Why is immune support so important for my family?

Your best defense for your children against global health threats is a strong immune system.

It can be tough to navigate all the advice, especially when so many modalities of health are conflicting or seem to vilify the others!

This is where Integrative Medicine comes in…

An integrative approach is holistic in the sense that it looks at ALL modalities and helps you identify which philosophy or strategy is best for your specific child at that specific time.

I’m truly excited to share this upcoming opportunity for you to learn the most cutting-edge information you need to protect your family’s health!

—>> Join me for The Integrative Pediatrics Summit, a FREE online event!

The list of speakers includes:

  • Dr. Madiha Saeed (HolisticMomMD), Dr. Deanna Minnich (Nutritionist + Functional Medicine Practitioner), Ocean Robbins (Food Revolution Network), Dr. Tom O’Bryan (TheDr. com), Emily Fletcher (Ziva Founder), James Maskell (Evolution of Medicine Founder)
  • …and many celebrity parents will be there too.

There’s an incredible line-up for this kind of event.

<<Join NOW for the unprecedented Integrative Pediatrics Summit!>>

Dozens of wellness experts, doctors and best-selling authors will chat with celebrity parents on diet, nutrition, exercise, gut health, autoimmunity, sleep, mental wellness and much more. Tune in to learn more about:

  • How to avoid common mistakes that lead to illness and chronic disease…
  • Pediatric Immune and Viral Support
  • Tools you need to improve your family’s health.
  • Setting your children up for success as early in their lives as possible…
  • Integrative approaches to anxiety and stress…
  • Avoiding toxins in child products…
  • What you need to know about pediatric gut health…
  • Healing foods for kids…
  • Teaching children to cook…

Sign up for the Integrative Pediatrics Summit here!




P.S. When you register now, you’ll also unlock a ton of complimentary gifts to keep your children healthy – including access to the private Integrative Pediatrics community with over 5,000 parents and practitioners helping each other keep their family’s healthy, Dr. Gator’s Top 10 Favorite Herbal Remedies and Immune Supporting Food Handouts, and several other powerful healing e-books from the top minds in wellness!

P.S.S.  Check out a sneak peek interview with Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh as we get the inside scoop about some of the most important things that we can do as parents to keep our kids safe and healthy….especially as we deal with the uncertainty of what will happen with school this Fall.

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