Body Ecology’s Guide to the Top Natural Menopause Treatments

By eating vitamin and mineral rich foods, exploring nutritional herbs, and getting plenty of rest and exercise, you can avoid the harsh symptoms of menopause and glide into the transition with ease.

As women reaching the end of menses is unavoidable. It’s our entrance into the journey towards the third segment of our womanhood. Menopause. Act three.

Are You in Menopause?

  • Menopause is the complete stopping of periods or menses for at least 12 months.
  • The average age for a woman to reach menopause is 52; however, it can occur at any point between her 30’s and 60’s.1
  • Perimenopause is the transitional phase from normal menstrual periods with gradual changes that lead into no periods at all. This process could take months or years.2

Our femininity evolves into three beautiful branches over our lifetime. Despite the stories of embarrassing moments and discomfort, as little girls we look forward to coming into our periods. It’s our passage into adulthood. We can conceive and produce a healthy baby and offer tremendous possibilities to the world.

As mothers, we grow to be giving and nurturing, caring for our children and others. We receive enormous rewards from our families and eternal gifts from women who mentor us.

When that stage is over, what follows next is a wonderful dimension of grace. It’s an exciting time because we no longer have to neglect our needs for someone else’s. We can relax as we spend time with our grandchildren, knowing that we can love and enjoy them and still have time for ourselves. Freedom sings in our ear and the opportunity to focus on ourselves is there to greet us.

It’s time to do what you want to do!

Still, it can be a little scary with so many changes occurring physically and emotionally.

We’ve all heard the frightening possibilities of what happens to our bodies when our estrogen levels take a dive:
  • weight gain
  • dry skin
  • low energy
  • depression
  • poor memory
  • anxiety
  • Osteoporosis
  • vanishing libido
  • vaginal dryness
  • hair growing in the wrong places
  • hair loss where you’d like to keep it
  • uncontrollable mood swings
  • unbearable hot flashes and night sweats

No wonder most women dread this transition!

So how does any woman survive this period of life?

Keep your hormones balanced and at a youthful level and you won’t have to suffer. The good news is that we no longer have to rely on estrogen replacement therapy, progestins and antidepressant drugs to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

By keeping your adrenals and thyroid strong, staying well rested and eating healthy foods like those found on the Body Ecology Diet, you’ll be well on your way to avoiding problems caused by menopause.

Follow these important steps to make your transition into menopause seamless:

Take Care of Your Endocrine System – Feed Your Adrenals!

Because our adrenals manufacture hormones…even after the ovaries reduce their output…it’s important to keep them well nourished. Your adrenals thrive on certain nutrients more than others.

Minerals (in great amounts), vitamins B and Vitamin C are the ones you will want to supply them with. Eating lots of leafy green vegetables and taking a high-quality green concentrate superfood like Vitality SuperGreen will give your adrenals just what they’re craving.

Taking minerals in a variety of different forms is crucial for healthy adrenals. Humic and Fulvic minerals like those in Energy Boost 70 and Vitality Boost from Morningstar Minerals are a wonderful choice because they’re easy to use and have virtually no taste. Including mineral-rich ocean vegetables in every meal is a delicious way to care for the adrenals. Avoid adrena-robbing carbs in the form of sugary treats, protein bars, grains, breads, alcohol and caffeine.

Boost Your Nutrients with Cultured Foods

When you culture vegetables or the sweet water found inside young coconuts you are multiplying the essential vitamins and minerals in these foods by the hundreds of times because now all the nutrients are more available.

More nutrients will give your body the energy it needs to tackle nature’s changeover. Clever microflora in fermented foods actually help extract minerals from the food and carry them out into the cells, pumping them with nutrients. Now that’s food that works for you!

De-Stress and Restore Energy

De-stress and restore energy by using herbs used for thousands of years by practitioners of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and by healers from the Amazon rainforest.

Women who are reaching their menopausal years have been continuously depleting their life force or “prenatal constitutional energy” — called jing in Chinese medicine.

Dong Quai beverage has all the hormone balancing benefits and incorporates four beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeast!

Read More About Dong Quai and Order Now!

You can replenish your jing by reducing stress and increasing energy with herbs such as dong quai, an herb used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for it’s role in balancing female hormones. Body Ecology’s new Dong Quai liquid probiotic is a simple and refreshingly delicious way to get all the ancient benefits of dong quai plus a beneficial probiotic blend. Other important herbs include:

Not only can these herbs rebuild your vital energy, they’ll also rebuild your sexual energy and stamina.

Relax, Rest and Sleep

Don’t sabotage your adrenals with poor sleep habits. Wind down, get comfy and prepare for your nights’ slumber as early as possible. You’ll give your cells a chance to rejuvenate and your emotions a chance to check in while dreaming.

Take a twenty-minute nap each day and you’ll see an overall improvement in mood, performance and behavior.

Get Up, Get Out and Exercise!

Moving your body every day is so important because it increases growth hormones and DHEA – critical hormones to help you stay young. Exercise will help you handle stress better, sleep more soundly, crave healthier foods and control your weight.

From meditative yoga stretching to a brisk walk along the trails, exercise will just make you feel better. A great way to really get the energy moving is with the Rebounder. It’s one of our favorite ways to get our heart rates going!

There’s no need to fear what can be one of the most rewarding stages of your life. Eat right, rest and exercise, and you’ll approach the gateway to menopause with ease.


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