The Argument May Be Over, But Your Body Doesn’t Know It Yet!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

When our spirit and our vital energy are low, the immune system suffers.

I recently came across a study that illustrates this perfectly. This study found that certain chemical markers in the body increase after a disagreement or confrontation with a spouse. Based on lab analysis alone, researchers determined that an argument is enough to trigger an immune response in the body.

The amazing part of the study is that these special markers, which signal an inflammatory immune response, continue to circulate in the body for THREE DAYS!

This means that even when we are not consciously processing an argument, our body is.

And while most of us can get on with the day in spite of an argument or emotionally charged event, this information remains in our blood as chemical biomarkers and literally speaks to our cells.

It is important for us all to tap into a level of awareness that will help to moderate the stress that relationships, work and modern society may create in our lives.

When it comes to health, tapping into you authentic self is key because it is the part of you that sees every situation from an enlightened perspective. The part of you that knows your purpose and chooses to live it. The part of you that doesn’t shy away from tough experiences, because you know that these are the doorways that lead to self-understanding.

So many people struggle with physical pain, depression, metabolic disorders, memory loss and several other chronic health disorders. As it turns out, chronic illness is never without some kind of emotional, lifestyle or environmental influence. All of which can inhibit the expression of your authentic self.

Most of the time, emotions are what stand in the way between you and your authentic self.

Emotions are the toughest factor to pinpoint because we often bury them deep within. These emotions, which we would rather not acknowledge, actually facilitate the disease process.

While an emotion may have not caused the problem, emotions can hold the problem in place, leading to physical and spiritual stagnation. This stagnation can then leave us more susceptible to illness and infection.

To tap into your authentic self, it is important to try to be present in every moment.

While there are many great mindfulness techniques, I like to start with food and nourishing your body on a cellular level.

When you eat, choose superfoods packed with bio-available nutrients and minerals to feed you’re your vital energy and protect against the release of stress-related hormones.

When you eat, be aware of how the food tastes and smells. Chew consciously. Eat small meals throughout the day, instead of two or three large meals. Try not to eat when you are on the run or stressed.

Fueling the body with the right nutrition is one of the best ways to protect it against the cascade of stress chemicals that can damage your health and longevity. You may not be able to avoid a stressful situation, but you can empower your body to better support you during and after it.

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