back

During these short interviews, you’ll learn on the go:

+ How to balance nutrition and lifestyle for fundamental health
+ Ways to nudge genetics in your favor (they’re not “set” for life!)
+ Ancient healing strategies that are still effective today
+ Budgeting, fulfilling purpose, and financial strength
+ Strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression
+ Natural tips for beauty, energy and happiness
+ And more!

Can’t wait to see you there!


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