Video Recipe – 3 Ways to Make the Best Probiotic Protein Shakes

How do you know if you’re getting all the benefits from the protein in your protein shake? 

Since animal proteins and unfermented vegan shakes are both difficult to digest, you are lucky if you obtain 20 percent of it or a partial amount of the protein that’s on the label.

Even though we’re eating protein, we’re really not digesting it most of the time.

As a result, many people are protein-malnourished, and they don’t even realize it.  In fact, there are some subtle signs to tell, but sometimes those signs may not be subtle at all.

“Prebiotics, probiotics, a bioavailable protein containing all the essential amino acids and deliciousness? I have not found this anywhere else in a protein powder,” says Dana.

This is why we promote probiotic protein powder, which includes a bioavailable fermented protein, like pea protein, which is predigested and easy for the body to use, as well as the food eating principle of 80/20 (on your plate, 80% land + ocean vegetables, 20% animal protein + fermented food for probiotics).

With fermented pea protein, all of the difficult-to-digest proteins are broken down through the fermentation process.

This is really huge for a protein! A bioavailable, easy-to-digest protein source can thwart any potential digestive issues while providing the high-quality protein the body needs to build and repair each day.

Being able to digest protein and add in highly beneficial probiotics can help you foster a healthy gut, boost immunity, heal from serious health conditions, slow down the aging process, and basically provide structure for the body’s cells, organs, connective tissue, bones, and muscles.

3 Ways to Make Bioavailable Probiotic Protein Shakes

With prebiotics, probiotics (bacillus bacteria) and pre-digested protein, these recipes reprogram the gut, and ensure that you maximize absorption and bioavailability, giving your body the resources it needs to heal and thrive.  Whereas other shakes may pass right through your body due to lack of absorption.

When you put this combination together, you get the perfect complement of amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which promote fat burning, high energy, and better mental clarity.

And who doesn’t want some extra minerals for alkalizing and a prebiotic fiber to feed the good bacteria?  We’re so confident that this will be one of the best protein shakes you’ve ever tasted – try it here in 3 different ways and let us know what you think.  It’s great for adults and kids as an amazing vegan protein shake!

Does your protein shake have all of these amazing ingredients in it? 


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