The Light You Need When You Find Yourself in a Dark Place!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

If you have suffered through dark moments in life, you may have found that the road through those experiences may coincide with leaps in personal growth.

You get to touch base with a part of you who feels free, inspired and joyful.

As we take steps to evolve emotionally and energetically, we sometimes hit obstacles because we forget about one crucial piece of the puzzle: the physical body.

The physical body is our base. The physical body is the foundation that supports moments of transformation and growth.

While we focus on our emotional growth, we cannot resign the body to be a silent servant to our beliefs, our needs and our desires.

When we consciously honor the needs of the physical body, we bring this consciousness into every aspect of life.

Often, in order for us to feel that we can approach ourselves with LOVE, rather than with self-hate, jealousy, or unworthiness, we have to first boost the health of the physical body.

Why? Because our mental and emotional states are dependent on the brain chemicals and hormones the physical body manufactures.

If you feel weak, sick, unhealthy, unmotivated or depressed, look at it as an opportunity to expand your capacity to LOVE. Begin with loving yourself as a perfect being and your physical apparatus for its ability to nourish you once you properly nourish it.

I always recommend people first look at what they’re eating. Add plenty of dark green veggies, fermented spirulina for its amazing bioavailable assortment of B vitamins and minerals, fermented vegetables for living probiotics and active enzymes, sea veggies, healthy oils, and plenty of high quality, organic proteins and water.

Give your body a break from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and gluten. The latest research shows that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is highly linked to depression and other mood disorders.

Go ahead. Dig deep, reach for the stars and choose to take steps to break through your dark moments in order to live your dream.

And as you do this, remember to give the physical body attention, nourishment, movement and gratitude.

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