The Top 5 Natural Ways to Increase Low Libido

How’s your sex life lately?

This question may be a little intrusive, but your libido actually has big implications for your health.

Low libido affects men and women. When faced with low libido or impotence, men (unfortunately) often turn to performance enhancing drugs, like Viagra. Women don’t have the same options in prescription drugs, which is actually a blessing in disguise.

Even though pharmaceutical drugs seem like an easy answer, they don’t solve the root cause of low libido.

More than just putting a damper on your love life, low libido can also indicate a health condition that you may not have heard about from your doctor: adrenal fatigue. Your adrenals are the glands above your kidneys that secrete hormones and directly influence your energy, metabolism, sleep and sexual organs.

To learn more about your adrenals, read Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms & Solutions for This Under-Reported Condition You’re your Doctor Doesn’t Know.

So if you haven’t been in the mood lately, then it’s time to boost your lagging libido, nourish your adrenals, and improve your overall health at the same time.

Here’s 5 Simple Keys to Nourishing Your Adrenals and Boosting Your Libido:

Who needs a little blue pill when you can boost your libido, stabilize your metabolism, detoxify your body, and even prevent heart disease? Ocean Plant Extract is a potent concentrated supplement made from sea vegetables that just may be the world’s perfect food. Be sure to try Ocean Plant Extract to nourish your adrenals and enhance your love life the natural way

  1. Get your minerals. Your adrenal glands are the workhorses of your body, and you need to treat them well. They thrive on an abundance of all the minerals, especially iodine, zinc, selenium, copper and magnesium. Our modern lifestyle and food choices can deplete your body of many minerals. Play catch up by getting your minerals from these sources:
    1. Ocean Plant Extract. Formulated from mineral-rich sea vegetables, Ocean Plant Extract is a highly concentrated, raw source of trace minerals including iodine. It is especially good for nourishing your thyroid.
    2. Young Coconut Kefir. Drink this delicious probiotic-rich fermented drink and you’ll cut sugar cravings, boost your energy and immunity and create younger looking skin to boot! It is an excellent source of potassium and a very good source of natural sodium.
    3. Eat leafy greens. Collards, kale, and turnip greens all provide you with easy-to-absorb minerals. Make sure you steam cruciferous vegetables to get all the health-enhancing benefits.
  2. Sleep. Now, this may seem counter-intuitive. After all, sleep is probably not what you have in mind when it comes to sex. But, your adrenals (and the rest of the systems in your body) may very well be sleep starved.

    It turns out that good solid sleep is essential to a healthy libido and a healthy body. So if your love life is a priority, make sleep a priority too.

    For tips on how to encourage sleep, read 10 Resolutions to Commit to Better Sleep.

  3. Toss the Viagra (and female Viagra). It may be tempting to try drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. And women might try non-prescription supplements that call themselves “female Viagra.” But these drugs and others like them just treat the symptomsinstead of addressing the root cause of the problem.

    Ultimately, if you experience low libido, your body might be out of balance. Take a holistic approach to improve your mental and physical health and your sexual performance and stamina should reflect the happier new you. Exercise – even a good morning walk- is vital for improving libido and improving your mental and physical health rapidly.

    In the meantime, consider taking adaptogens, specific herbs that help your body recover from stress and give you energy:

    1. Holy Basil (or Tulsi) is a cherished herb of India that promotes stamina and energy. It is also known to promote clarity of thought and calmness. Stressful situations will still happen but you will find yourself not reacting to the stressor.
    2. Ashwaganda is a powerful herbal supplement that energizes your body and minimizes the negative effects of stress. Ashwaganda is traditionally used to enhance male reproductive health and sexual function.
  4. Cut out sugar. There are many reasons not to eat sugar. It disturbs your sleep, leaches minerals out of your bones, ages you rapidly, depletes your adrenals and thyroid and disrupts hormonal balance. Sugar puts you at risk for degenerative diseases. Sugar consumption is also a major factor in adrenal fatigue.

    You may think that you need a sugar “high,” but once you wean yourself off it, you’ll have more energy than before for whatever it is that you want to do!

    You don’t have to give up that sweet taste in your recipes or beverages though… be sure to read more about and try the New Body Ecology Lakanto, the amazing calorie-free zero-glycemic all-natural one-to-one sugar substitute.

  5. Balance your hormones. If your sex hormones are not in balance, you may experience low libido and performance issues. Fortunately, both men and women can benefit from the adaptogenic affects of the Super Tonic Chinese herbs. There are many excellent choices, but one of the best known and most widely used herbs, Dong Quai is commonly thought to be a “gynecological regulator”. This is true, but it is an outstanding blood tonic for both sexes. A blood tonic builds blood. If you have anemia, had had surgery or an injury, Dong Quai helps rebuild red blood cells. Women benefit after their monthly “cleansing” to replenish lost blood.

Our fermented drink made with Dong Quai can help you balance your hormones and regain your libido, while it also helps you fight infections and the signs of aging. Great for men and women,learn more and try Fermented Dong Quai now!

Dong Quai is prized for its ability to enhance fertility and reproductive function as well as support prostate health and fight general signs of aging and depression. Contrary to earlier reports pharmaceutical studies show that Dong Quai does not have estrogenic actions but does have hormone balancing properties.

Body Ecology’s founder, Donna Gates, liked the benefits of Dong Quai so much that she asked Grainfield’s of Australia to use it in their FermFlora process creating a wonderful new probiotic liquid for the Body Ecology product line. To learn more, read: An In-depth Guide to the Benefits and Uses of “Women’s Ginseng” (Which Is Also Great For Men!)

Body Ecology supports a healthy lifestyle, and we know that having a healthy sexual relationship with a loving partner is an important part of longevity and vitality.

So as you begin to address your health, nourish your adrenals, and give your body the rest it needs, you may find that you have all the ingredients for spicing up your sex life.

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