The Essence Of All Healing Is Love: A Meditation To Rejuvenate Your Cells!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Did you know that studies are now finding a definite biochemical relationship between what we feel and how the immune system functions? Good feelings can turn the immune system on.

Whether young or old, all of us have struggled through one physical disorder or another. Sometimes, in the midst of a health crisis, it can seem as if the body has decided to rebel against the mind and spirit.

Maybe it is an infection or an injury that leaves you in bed for weeks. Maybe you find yourself constantly rubbing arthritic joints, suffering through heartburn after meals or having acne breakouts.

The signals that we receive from the physical body are messages.

Sometimes, these messages are discreet—maybe a change in body odor or a change in bowel movements. Other times, the body sends its messages more intensely.

The good news is that just like any relationship, the one we have with our body is all about choice.

We can choose to respond from a place of lack and victimhood. We can choose to respond with anger and outrage. However, just like an uncomfortable conversation, the only way progress is made is by listening.

When we listen to the body, we are more likely to heal and also feel more at peace during the process.

The field of epigenetics tells us that we can program our genes more than they program us. “Mind over matter” is not just positive self talk. There are real consequences to what we think and how we feel.

Unconstructive thoughts and feelings are a source of stress that leaves us feeling confused and stagnant. They prevent newness from entering our life.

The best way to relieve the body of toxicity, or unconstructive thoughts and feelings is to use light. When we simply imagine light around us, it rejuvenates the cells.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself being showered with brilliant white light. The movement of light cleanses as much as it heals.
  • Imagine a beam of light holding all the colors of the rainbow. If it helps, imagine that this light glitters like diamonds. This light radiates into your heart while another beam penetrates your mind.
  • Breathe deeply and rhythmically.
  • Feel your thoughts, your emotions and your senses. Begin to relax.
  • Finally, bow in deep gratitude to your precious body.

Remember, the essence of all healing is love.

Love is having compassion for those parts of you that ask to heal. Love is listening.

The power that made you has the power to heal you. This power is love.

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