The Body Ecology Way – Creating the Energy of Abundance

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Many diets today focus on calorie counting. At Body Ecology we view the theory of calorie counting as unnecessary and outdated. Clearly the whole idea of measuring our daily intake of food is flawed. Let’s say you want to limit your calories to 1,000 per day, so you consume one hamburger, one doughnut, and one slice of turkey. Is that enough? You’re reaching your maximum calorie intake, but you haven’t come close to getting the nutrients you need!

Calorie restriction comes from a place of lack and deprivation. It emphasizes quantity rather than quality. Studies show that calorie restricting “crash” diets that are repeatedly engaged in radically alter metabolism which increases the risk of hypertension, endometrial cancer, and excess upper body fat. Other studies show low calorie diets actually starving and shrinking the brain, as well inhibiting serotonin and causing depression.

Instead of calorie counting, it’s far more important for you choose foods that have the greatest vitality and potential for creating and sustaining life. Your goal should be rejuvenating to your body and your life.

It’s not how much you eat, but how much you’re nourished by what you eat. The right foods will nourish the body so it does not need or want as much, they are easily digested, assimilated, and distributed and create healthy cells.

To do this, choose smaller amounts of very high-quality foods that leave you fulfilled and nourished. This approach will feed your thyroid and adrenals and create a constant supply of energy to fuel you throughout the day.

Essentially, you will be following the principles of calorie restriction because you will need less food to meet your nutritional needs. But instead of feeling deprived, you will be satisfied—even enjoying a light feeling you may have been missing from your life.

Finding the right foods will lead you to reconnect with nature—a key goal of the Body Ecology system of health and healing. You may become more intuitive. Your body is always communicating. Tapping into your optimal energy will align you with the energy that exists in nature.

Being in balance with your food will allow you to no longer struggle to determine whether your hunger is emotional or physical. The more you learn to separate emotional from physical hunger—and the more you learn how to nourish your mind, body, and spirit—the less you’ll fall back on your former cravings. You’ll discover that what you want to eat gradually changes. In fact, your taste buds begin to change.

Eating the right foods will nourish your body and your soul.

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