How to tell if your adrenals are overworked

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During the last year, much has transpired that has caused major stress in people’s lives.  And because of how common it is to be chronically stressed in our world, many have some degree of adrenal dysfunction, causing brain fog, weight gain, digestive problems, poor sleep, and exhaustion.

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I’ll be talking about how inflammation impacts adrenal health:

  • Understanding chronic inflammation
  • Nutritional strategies that support adrenal health
  • The resolution stage of healing inflammation

The four main stages of adrenal issues – is this YOU?

  • Stress response: our normal response to acute stress
  • Constant alarm mode: the feeling of being “tired but wired”
  • Resistance phase: fatigue, trouble focusing, moodiness or irritability, low sex drive, and trouble sleeping
  • Burnout: exhaustion, irritability, depression, anxiety, low sex drive, brain fog, and severe hormonal imbalances

Determining what general stage of HPA Axis dysfunction you’re in can be done through documenting your health history and getting help through a well-versed practitioner, naturopath, or functional medicine doctor who can guide you on which tests would be appropriate for you.

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