The Templeton List – Your Guide to Healthier Restaurants in America

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on June 14th, 2022

templeton listHow healthy are the restaurants in your city? How do you find healthier restaurants when traveling to new cities?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know:

★ Is the food locally sourced?
★ Is the food organic, pesticide and chemical-free?
★ Do they use healthy oils (non-hydrogenated oils)?
★ Is the water filtered?
★ Do they use real butter and absolutely no margarine?
★ Is the food GMO and MSG-free?

<<<Find healthy restaurants near you>>>

The Templeton List was created to answer these questions! By simply entering your city or zip code, The Templeton List will give you options to eat healthy away from home in eating establishments which have been vetted for several criteria.

While all these restaurants are not necessarily Body Ecology approved, we want to applaud the restaurant owners for caring enough to offer better quality foods.

And we want to especially thank James Templeton for his amazing efforts to compile this extensive list for us. Hopefully it will inspire many other restaurateurs to switch over to safer, better quality ingredients in the foods they serve their customers. They do have the responsibility to help American’s become healthier. And when restaurants offer healthier alternatives, people learn. They feel better and go home and incorporate these ingredients in their home cooked meals.

We want you to know about these restaurants because just frequenting these restaurants and recommending them to others is something we really should do.

About The Templeton List

When James Templeton set out to develop the Templeton Wellness Foundation – chronicling his story about beating Stage IV Melanoma cancer naturally over 3 decades ago – he had a passion for also creating an online portal for folks to find the healthiest restaurants in America. And the Templeton List was born! Though still a work in progress, thousands of folks have already found this restaurant guide to be an indispensable resource when planning their meals out and or traveling.

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