The real truth about cholesterol + heart health

What’s the first thing you think of when I say…. HEART DISEASE?

There’s a good chance you immediately thought… CHOLESTEROL!

For decades, we’ve been told that high cholesterol is the cause of heart disease.  But the latest heart health research is showing that:

  • cholesterol is NOT the enemy anymore
  • half of all heart attacks occur in people with totally “normal” cholesterol levels

That makes cholesterol a horrible indicator of heart health.

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EcoBloom is 100% inulin, a prebiotic that not only boosts your immune system but can help create a healthy gut microbiota which studies show can absolutely help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Most people don’t know this but, cholesterol is ESSENTIAL for life.  For example, female, male, and adrenal hormones and Vitamin D are just a few of the critical things your body makes from cholesterol.

Here are the 6 surprising contributors to cardiovascular disease that have much more of a connection to heart health than cholesterol does…

  1. Working at a desk: A 12-year study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that people who sit for 10 hours a day are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. So if you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, and sit in your car commuting 2 hours a day, that’s an issue.
  2. Being indoors: Cross-sectional studies have reported that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart failure, and coronary artery disease.
  3. Loneliness: A study published in 2016, by the journal Heart showed that loneliness and social isolation were associated with a 29% increased risk of having a heart attack and 32% greater risk of a stroke – similar to light smoking or obesity!
  4. Root canals: Root-canaled teeth are silent incubators for highly toxic bacteria which can raise inflammation in the bloodstream and even cause cardiovascular damage!
  5. Thyroid dysfunction: Thyroid hormones have an influence on heart function, and a malfunctioning thyroid gland can trigger high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat.
  6. Unemployment: An 18-year study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who lost 1 job had a 22% increased risk of a heart attack, and people who lost 4 or more jobs were 63% more likely to have a heart attack.

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This information has the ability to save lives.  I truly hope you can make it.  

Here’s to good heart health, always…




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