The Three Basics to a Centered Life!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Most of us know that the trick to staying healthy is a balancing act between diet, exercise and healthy relationships. Yet more often than not, one thing or another gets neglected as we rush through our daily activities.

With bills to pay, children to raise and schedules to keep, sometimes we forget about the basics of self-care. While it may be easiest to put our own needs last, especially in a pinch, it is important to remember that your meeting your own needs is the core to a balanced mind and healthy immune system.

Making the three basics work for you is the best way to affirm self-love and keep your life moving in the direction of your dreams.

1. Food
Most of the time, we grab whatever is convenient without ever realizing that what we eat and drink directly affects our energy levels.

The funny thing about food is that it is more than just fuel.

Food literally runs the show, and yet most of us pay little attention to the choices that we make in the kitchen or at a restaurant. Usually, our attention goes toward the cost of food. In other words, how can we get more for less?

Instead, maybe we should ask ourselves, “What can I give to receive the best?”

This means putting our attention on giving, rather than receiving.

It means making the best more important than just good enough.

In the heat of a second, a candy bar is just good enough. But a candy bar doesn’t give you what you need to thrive. And it may even push your body into deeper exhaustion or depression.

So, really, we need to make best a priority.

Steer clear of anything that is packaged. Focus on whole foods and superfoods. These foods are even more nutritious when fermented.

2. Exercise
This means your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When we are unhealthy or in pain, how can we enjoy life, our family or our friends?

Many of us ignore the body. Whether it is from necessity or exhaustion, we can spend most of the day sitting: sitting at work, in our car, at the dinner table or on the couch.

Our bodies are designed for activity and to move in incredible ways. And it is good for us, too!

Twenty minutes of walking, yoga or deep breathing in the morning will not only help balance your circadian rhythm and hormones, it will also prime your digestive tract for your first meal.

3. Healthy Relationships
When we get wrapped up in negative self-talk, we defeat our purpose, which is to express our divinity and shine our light.

On a biochemical level, negative self-talk shuts down the immune system our causes our energy to plummet.

Instead giving into to worry, stress or frustration, slip into the eternal now. Open your consciousness to knowing that all is provided for and that all is well.

When you trust, chances are you will make better choices.

Whatever problems a relationship or interaction may hold, forgive and apologize for your own part. That is where true power lies—in taking responsibility for our perspective and what we are creating. Focus on good aspects of the relationship or interaction and practice a state of infinite love and gratitude.

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