The Influence of Co-Factors in Food on Our Genes [INTERVIEW]

A Special Note from Donna to YOU…

Hi everyone,

Our Genius of Your Genes Summit truly exceeded my expectations.  I’m so thankful to have had so many incredible experts gather together to share their knowledge.  And the feedback that we received from attendees was humbling.  The topics of nutritional genomics and genomics needed to be brought to the forefront to help change the lives of so many.

In addition to all of the light-bulb-moment interviews, this particular interview I did with Dr. Bernarda Zenker is one you simply can’t miss.  Or if you saw it,  you need to listen to it again!  (PS:  our encore weekend is coming up this weekend February 22-23rd – DON’T MISS IT, it will be gone after the weekend!)

Why is this video on co-factors so important to watch?

These co-factors, which are found in the foods that we eat every day (part of a healthy diet), are really like the cheerleaders to the genes.  They are behind the scenes making that gene work, and if there is a deficiency in any of these co-factors (e.g., mag, B6, etc.) the gene doesn’t have that cheerleader.  And, even if it’s a healthy gene, that should be functioning great, it won’t be.

So, please listen to this wonderful interview with Dr. Bernarda Zenker who is one of the finest teachers I have personally had the chance to know. She explains everything so beautifully, and is very easy to understand.

When you’re cooking dinner or getting ready for bed, etc., I highly encourage you to take a moment to listen to this really important talk.

To your health,

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