Women: Here’s How You are More Responsible for Your Granddaughter’s Health Than You Know

Maternal grandmothers have a profound effect on their grandchildren’s health. Find out how each and every one of us can give the gift of health to future generations.

As every parent knows, the process of pregnancy and birth is truly amazing.

Pregnancy and birth can create a profound feeling of connectedness in the human experience. You are creating a living being that is a part of you. And you want the very best for him or her.

But did you know that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is saying that this generation of children born since 2000 is the first generation that may NOT outlive their parents?1

I do not say this to alarm anyone…because YOU can change the course of your child’s health today by making a few changes that I will share with you here.

You may think that the health of a child is the responsibility of the parents, but my study of embryology (how a fetus develops) made me realize that the diet and constitutional health of our maternal grandmother actually plays a key role in formation of the brain and physical body of her grandchildren.

Yes, amazingly, the cycle of life is more connected than we think and we have not yet begun to see the cost of snubbing our noses at Mother Nature. Even with clear cut indications that we are facing a crises in the health of our babies, children and teens, the consequences of eating a refined, poisonous diet for the last sixty years has not fully become evident.

How Grandmother’s Health Affects Her Future Grandchild

Embryology has much to teach us when it comes to how the health of future generations is established. I would like to explain something that at first may seem a bit complicated. In fact, you may have to read the next several paragraphs over several times to fully grasp its true impact.  But it is something we all must really understand.

Let’s take a look at some key points in the development of the embryo2:

  • In the first three months of pregnancy all of a baby’s physical organs are formed
  • If the baby is a girl, her ovaries will be formed in this first trimester (3 months)
  • In the 5th month or 2nd trimester the little female fetus’ ovaries fill with eggs.

Now, please bear with me…

As the eggs fill the ovaries of the female fetus, a pregnant woman is creating her future grandchildren. Her tiny daughter will someday give birth to children from these eggs. In other words only when her daughter becomes pregnant and gives birth to a male or female child will this pregnant mother-to-be witness what she created.

Of course, her health at the time of conception and how well she nourishes herself and her baby while she is pregnant does have a profound effect on the child she is carrying.

And this also means that the child growing inside her was not created by her but was created by her own mother.

Of course this mom’s nutrition before and during the pregnancy is important for her developing baby. If she eats well during the nine months the baby will be well nourished. But the creation of the brain and physical body of her baby is a combination of an egg created by her own mother and her partner’s sperm.

We women do not create our babies — we create our grandbabies — when we become pregnant.

Those of us Baby Boomer women who have had children are just now beginning to see the product of our own physical constitution at the time we conceived our daughters. Many of our daughter’s children (our grandchildren) are in trouble with ADHD, diabetes, cancer and autism. What will be the fate of our children’s grandchildren…say 20 years from now?  We can only shudder to think.

The good news (that has a sad story as well) is that Mother Nature has her checks and balances.

Approximately 80% of today’s conceptions never fully materialize. A conception may occur but it has an 80% chance of being rejected by Mother Nature and is sloughed off so quickly that a woman may never know she was pregnant.

Only about 20% of the conceptions between an egg and sperm develops to full maturity and becomes a baby.

Mother Nature is carefully screening for flaws in an attempt to produce a new generation of children who are strong and healthy.

Now you can understand why infertility has become so commonplace. Many couples may conceive but the pregnancy will not bear fruit.

So what’s a woman to do if she’s expecting a child and wants to leave a legacy of health for future generations?

Health professionals agree that both eating healthy foods AND reducing stress are ideal for expecting mothers. I agree and I’d like to take it a step further to underscore the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy:

The number one determining factor of longevity and quality of health is fetal nutrition…the mother’s and the grandmother’s.

Good fetal nutrition starts before conception (ideally at least 6 months to 2 years prior)  and of course during the pregnancy. If every woman (and man – dad’s food choices make a difference too!) took action today, the health of future generations of children and grandchildren would benefit. In fact, we could even save the human race.

For more information on the steps you can take whether you are planning to conceive or already pregnant, read:

More Important Insight from Fetal Development

Embryology also teaches us other important facts about fetal development. For example, did you know that the digestive system and nervous system are the first to develop from fetal cells?

Your baby’s ability to take in nutrition and to sense its environment starts within the first 4 weeks of your pregnancy. Within that short amount of time, your baby’s heart forms…and immediately his brain. His tiny heart is beating by the 23rd day after conception.  We now know that a baby will start tuning into her mother’s vibrations, even before the mother knows she is pregnant.

Your baby can sense whether you are happy or sad, agitated or calm. In essence, your baby feels what you feel. Your baby eats what you eat.

If you sit back and think about this for a moment, the implications are incredible.

In our human experience, we get so caught up in our heads. We run around in our busy lives, often forgoing healthy food, relaxation, sleep and connection with others. We live on a treadmill most of the time, don’t we?

And if we take a look at how we developed from the beginning of our lives, it was first about digestion and how we sensed our surroundings. These are linked…if you are stressed (sympathetic nervous system or fight or flight mode), you can’t digest.

Furthermore, if our heart developed before our brain, what does that say about the path we are following? Don’t we all long to follow our hearts? Could it be that our lives have a deeper meaning…just as grandmothers have a deeper connection to their grandchildren than we’d ever imagined?

When I developed the Body Ecology system of health and healing, I knew it healed my body and over years of anecdotal evidence from thousands of Body Ecology followers (including moms and their babies), it healed others too.

But something else happens when you follow the Body Ecology program and eat healthy, whole foods.

Your digestive system – one of the first organs to develop in the human experience — heals. Your nervous system – also one of the first to develop – moves into parasympathetic mode, allowing you to rest and digest.

And while it still amazes me, I am not surprised, that as your body heals…as YOU heal, you begin to feel more grounded. Many begin to follow their hearts.

Why does this happen?

The closer you step towards natural foods, the more you become one with Nature. And the closer you are to Nature, the more balanced you become. When your body is in balance, it can heal.

This is the real gift of Nature. And you can get it from your food.

All Generations Can Make an Impact

As I learned this in my own study of embryology, I began to think about my own family and my hopes and dreams for my children and theirs.

As member of the Baby Boomer generation, we may think it’s too late to do anything for our grandchildren. The cycle is already in motion…but in fact, we American Baby Boomers are a powerful, affluent group that is 78 million strong.

We are moving into a time in our lives when our health (physical and emotionally) has become a primary concern. A lifetime of experience has shown us how important our food choices are for our future…and what a difference it makes to live from our hearts.

As Baby Boomers, we can successfully change the course of our health and create youthful vitality. And even better, we can still give a legacy for health by sharing what we know with our children and grandchildren.

The time to start is now. Every generation can play a role. We can all practice taking the time to cook together, share  delicious recipes and encourage one another through these difficult times. We may even find that this focus creates stronger bonds than ever before. Now is the time to realize our connectedness to one another.

Now is also the time to nourish your digestive tract AND your nervous system by creating balance…with your food choices and your lifestyle.

No matter what your age, share your healthy habits with your friends and family. Doing so sets you up to share the gift of a healthy, balanced life with children and grandchildren…there is no greater gift in this cycle of life.

To learn how other moms and babies benefited from Body Ecology, read:


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