The Emotional Side of Cleansing and Healing

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

The impact of our thoughts and feelings on the body is well documented. The Principle of Cleansing may be the most important of the seven principles that make up the Body Ecology Diet.

Cleansing allows our bodies to restore balance when the imbalance becomes too great and threatens our lives. Sadly, most of us have no understanding and no gratitude for this essential, life-saving process occurring within us.

It may help you to keep in mind that nature is constantly cleansing our environment with storms, hurricanes, tidal waves, floods, ice, and snow. Remember how fresh and clean Spring feels after the cleansings of Winter. Or, after a major spring storm, how fresh and pure the air has become.

Cleansing is your body’s natural way to get rid of waste or toxins, and it occurs daily in some form or another. Tears, urine, mucus, sweat—all are examples of body cleansing that we regard as very normal. But the body has other normal ways to eliminate harmful substances, by giving us such disruptions as fevers, colds and skin eruptions.

The body is designed to rid itself naturally of toxins and waste, but when we take drugs, we drive these toxins deeper into our systems, and they further weaken vital organs. Eventually, the weakened organs have no energy to eliminate toxins and fight disease; they give up the fight and the body succumbs.

So how do we work with our emotions while cleansing?

Through techniques such as visualization, affirmations and even prayer, we can strengthen our immune systems and enhance the cleansing/healing process. If we try to heal our bodies but remain angry, stressed or guilty in our minds, the healing will take longer and be more difficult. But if we can cleanse our minds of negative, impure thoughts and emotions, replacing them with joy, love and trust, the physical cleansing and healing will be easier and more fulfilling.

As your physical body cleanses you may feel inexplicably weepy, on edge or angry. Without warning, you may feel like lashing out at someone verbally or even physically. Or you might start crying about something seemingly small. This is all part of the elimination of stored up emotional toxins connected to the physical toxins in your body—just know that these feelings are normal and it’s beneficial to release them in a safe environment.


Take a few minutes once or several times each day to stop what you are doing, breathe deeply and appreciate the good things about your surroundings. Stand next to a tree and look closely at the leaves, branches, bark—the different colors and textures. Be present with the energy and think about how deep the roots must go under ground to support the tree. Imagine roots under your feet and all of your thoughts and concerns running downs those roots and into the ground.

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