The Science of Creating a Beautiful Uni-Verse

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

I’ve seen a lot of news lately about the rise of autoimmune diseases. All of these disorders have one thing in common: The immune system.

And while gut health may not be the first thing that you think about when it comes to cancer or autoimmunity, it is essential to understand that the gut plays a major role in immune system balance and immune system signaling.

Just beneath the tissue of the intestines, there is something called the gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). GALT is a huge mass of lymph tissue that supports the body’s defense system against invasive, pathogenic bugs, food irritants, and outside toxins.

These disorders—obesity, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmunity—are a little like a wake-up call. They ask us to look closely at how we live—not just what we eat. But how we live.

For example, long-term stress affects the body (and the gut) just as much a poor diet.

I always emphasize the inner ecosystem of the gut. This is because the inner ecosystem can make or break your health. Imagine this: Your intestines pulling nutrients from food. They are filled with tiny microorganisms. These tiny microorganisms communicate with special cells that are a part of your immune system.

This is your barrier system. When this barrier system breaks down–the immune system has cleanup duty. And unfortunately, the memo for clean-up often goes systemic.

The result? Look around you. Many of our “modern diseases” point to an imbalance in the immune system. When we talk about health, we do not just want to “boost” our immune system, we want to balance it.

Balancing the immune system goes beyond proper diet and supplementation. While the microbiota in fermented foods are essential to rebuilding a healthy gut, they are unable to function properly when your mind and spirit are out of balance.

Perpetual stress has such an impact on your gut that an essential step to all healing must be mindfulness. Studies show that healthy cells thrive when they are in a healthy environment. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work in epigenetics provides evidence that our thoughts and emotions are a critical factor in creating an environment that nourishes or destroys cellular integrity.

Dr. Lipton encourages us to “write our own happily ever after.” This not only takes a daily commitment to providing our body with the highest vibrational foods possible, but getting past our stress and negative thinking and seeing ourselves and others through a lens of love.

Today I ask you to do one random act of kindness and be aware how you feel afterwards.

For one week, try thanking the Uni-verse for being alive every morning before you get out of bed.

Please share your experiences. It’s amazing how little things can make large shifts towards a life of bliss.

We are all in this quantum field together and we can co-create a beautiful world.

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