Warm Your Winters

Your busy days of summer are fast become fading memories as you settle into a quiet, cozy winter… Right?

Probably for most of us… unfortunately not!

Americans have never been taught that winter is the most important time of the year to create health. Its shorter days and longer nights give us an opportunity for less activity and greater rest. But even more importantly winter has a very specific purpose. If your goal is to regain ideal health, winter is the season to literally harness the Great Forces of Nature and emerge in the spring as a whole new you. Our winter newsletters will feature fascinating information drawn from both current and ancient knowledge that will help you take advantage of this powerful time. Here is a sample of what’s to come…

  • Conquering adrenal fatigue (you life depends a great deal on how well your adrenal glands function and winter is a great time to start healing them)
  • Why when you are making so much effort you still can’t get well
  • Rest and Sleep… all of Nature is obediently doing it but we humans are unwilling to abide by the laws of Nature. Learn the cost of doing so. (Health is just a light switch away)
  • Explore in depth the foods you should to be eating each winter
  • The return of candlelight nights
  • Why staying up late makes you gain weight and lose muscle tone
  • Bringing infections under control by creating energy to heal
  • How winter can improve your sex life
  • Delicious recipes that include warming winter soups and stews, ocean vegetables using sea salt, and the great variety of BED fats and oils.
As the cold weather comes, we need to stay warm, and buckwheat is a recommended Body Ecology Diet ‘grain’ that does just that and much more. Read about the full benefits of buckwheat in this month’s newsletter!
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