Turn Your Failure Into Power!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Rather than feel disappointed, we often limit our expectations of what is possible.

For many of us, cynicism keeps us safe from a broken heart.

While no one likes feeling the heartache and disappointment that comes with failed plans, a failed relationship or even failing health, these moments can propel us to a deeper level of growth and opportunity.

I find that in spite of the opportunity that accompanies every failure, most of us operate from fear-based thoughts. We let thoughts of doom, gloom and mediocrity guide our actions.

We embrace limiting beliefs because it feels safe and because these beliefs are often popular. In other words, often our family, friends and the media also limit their expectations of what is possible.

When we operate from fear-based thoughts, we actually allow our nervous system to constantly run on fight-or-flight energy. Whether or not we have the jitters, fear-based thoughts can send a biochemical alarm through the body. This makes the body more susceptible to illness, degeneration and disease.

As science continues to unearth all the neurochemicals and biological pathways that make this possible, we know that living in fear feels toxic.

And living with an open heart just feels better.

In My Experience, It Is Smart To Be Optimistic.

Optimism is psychologically and biochemically healthy. It keeps plans moving forward. And it keeps the mind fresh with new ideas.

Optimism generates a sense of calm that allows the body to rest and regenerate. It allows the body to ease into the energy of rest-and-digest.

If we learn to relax, even in stressful situations, very important events take place in my body. For example:

  • The stomach releases gastric juices. Enough stomach acid allows us to digest food and prevents heart burn.
  • The gastrointestinal tract is moving! This keeps gut bacteria in check and constipation at bay. Because the brain and gastrointestinal tract have a close relationship, gut motility also means that serotonin levels in the body are healthy so we are not easily depressed.
  • The body releases restorative biochemical signals.

Rest In Optimism

If failure keeps you from being optimistic, it is essential to reframe your failures.

When we have the courage to let go of our ego, we get up as soon as we get knocked down. In fact, when we are able to turn that fall into a conscious act, we can immediately transform any situation.

Let’s face it. At some point in our lives we have all been afraid of failure.

But fear and pessimism are stressful! And fear-based thoughts keep us from living our dreams.

I believe that the key to success in any situation is simple. Failure is never a psychological roadblock; it is always psychological bridge.

Expect only the best. Celebrate every obstacle. No matter what, you will always strike gold.

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