How Body Ecology Will Transform Your Health

Thanks to our friend, Dr. Joseph Mercola, we have added over 30,000 subscribers to our free email newsletter and that number keeps growing daily. Many of you have come to us not really knowing much about Body Ecology (B.E.D.) and have not yet read our best selling book, The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity. In truth, we are not another DIET but a way of life–a whole new system of health and healing that fits your needs better than any other program available today!

On the B.E.D you will enjoy delicious and wonderful NEW foods that are really ANCIENT foods.

On the B.E.D you’ll learn that “delicious” can also mean medicinal, healing and rejuvenating. They are truly the secret to staying young and free of disease.

Many of our foods are readily available fun to make.

We have seven simple, yet profound, principles to use as guidelines to help clear up the confusion found everywhere, especially in the media.

For example, one of our principles, Step by Step, will direct you toward the three first steps anyone must take to become well. We show you exactly what must be done in the initial stages on any path to extraordinary health. Those steps are:

  1. Create energy
  2. Establish a hardy digestive tract and
  3. Conquer any chronic low-grade fungal, viral and bacteria infections.
You can accomplish all three steps at the very same time just from eating delicious foods.

Healing is an “art” and we are the epitome of that old saying: “food is your best medicine.” At Body Ecology we prefer to say, “wonderful-tasting foods are your best medicine and are the secret to staying young and

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